How to Make Money in GTA Online: New Player Tips

Welcome to the New Player Tips series. In these articles, we will teach you the ropes once you’ve hit the game for the first time. We’ll cover everything from how to buy cars to earning money, how to avoid scams, and much more!

Set Up A Business

One of the first things you’ll need to do in order to make money in GTA is to set up a business. If you want to keep things simple, you can use any business you want, but it’s highly advised to go with an already established company. You can either franchise or sell your own products and service to make money. It’s also a good idea to look for business ideas on the internet since you can find a lot of inspiration.

When setting up a business, make sure that you register an official business name with your city or province. If you run a restaurant, for example, you’ll need to register the business name with the Canadian Food Authority (just search for “Restaurants in Toronto” and you’ll find a bunch of restaurant brands, all of which are registered with the CFAA).

Choose Your Vehicle Carefully

One of the first things you’ll want to do is to purchase a suitable transportation vehicle. There are four types of vehicles you can choose from: cars, vans, motorcycles, and aircraft. You can find more information on each type in the game’s wiki.

Cars are the most popular means of transportation in GTA, and for good reason: you can drive practically anywhere you want to go, quickly make your way through traffic, and have lots of room for cargo. However, cars also have some disadvantages: they’re expensive to maintain, difficult to park, and if you have any issues with them, it can be frustrating to deal with a dealership. Unless you plan on being in the game for the long-term, it’s better to choose a van, a motorcycle, or an aircraft.

With a van or motorcycle, you won’t need a garage to store your vehicle since you can park it anywhere you want. This gives you more freedom when it comes to where you want to go, as well as how you want to get there. You’ll also need to prepare for the occasional parking fine, but since they’re not that common, it won’t be a problem. Vans and motorcycles are also cheaper to maintain compared to cars. If you have enough money, it’s recommended to invest in either of these vehicles.

GTA In-Game Economics

Another important thing to do when you first enter GTA is to learn the in-game economy. The first thing you’ll need to do is buy clothes. The game has three different types of clothing you can purchase with real money: business suits, casual wear, and extreme clothing. You can search for expensive brands such as Gucci or Ettinger to find the most expensive items.

Each type of clothing has a different effect on you. If you want to increase your odds of being taken seriously, it’s advisable to invest in a business suit. While a suit can look cool and stylish, it can also increase your odds of being robbed or murdered. The more stylish casual clothing you have, the easier it will be for you to make friends with other players.

Extrem clothing can increase your armor, damage, and speed. Depending on the style, you’ll either want to find the opposite or complementing piece. For example, a red dress will make you appear more like a friendly person, but it also makes you harder to hit. It’s also important to note that while you can find a lot of high-quality clothing, it will still cost you money. It’s not recommended to spend more than 30% of your total earnings on clothing.

Once you’re dressed appropriately, you can proceed to the bank. One of the first things you’ll need to do is to open a business account with a bank or credit union. Even if you want to keep things simple and use a cash-based economy, you’ll still need a bank account.

Once you have a business account, you can purchase various items on credit, including cars, trucks, and airplanes. If you don’t have the money right away, you could put down a non-refundable deposit. This will act as collateral for all future transactions. As a new player, you’ll need to look for loans from more established companies (generally larger companies) since you won’t have any credit yet.

GTA’s marketplace is filled with many different items you can purchase using money. While some of these items can be useful, others are simply there to increase your enjoyment in the game. If you don’t want to invest in useless items, it’s best to look for items with a high trade-in value or sell them for a profit. Knowing how the in-game economy works will help you plan your spending and avoid wasting money on items that won’t make a difference in your gameplay experience.

Make Money On The Side

Another way to make money in GTA is to do some side-hustles. There are many different things you can do to earn cash, including selling fish and insects, letting people leave their cars with you for a while, and participating in dogfights. Let’s take a look at how to make money using these different methods.

Sell Fish And Insects

The first and probably the most accessible side-hustles you’ll encounter are selling fish and insects. The advantage of selling fish and insects is that you don’t need special equipment, training, or licensing to do so. All you need is a fishing rod, some worms or bugs, and a small container to hold the fish and/or insects you catch. You can either sell the fish and insects individually or in baskets or containers (depending on the local rule). The disadvantage of selling fish and insects is that you have to be present to make the sale. Unless you want to make a lot of money, it’s not advisable to spend a lot of time doing this side-hustle.

Let People Leave Their Car With You

Another way to earn money is to let people leave their cars with you. This is mostly useful for making quick cash since you won’t have to go far to earn enough money to pay for gas. The better the car, the more you can ask for (the more expensive and high-end the car, the more you can demand). It’s also a good idea to get paid in cash since you don’t need to worry about your money being stolen from a bank account. A lot of people do this as a side-hustle, especially around the holidays when people are looking to rent a cheap car for the day. Make sure you’re equipped with all the relevant paperwork (license, insurance, and registration) and check that everything is in order before you begin your side-hustle.

Fight And Rob

As a last resort, you can engage in fights and rob other players. Naturally, this is a risky venture since you’ll be hurting and killing other players in order to make money. However, with skill and planning, you can make a lot of money quickly and easily without too much risk. The best thing about this side-hustle is that you don’t need special equipment or training to do so. You’ll simply need to be willing to fight and to rob other players. Naturally, this will also require you to spend some money on gas since you’ll be driving to random places to find fights (though there are some safe havens you can frequent, such as amusement parks). When you do fight, don’t be afraid to ask for more money since the better the fight, the better the loot. Make sure you’re wearing protective gear (goggles, a helmet, and gloves) in case you do end up getting hurt during a fight (or robbery, for that matter).

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