How to Make Money in GTA Online Fast – How to Make $1000 in 10 Days

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The Basics

First things first, you will need to have a copy of the Grand Theft Auto game. You can find this game on most game consoles, or if you have a laptop, you can download it directly from the Rockstar website. Just make sure you have the latest version. The more recent the version, the better the gameplay and online experience. Once you have the game, you can proceed to the next step.

Step two: Accessing GTA Online

To be able to access the Grand Theft Auto Online environment, you will need to have a working internet connection. If you are planning on playing on consoles, then you will need to make sure that your console is connected to the internet, and that the authentication settings for the internet are on. The easiest way to have a working internet connection on your consoles is through a wired connection, such as cable internet or DSL. If you are playing on mobile devices, you will need to have a WiFi connection. If you are using a mobile device as your primary device, then you can get a WiFi connection through your carrier. Many mobile data plans include a free WiFi zone, which you can access at any time. If you are on a mobile network that does not have free WiFi, or if you just want to be extra careful with your data usage, you can buy a WiFi extender such as the Google WiFi, and connect it to your mobile device. This way you can play online without being connected to the internet entirely through your mobile device. This is the easiest way to play online on the go. Just make sure you turn off your mobile device’s WiFi when you are not using it, so the network does not consume too much data.

Step three: Create a user account and log in

Once you have an active internet connection, you can proceed to step three and create a user account for GTA Online. Just click the Create a new user account button at the bottom of any page on the Rockstar website, or click here to get to the account creation page. Once you have created a user account, you can log in and start playing. Remember, all of this will be done in real-time, so make sure you are logged in at all times while playing so that you do not lose your progress.

Locating and Joining a Server

Now that you are logged in, you will need to locate and join a server. You can do this by selecting the GAMEPLAY link at the top of the screen, followed by the JOBS button. This will take you to the server listings, where you can select and connect to a server that you find suitable. When you join a server, you will see a number of players listed in the lobby. Type /who on the console command line to see who is currently online and available to play with.

Step four: Set your preferred gaming mode

Once you have joined a server, you can select the settings button at the top of the screen to access the game’s main menu. You will see a variety of options here, including various game modes and settings. The first thing you should do is adjust the ‘framerate’ to the speed you play at. Framerate stands for frames per second and determines how many images are displayed per second, which affects the overall response time of your computer or console. The lower the framerate, the slower the gameplay will be, and vice versa. You should play at the lowest setting that is comfortable for your computer or console. The recommended settings for computers are:

  • Ultra Low – 30 fps
  • Low – 60 fps
  • Medium – 90 fps
  • High – 120 fps
  • Very High – 240 fps

If you are playing on a console, then the recommended settings are:

  • High – 60 fps
  • Very High – 120 fps

Some games are more demanding than others when it comes to resources. For example, a demanding game like Shadow of Mordor will use more computer power than a less demanding game like Grand Theft Auto. If you want to reduce the resource drain while playing, you should select the ‘Performance’ setting, and then adjust the settings under the ‘Visuals’ heading to reduce the image quality. Alternatively, you can select the ‘Quality’ setting and then minimize the image quality in the same way as described above for the ‘Performance’ setting.

Once you have changed your preferred settings, you can close the GTA Online main menu and return to the server listings. If you find a server that you like, then you can select the JOIN button to the right of its name to join it. You should now be in a position to play.

Playing Online

Once you are connected to the internet and have successfully logged in, you can start playing. Just select the PLAY link from the top of the screen, followed by the JOBS button to the right of the screen. This will drop you into the game’s main menu. Select the settings button from here to reach the game’s main options menu. It is highly recommended that you uncheck the box that says ‘Automatically log in and join servers’ so that you do not get automatically matched with other players when you join a game. This will prevent you from having to search for and join a server that you can already access. Make sure you leave this setting unchecked when playing on public servers so that other people do not know that you are logged in and playing under an assumed name.

The Basics Of Mining

Miners on the open market will pay you to do the following things:

  • Dig up resources such as oil, gas, diamonds, gold, or coal
  • Sort the resources you have found (e.g. by using a magnet to pull out specific metals)
  • Bring the resources to a refinery for processing into valuable products
  • Ship the products to retailers for sale

To start mining, you will need to locate a ‘Mining Foreman’, who will give you access to a ‘Mining Camp’. You cannot access a mining camp without the help of a ‘Mining Expert’. To become a mining expert, you will need to complete a number of technical challenges put forward by the mining foreman, which will teach you the basics of mining. Once you have completed these challenges, you can start mining for yourself in any region that you find suitable. You must then complete a mining exam by selecting the ‘Mining Expertise’ link at the top of the screen. You can then choose one of the following options:

  • Start Mining – allows you to start mining immediately
  • Take a Survey – allows you to take a 10 minute survey for 10,000 points (worth about $2)
  • Mining Certificate – gives you 500 points (worth about $1)
  • Mining Certificate – gives you 500 points (worth about $1)
  • Mining Expertise – gives you 5000 points (worth about $10)
  • Mining Expertise – gives you 5000 points (worth about $10)

If you score highly in the exam, you will be able to skip directly to the ‘Mining Camp Application’ section where you can apply to work as a mining foreman. Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment to do your job (e.g. drills, pickaxes, etc) before you start mining, as the mining camp owner will not give you access to your equipment until you have completed a number of jobs for him. Once you have completed a certain number of jobs, he will then give you access to all of the equipment in the camp. You should be aware that the equipment at a mining camp is very expensive and is therefore only accessible to higher-tiered ‘Mining Experts’. Before you start your own business, it is recommended that you work as a ‘Miner’ for at least a year, as this will give you a better understanding of how the process works and will increase your chance of making money. This way you will not be ‘overwhelmed’ by the process if you make a mistake and lose money. Working as a ‘Miner’ is a great way to learn and at the same time make money. Just keep in mind the above tips on how to successfully mine in GTA Online.