How to Make Money in GTA Online December 2016

Welcome to our monthly breakdown of strategies and tips to make money in GTA Online. December was a banner month for Grand Theft Auto Online, with several huge updates and new content drops. It was also the month that the developers finally addressed some of the concerns of players around the world. In this article, we will discuss what really happened in GTA Online this past month and how you can capitalize on the changes.

The Most Popular Game Mode This Past Month

For the month of December 2016, the most popular game mode in GTA Online was Survival. Over 14.8 million players participated in some form of this mode. While it isn’t the most technically complex game mode, it definitely provides a unique challenge for players. Every month, the mode is updated with a new objective for players to complete. For example, the objective for December was:

  • Survive as long as possible
  • Avoid being Killed
  • Avoid Rushes
  • Collect as many weapons and armor as possible
  • Explore the map and find all of the hidden treasures
  • Don’t forget your vehicle!
  • The Survival game mode will be accessible from the start of GTA Online, and will remain available throughout the month. This game mode also doesn’t require the game to be updated to engage with new content.

    The Price of Oil Keeps Rising In GTA Online

    The price of oil kept rising in GTA Online for the entire month of December. The price of a barrel of crude oil increased by 6% from $44.03 to $49.16 over the course of the month, and was the highest price since April 2015. Oiled produced a positive return of investment for all oil companies since the beginning of the year. The cost of gasoline and other petroleum-based products also increased during the month of December. The price of a gallon of gas increased by 12 cents to $2.87 over the month, which was up from $2.75 a month earlier. Other petroleum-based products, such as kerosene, increased in price as well. The cost of these products has historically risen as the price of oil increases. It is likely that more expensive oil prices will continue to cause gasoline and other petroleum-based product prices to rise. This is especially true since several oil-producing countries, including Venezuela, have failed economic ratings, which makes their oil more expensive to purchase.

    Players Are Demanding Better Vehicle Durability In GTA Online

    The durability of players’ vehicles keeps on getting worse in GTA Online. The average player vehicle now has only 14.3 miles of durability remaining. This is 3.3 miles less than what it had a year ago, and is the lowest it has been this decade. The reason for this is that players are having to spend more money in order to make their vehicles last as long as possible. The cost of a vehicle in GTA Online has increased by 15% from $36,000 to $43,900 since last year. As vehicles get more expensive to purchase, players have to spend more money on them in order to make them last as long as possible. This trend of decreasing vehicle durability will continue in GTA Online as long as the price of oil and other petroleum-based products remains high. It is likely that the durability of vehicles in GTA Online will continue to decrease as the cost of oil increases.

    More Gamers Are Embrace The Luxe Life In GTA Online

    In the last year, the number of gamers embracing the luxury life in GTA Online increased by 27%. This is according to the latest survey from BIG WOW, a market research firm. The number of users who spent at least $100 on gaming-related goods and services rose by 22% in the past year. This is likely because the cost of gaming-related goods and services decreased by 12% since last year. As the cost of these goods and services decreased, the appeal of the luxury lifestyle also decreased. However, this appeal has started increasing again as the cost of these goods and services continue to decrease.

    GTA Online Has A New Minimalism Theme

    GTA Online has a new minimalism theme this month. The developers have kept the traditional aesthetic of the series, but removed all of the excess decorations from the game. This new minimalism theme is inspired by the work of Dutch designer Minkoff, who also worked on the design for the Miami Marlins MLB 14 hat. The designers decided to keep the boxy shape of a sports arena, but removed all of the unnecessary decorations. As a result, the game now looks more streamlined. The decorations on the game’s exterior, such as wood and metal, were also bleached out in order to make the game look more modern and clean.

    GTA Online Is Ready For E-sports Growth

    GTA Online is ready for the growth of electronic sports. Last month, the developers announced that they would be adding a new game mode to the game, which is exclusive to the esports arena. The new game mode, called Deathmatch, will allow gamers to compete against each other in a variety of different game modes. For example, one match may consist of a traditional Deathmatch, in which players must kill each other; a Capture the Flag mode, in which one team must capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to their base; or a King of the Hill mode, in which players must protect their base from attack. The idea is to have many different game modes available for gamers to choose from, which will encourage more people to try out the game.

    More Players Are Seeking Better Customization Options In GTA Online

    The options for players to customize their character in GTA Online have also increased. Last month, the developers launched a new DLC pack for the game, which provides players with new face paint options. They have also added a new hairstyle to the game, which players can apply to their character’s head. They released a similar hairstyle a few months ago, but this is the first time that players have been able to apply this kind of decoration to their character’s head. In addition, the developers have added an option for players to download older hairstyles they missed out on, which is great for those wishing to have a specific hairstyle in the game for a long time.

    Purchasing Additional Weapons And Armor In GTA Online

    Players can now purchase additional weapons and armor in GTA Online. This month, the developers added several new items to the game’s marketplace, including firearms, melee weapons, shields, camouflage gear, binoculars, scuba gear, motorcycles, cars, and more! With the addition of more weapons and armor to the game’s marketplace, users can now create their own unique gameplay styles and approaches to tackling missions. While this is a good thing for players, it does increase the cost of the game. The price of a vehicle in GTA Online rose by 15% from $36,000 to $43,900 in the past year, while the price of a weapon rose by 72%. This is likely because the developers added several new weapons and armor to the game this month.

    GTA Online Has Several New Features

    GTA Online has several new features this month, including the new ability to purchase weapons and armor, and the addition of a new in-game camera. Since its release in 2014, GTA Online has continually received patch notes and content updates from the developers, which have added new features to the game. This month, players can finally experience a camera that follows them around, as well as zoom out and focus on specific areas of the game world.

    Some of the smaller additions include a new type of grenade (the thermite grenade) and the ability to purchase fireworks (which they can use to create decorative displays, as well as light up the sky on New Year’s Eve). The developers also addressed several of the game’s issues in the latest patch notes, including one regarding vehicles, which we discussed earlier. The notes state that vehicles will no longer randomly disappear when they are being driven, and that they should now remain in the player’s garage, ready to be used at any time.

    The Changes In Detail

    Let’s take a closer look at the changes that occurred in GTA Online this past month, piece by piece. Each section will be discussed in more detail: