How to Make Money on The Walking Dead Season 2 Online

Ever wonder how people make money online? Most likely, you’ll find yourself wondering how the showrunners, writers, and directors make enough money to afford all those expensive cars, houses, and luxury items. Perhaps you’ll even wonder if the actors and actresses on the show have some secret bank account that they use to pay their bills. Well, your wondering will be answered in this article. We’ll discuss various ways (and sometimes, the less than ethical ways) that the stars of AMC’s The Walking Dead earn their livings.

The Most Traditional Way

The first and most obvious way that the stars of The Walking Dead make money is by selling DVDs and Blu-rays of the show. For years, many fans had to make do with watching the show’s episodes on YouTube or Netflix. However, as broadband internet became more accessible, online stores that sell media like Hulu and Amazon began to offer streaming episodes of The Walking Dead alongside other content. This, in turn, led to more people discovering the show and adding it to their list of favorites. As a result, shows like The Walking Dead can now be found on numerous streaming platforms, making it more convenient for audiences to catch up on the action (or, in the case of Lori and Carol, the drama).

Now, as the show enters its second season, the media landscape has changed yet again. The landscape now includes weekly episodes, as opposed to the traditional monthly installments. This change makes it more convenient for viewers to watch the show live rather than having to wait for new DVDs or Blu-rays to arrive in the mail. Furthermore, due to Netflix’s vast library of content and the growing number of people utilizing its services, it’s now easier for The Walking Dead’s audience to find other shows and movies to watch. Finally, it should be pointed out that despite all the changes over the years, the most traditional way of earning money from The Walking Dead remains intact – namely, through DVD and Blu-ray sales.

The Walking Dead Wiki

While most people are familiar with traditional DVD and Blu-ray sales, perhaps less people know about The Walking Dead Wiki. The Walking Dead Wiki is, in fact, a free wiki engine that allows show fans to create and maintain their own webpages related to the show. The wiki allows for more flexibility in terms of how the pages are designed and the fact that they can be constantly updated by anyone who has access to the page. This, in turn, makes the wiki a great tool for fans who want to keep track of the latest news and rumors regarding the show.

The Walking Dead Wiki’s popularity can be attributed to its unique and versatile design. Furthermore, the wiki’s ease of use makes it accessible to anyone who’s curious about the show. This accessibility, coupled with the ability to create and update pages related to the show, ensures that many useful resources will be available to the fans who use it. It also means that the fan base will continue to grow even after the show’s fifth season has ended.

Auction Sites For Collectibles

In addition to selling DVDs and Blu-rays of the show, the stars of The Walking Dead also put their collections up for auction. In recent years, several popular auction sites like Ebay and Etsy have begun offering the opportunity to buy official and unofficial merchandising from the show. This, in turn, has led to an entire industry of collectibles being spawned by The Walking Dead. If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to spend your free time, consider exploring the world of online auctions and memorabilia sales!


Some people on the popular Twitter account @WalkingDead_C may not actually work for the show, but they certainly act like they do. These are the people who tweet regularly about the show, using hashtags like #wedingdead and #walkinglydead to connect with fans. It’s quite clear that these individuals have a direct connection to the show and its fan base. However, as it turns out, they’re actually getting paid to promote and assist with various aspects of the show’s operation, from editing scripts to overseeing merchandise campaigns and promotions.


AMC has also partnered with YouTube in order to become the home for all things The Walking Dead. Through the platform, fans can enjoy new episodes as they become available, as well as gain access to clips from the show’s past. This will, no doubt, create new opportunities for show creators, as well as, for the actors and actresses who work on the series. It’s clear that AMC is committed to growing the audience and engaging its fans through various platforms and incentives.

And More

While we’re on the topic of earning money from The Walking Dead, let’s not forget about all the other opportunities the show provides. From the very beginning, the show has been a cash cow for its producers, as they’ve been able to sell advertising on it and use the proceeds to fund their later production endeavors. Furthermore, the show’s success encouraged several other networks to follow suit and create their own spin-offs. There’s also a chance you might see some of the show’s creators and executives become producers of other projects down the line. It’s also possible that the success of The Walking Dead could lead to a surge in the popularity of zombies, both real and fictional, which, in turn, could lead to more revenue for its creators.

As you can see, there are several ways for the stars of The Walking Dead to make money. Some of the ways are a little more traditional, while others are more creative or, at the very least, offer some interesting perks. Regardless, whether you’re a fan of the show or not, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.