How to Make Money in GTA Online in 2021

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online is a busy place. Despite the game’s popularity, few people actually make money from playing it. You can take part in special events, buy and sell cars, and make some decent money from playing poker-all things considered. However, the most profitable activity in GTA Online is not what you’d expect, and it’s something that you’ve probably never considered.

Candy Crush-Like Games

If you’ve ever played Candy Crush on your mobile phone, you’ll have noticed that it’s a lot like GTA Online. You’ll have a board with a set of colorful candy gems in front of you, and you’ll need to match three or more to win. The difference is that instead of trying to match themed gems, like the popular Gold Wrapped Chocolate, you’ll simply need to match three or more colored gems to progress through the game. This makes Candy Crush a much more profitable venture, as you’ll always have people willing to pay money for the chance to progress faster through the game.

However, even if you do manage to find a way to make money from playing Candy Crush, it’s probably not going to be worth it. The competition is fierce, and it’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time playing, just to earn enough money to buy a new mobile phone. Alternatively, you could try and make money by selling your unwanted toys, or getting people to join your club and make money from memberships. That’s probably the more profitable route to take.

Predators and Prey

Nowadays, most people rely on online games for their primary source of entertainment. This makes them an easy target for scammers who want to trick them into paying for things they don’t need. If you’ve ever played the game Mafia Wars, you’ll know that there’s an option to invite people you’ve met in-game to your social club. This option is very useful if you want to make money, as you can then charge people for membership. You can also set the price to be paid for membership, so you can ensure that you get paid what you’re worth.

This kind of business model is easily reproducible, as you’ll simply need to find a way to get people in-game, and then get them to join your club. The more people you have in your club, the more money you’ll make. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers out there, and many of them will try and trick you into joining their club, with all the memberships having fake email addresses, so you’ll never know if you’re actually speaking to the real person or a scammer.


If you’ve ever played poker, you’ll know that it’s one of the most popular games among people who play on their mobile phones. People who play poker on the go often use a Virtual Card Deck feature, which allows them to play using simulated cards. This makes the game a little less than exciting, as you won’t feel the heat of the competition, but it also means that you’ll get to keep all the money you win. One of the best things about poker is that you don’t need to have a lot of money to get started, as playing with virtual cards is free. The most you’ll need is an internet connection, and a few coins to buy in with.

Poker is one of the few profitable activities in GTA Online, mainly because there aren’t that many games that let you play for free. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy to make money from playing poker. You’re going to have to get good at it, first of all, by learning how to play against the computer. Once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to playing against other people. However, even then, it’s not easy to make money, as the competition is fierce, and there are a lot of inexperienced people out there who don’t know how to play poker. If you want to make money from playing poker, be ready to work hard, learn from the best, and beat the competition. Good luck out there.

The world of GTA Online is a busy place, and with so much activity going on, it might be hard to know where to start. Hopefully, this article will have helped you to see a way in which you can make money from playing, and the ideas discussed here will help you to think of other ways to bring in some extra cash.