How to Make Money Online with GTA 5 and Xbox One

GTA 5 is one of the most popular video games around right now, with millions of copies sold on various platforms. Released in 2014, the game allows players to live a life of luxury as they complete quests for eccentric online casino magnate, Mr. Nobody.

The game’s success is largely thanks to the impressive open world that came to be with the introduction of the Xbox One. Where in previous console generations, players would have been restricted to playing in small enclosed areas, now they can explore the entire city of Los Santos or rural areas like the outback.

And what’s more, with the game’s popularity surging, so too has the number of people looking for ways to make money online. Whether you’re a gamer yourself or not, you can now make a few bucks from home by playing against human opponents or automating gameplay using software like AUTOMATCHER or Spin3r.

Here’s how you can use gaming to make money online:

The Basics Of How To Make Money Online With GTA 5

If you’re looking to make money online with GTA 5, you need to first decide how you want to play the game. The choices are pretty much limitless, as you can choose whether you want to play as a gangster or an honest law enforcement officer. You can also choose to play single player or in cooperation with another human or automated player against opponents on the other side of the world.

Each choice comes with its perks and drawbacks. If you play as a gangster, you’ll need to commit more crimes to make money. This also means you’ll have more interactions with law enforcement. In addition, playing as a cop means you’ll need to arrest a number of people to make a profit. You’ll also have to deal with the stress of chasing down suspects and dealing with the judicial system.

If none of those options appeal to you, you can always opt to play the game manually, using bots or programs to make your gaming experience as efficient as possible. Doing this allows you to set the odds of winning in your favor and limit the number of times you need to click the mouse or touch the screen to make a transaction.

Beyond The Basics: Other Ways To Make Money Online With GTA 5

Beyond the basics, you have a variety of ways to make money online with GTA 5. For example, you can start a side business, such as selling clothes or accessories worn by the characters in the game or collecting money from strangers walking by your house with headphones plugged into their earbuds.

You can also sell instructional videos or livestreams using services like Hitjoy or Twitch.

If none of those options seem like a fit, you can become a ghost hunter, scuba instructor, or race car driver (among other things).

Making Money In The Cloud With WordPress

One of the more unique ways to make money online with GTA 5 is through blogging. You can set up a blog with the popular blogging platform and start writing about topics related to gaming, crime, or business.

The amount of content you can put out is almost limitless, as you’re not bound by the number of posts allowed on a traditional blog. You can also integrate Google Ads to make money online with GTA 5 through affiliate marketing, allowing you to earn a commission when someone clicks an ad or buys a product that’s promoted on your blog.

Making Money Through Surveys & Testing

Surveys and testing are two other ways to make money online with GTA 5 and involve performing tasks for a panel of respondents who’ve either volunteered to take part in a survey or were paid to participate.

For instance, you can take part in a survey where you have to listen to audio content and then give a brief summary of what you heard. You’ll get credit for participating and you might even get some additional cash. You can also take online surveys where you get credited for answering questions about products you’ve never heard of let alone used.

In testing, you’re given an offer to participate in a survey and then you’ll be exposed to a series of advertisements or offers, which you have to click on to reach the end of the page. You’ll usually get credit for the testing you do and earn a small amount of money per day. You can also find paid survey opportunities online, but you’ll have to be careful to avoid getting scammed.

Fashion-related Work: Dress To Impress

If you’ve got a good eye for fashion and some experience in a retail setting, you could make a pretty penny online by styling photos of celebrities or professional athletes and putting them in small outfits that you’d personally wear. If you’re good, you could even create an entire capsule wardrobe for these folks, which they could then buy online.

The Basics Of How to Make Money Online With Xbox One

If you decide to play on the Xbox One, you’ll be able to take advantage of the console’s many features to streamline gameplay and make your money-making experience as good as possible.

You can use Kinect, the built-in camera, or a microphone to interact with your Xbox. If you opt to play in handheld mode, you can also use a Bluetooth headset to connect to the console.

The game also supports 4K display resolution, which is capable of reproducing more than 1440p images with ease. In addition, Microsoft has upgraded the hard drive on the Xbox One to 1TB, giving users more space than ever before.

Beyond The Basics: Other Ways To Make Money Online With Xbox One

Just like with GTA 5, you have a variety of ways to make money online with the Xbox One. To begin with, you can set up a side business. The choices are almost as varied as with the previous game. You can become an online marketeer, selling and promoting commercial products. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can become a celebrity fashion stylist or fashion blogger. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even create your own design for a t-shirt, hoodie, or hat and then sell those online as well.

You can become a YouTube creator and upload vlogs or livestreams where you answer questions from viewers. If none of that seems like a fit, you can become a social media influencer and try to grow a following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.