How to Make Money Fall in GTA 5 Online

The latest entry in the popular Grand Theft Auto series has just been released for the Xbox One. The game is called Grand Theft Auto Online and it allows players to work their way up from a simple street hustle to a full-blown online heist game.

With the game’s update 1.0, players can now make money drop from the sky in the form of cash, diamonds, and luxury vehicles. This is a feature inspired by real-life heists such as the heist in Casino Royale and the famous heist from Ocean’s Eleven. Naturally, this feature caught the attention of many gamers who wanted to know how to make money fall in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Here’s how you do it.

The Basics Of Making Money Fall In GTA 5 Online

Although money in GTA Online can be created in a variety of ways, the easiest way for players to generate real cash is by causing damage to property or other players. The aim is to increase the player’s Destruction rating while boosting their Reputation. You can also take on jobs from the police or make a quick buck by stealing cars or bikes.

The most efficient way to make money fall is from the air. Simply shoot at a structure on the ground, causing it to collapse, and the money inside will be redistributed among the affected NPCs. This is actually one of the simpler ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online and it doesn’t require advanced tactics or strategy.

Actions Have Consequences

One of the important aspects of Grand Theft Auto Online is that actions have consequences. If you shoot someone, they may attack you. If you visit a crime scene, perhaps you’ll be targeted by the police as well. If you knock over a bank heist, you may have just committed a crime. These ramifications can greatly impact the player’s experience in the world of Los Angeles.

Choose Your Actions Wisely

Even the most experienced players may find themselves in situations where they don’t have a plan B. If you’re playing on the Xbox One and one of your characters is attacked, the game will ask if you wish to fight back or flee. You’ll then be presented with a choice of options, such as attacking, fleeing, or shooting in the air. Should you opt to fight back, you’ll have to find a suitable weapon and fight back using melee or close-quarters combat.

The scene where you make a decision will remain in the game’s memory. As long as you have serviceable weapons, you’ll be able to fight back. However, if you’re playing on a PC and one of your characters is attacked, your only option may be to run. This is because PCs lack the ability to fight other players.

Special Weapons Make Special Opportunities

The different types of firearms in Grand Theft Auto Online allow for a variety of tactics. For example, if you’re playing on the Xbox One, you may want to opt for a sniper rifle to take out distant targets without being detected. Conversely, if you’re playing on a PC, a machine gun may be your best bet for quickly eliminating large numbers of enemies. These are just a few examples of how different weapons can be used in different situations. The choice is yours.

One thing to consider is that certain weapons in the game allow you to break a cordon. Cordon weapons can remove roadblocks set by the police, allowing you to quickly travel to locations such as banks, corporate offices, and other high-profile structures. This can make robbing such locations much more efficient. Naturally, once you remove the roadblock, you may be pursued by the police, who will have you within their sights. In these situations, you may want to opt for stealth or stay hidden to avoid getting caught.

Choose Your Allies Wisely

Choosing your allies is an important aspect of making money in GTA Online. You’ll not only need friends with cash to help you steal and heist, you may also need their vehicles to help you transport your haul. Naturally, if you have your own motorbike, you may want to opt for a stealthy approach to avoid drawing attention to yourself. Alternatively, if you have good reason to believe that the cops are after you, you may want to opt for a high-profile heist and take on the authorities head-on. The choice is yours.

For those looking for a simpler way to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online, targeting vehicles may be a good option. You’ll simply need to find a heavy vehicle, such as a semi-trailer or an armored truck, and knock off a few select bystanders. You may then be able to steal the vehicle and use it to transport your spoils. This can be done quite easily provided you know where to look. Naturally, the more damage you cause to bystanders, the higher your standing in the game. You can then choose to do additional damage for increased rewards.

Learn From Your Mistakes

As you play and advance through the game, you’ll accumulate experience points and gain access to more advanced weaponry and vehicles. These are all valuable lessons you can then use to improve your heist game. Should you cause collateral damage or blow your cover, you may find yourself losing all of this experience and gear. This can greatly hamper your progress should you not have the ability to restore it easily. In these situations, it may be wise to simply restart from the last checkpoint you reached. This way, you’ll have all the experience you need to continue from where you left off. Of course, doing this repeatedly will break the game’s clock.

Making money in Grand Theft Auto Online is not as difficult as it may seem. Simply follow the abovementioned guidelines and you’ll have no problem generating large sums of cash. As long as you keep your loot hidden and out of reach of the authorities, you’ll have no trouble making a living off your criminal pursuits.