How to Make Money from GTA 5 Online – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online

Just like many other video games, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) allows players to enter a crime-ridden world and become a criminal. The difference is that instead of just committing crimes for amusement, you can now actually make money from the crimes you commit. The question is: How?

To find out, we spoke to Lewis Hughes, content marketer at MLM software house Prosper, who specialises in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses via the internet. He has been a gamer since he was a kid and has been playing GTA 5 online for the past two years, accumulating a total of over $350,000 in criminal earnings.

The Basics Of Making Money In GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 operates on a micro-transaction model; you don’t make money from a single sale, but rather from a series of small sales called’microtransactions’ that add up to a profit. The more you use, the more you make.

Each day, you’ll receive a salary that depends on how many burglaries you commit. The more crimes you commit, the more money you make, so it’s imperative that you commit as many burglaries as possible (within reason).

When you commit a crime in GTA 5, you’ll have the option of either stealing or chopping down a car or truck. Chopping down a car will let you strip it and sell the parts for profit, while vehicle theft allows you to sell the car for cash. If you’re driving a bus, you’re going to have to stop the bus to pick up passengers (paying customers), who will then have to pay you to continue driving them around.

It’s not only about making money, either. You’ll also have the opportunity to commit certain crimes for the benefit of the city’s inhabitants, who will see you as a hero.

How To Get Inspired To Commit Crimes In GTA 5

The first step to making money in GTA 5 is taking inspiration from the game’s fiction. From the early hours of GTA 5’s development, the game’s creators, Rockstar North, wanted to create a darker spin on the Grand Theft Auto universe. When creating the character of Franklin, one of the main protagonists of GTA 5, they wanted to embody the stereotypical behaviour and mindset of a modern-day gangster. From this, many of the game’s crimes and activities were born, including:

  • Criminally inspired activities: You can rob a drug dealer to get your hands on narcotics, or you can kidnap a wealthy individual for ransom.
  • Activities that offer an income boost: You can work for a taxi company or insurance company as a driver or investigator, respectively.
  • Activities that allow you to make money from a distance: You can hold up a gas station for cash, become a drug lord and sell your drugs to finance your business, or sell stolen merchandise on the internet during cyber-crime outbreaks.
  • Activities that allow you to make quick money: There’s an in-game market where you can buy and sell illegal goods, such as weapons, ammunition, and even furniture that’s been snatched from neutral houses.

Whether you’re inspired by the game’s fiction or not, the next step is to take inspiration from the actual gameplay. While playing the game, you’ll note that certain activities are more lucrative than others. If you want to maximise your earnings, it’s a good idea to take note of which ones deliver the most money.

The Different Ways To Make Money In GTA 5

Depending on your playstyle, there are three main ways to make money in the game:

  • Stealing cars or trucks (for the sake of it): This is the simplest and most straightforward way to earn quick funds, and the more you do it, the quicker you’ll make money. Simply walk up to a car or truck, find a nice spot to park and wait for customers to pull up and hapless victims to exit their vehicles. Having a bus parked nearby is preferable as it means you can pick up and drop off more customers, increasing your daily income. If you feel the urge to stab a civilian in the back, you can do so without penalty; however, this will anger the cops and you might end up in prison.
  • Burglary (shopping centres and supermarkets): This is where most gamers will choose to focus their energies, as it’s the easiest way to make easy money. The way this works is, as soon as you break into a building (either through pick-pocketing, hacking, or breaking down doors), you’ll have the option of either grabbing a cash register or holding patrons until police arrive. You can’t escape with the cash, but you can use the money you collect to buy equipment (like a battering ram) that will help you break into other buildings to make extra money (and gain fame). If you feel the need to vandalise or destroy property in the process of making a getaway, you can choose to do so without penalty, but you’ll have to find a way to make it worth your while.
  • Ransom Note: In GTA 5, you can demand a certain amount of cash for the release of a kidnapped civilian. You don’t need to break into a bank or house to obtain the ransom, as you can instead create your own kidnapping trap and ambush the cash-rich target. Simply follow the pedestrians on your radar, watch for anyone who appears rich, and when you spot an opportunity, lunge at the unsuspecting victim and stick them in the trunk of your car (or van). You’ll have to be quick, however, as the police are bound to investigate any ransom demand. If you want to avoid detection, do your best to stay off the radar. This is also a good option for someone who wants to make a quick buck without having to commit too many burglaries. Going after wealthy individuals or business people will also allow you to target those who can pay you more.

These are the most frequently performed activities in the game. If you want to see how much money you can earn from these activities, you can access your own Grand Theft Auto 5 account and see how much cash you have left over at the end of each day. Remember: the more you do, the more you’ll make, so dive in and start making some real money.