How to Make Money in Elder Scrolls Online

In recent years, the Elder Scrolls Online has risen to fame as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the worlds of The Elder Scrolls and developed by Bethesda Game Studios. As with any successful game, players have latched on to trying to exploit the system and make money off the back of other players. Despite the game’s popularity and critical acclaim, it seems that this method of generating revenue has been met with some hurdles.

Charge Ahead

One of the most popular ways to generate revenue in ESO is through the use of speed-hacks and item exploits. These glitches give players an advantage over their opponents in game, allowing them to gain an edge and make money. While these exploits can be useful, they can also have negative side-effects.

This year, players have taken to social media to complain about these glitches and have even suggested ways to prevent them. For example, players have taken to exploiting bugs in the game to generate quick cash – a practice known as ‘bag farming’ – but have also noted that this can cause the game to crash. As a result, some are questioning if this is a viable way to make money in the game at all.

Real Money, PVE, And…MMORPG Subscriptions

While exploiting glitches and other ways to generate quick cash are popular, many players are also looking to make real money through more traditional methods. One way is by completing online ‘PVE’ (Player vs Environment) dungeons and defeating the monsters within. The dungeon crawler Monster Hunter World uses a similar system, rewarding players with the ability to purchase items using real money.

Another way to make money in ESO is through the use of a premium membership, known as the ‘MMO Subscription’. This subscription, which costs $5.95 per month, gives players access to a number of exclusive items and features within the game. In addition to this, members also gain access to private servers where they can connect with other players and complete games for prizes. Many consider this to be the most authentic way to play the game, as you are not reliant on others to complete your objectives for you; you are, instead, actively pursuing them.

…Matching Minesweeper

Another way to make money in ESO is to discover hidden treasure, known as ‘Minesweeper’. This is a popular way for players to generate quick cash, as the game is very easy to get started and allows you to make a small amount of money with little effort. The game is incredibly popular and even has an Apple App Store listing, which means it is available on the iPhone. While this can be useful, it also makes the game very accessible for anyone with a smartphone and frequent Internet connection.

To make a small amount of money from Minesweeper, all a player needs to do is click on a mine in the game and the information about it will pop up. This is similar to a scratch card game, where if you are lucky enough to discover a matching combination, you will win a sizeable amount of money. The object of the game is to click on as many mines as possible to win real cash prizes.

…Watch Out For Scammers

Finally, a word of warning about scammers in ESO. The popularity of the game means scammers have taken to the game looking to trick or cheat other players out of their money. While many scammers are ‘friendly’ and will try to help you out, others will try to trick you or steal from you. Always be careful who you are playing with and what type of terms they are using you out of the blue – you never know if they are going to double-cross you or not.

In addition to looking out for scammers, be careful about giving out your personal information to complete strangers online. Be sure to establish trust with anyone you are talking to – ask for their email address, instagram handle, etc, and make sure you know how they are going to benefit from the information you are providing. Make sure you are not being tricked by asking for references or looking into the products/services the person is offering you. If you feel like you have been tricked or that the person is misrepresenting how the service/product will benefit you, then you can always terminate the association.

In summary, all of the above is just some ‘best practices’ that players have followed in order to make money in ESO. While some might consider these methods to be viable, others are questioning if this is the type of game you want to play if this is how you are planning on making money. Ultimately, this is a decision you will have to make for yourself, but hopefully, this article will help with your decision-making process.