5 Ways to Make Money in Mortal Online

Most of us have been there. We’ve logged on to our favourite game and been thrust into the world of magic and mayhem, where we must fight for our lives and make money in whatever way possible. We want to share with you five ways in which you can easily make money in Mortal Online.

Fight for Territory

Mortal Online is a free-to-play game in which you can build your own little kingdom, controlling an extensive territory and battling other players for control. The more players you have under your command, the more territory and resources you have at your disposal. If another player encroaches on your lands, you can fight them in combat to determine who owns what in the game’s universe.

For instance, if you’re the King of the Mountain, and you see another player has built a castle on your sacred mountain, you might want to fight them for control of the terrain. Depending on the outcome of this battle, you can decide the fate of the burgeoning settlement there. Will you allow them to build their empire on your mountain, or will you destroy them and take back what is rightfully yours?

Cure Diseases

Mortal Online’s disease mechanic is quite unique. When one of your citizens gets sick, you can visit a general store to purchase palliatives as well as vaccines. You can restore their health with your chosen medication, or you can make them immune to certain diseases with your healthy blood. If you can match your blood type to that of a particular disease-stricken individual, you can potentially cure them of their affliction.

Some diseases are more lucrative than others, giving you the option to become a medical professional and set up shop in a general store, offering your services to players who need them. If you’ve got the cure for leukemia, you can become rich and famous; if not, you might want to consider other paths to riches.

Monetise Inventions

Mortal Online is filled with inventive players. Many have turned to the subject of monetisation, creating items that can be sold for real-world money or game credits. You can build your own Invention Hall in your game’s guild, filled with amazing machines that you can use to generate wealth. Some of these devices are extremely rare and can sell for high prices in the game’s auction house.

Monetising is easy enough to do. All you need to do is create something that other players want and are willing to pay for. Whether it’s an upgrade that makes your vending machine dispense rare items faster, a device that lets you analyse enemy DNA and identify their weaknesses, or a secret ingredient that makes your food taste better—there are endless possibilities for you to explore.

Speculate On Stock Prices And Follow Predicted Trends

One of the things that differentiates Mortal Online from other games is its depth of interaction between assets. When a player buys a stock in a company, it actually has an effect on that company’s performance in the real world. If you’re good at recognising profitable trends and following the actions of other investors, you can make a lot of money from short-term stock market fluctuations. This is because, at the end of the day, all players in the game must make a living. If everyone is trying to gain financially, the stock market in Mortal Online can become very volatile, with prices rising and falling dramatically.

There are numerous ways to make a quick buck in Mortal Online. Even more players are making a living from selling rare items for high prices in the game’s auction house, while some are creating value through their inventions and businesses. Some players are even earning money from the fluctuations of market trends. No one avenue of profit is more preferable to a player than another. As long as you keep finding ways to make money, you can’t go wrong.