How to Make Money Online and Get Paid in Cash

Ever wonder how high-earning bloggers, designers, and YouTube creators manage to make money online? It’s not as mysterious as you might think. In fact, there are several ways to make money online that don’t require any special training. If you’re looking to get paid to do something you love, and don’t want to do anything too formal, then you can follow these proven methods to build a profitable blog or website. Some of the income sources below may require a bit of luck, but you can improve your odds with some smart planning and research.

Monetizing Your Blog

Blogs, websites, and other content-driven platforms like YouTube and Instagram can be monetized through affiliate marketing, which earns you a commission when someone clicks a monetized link or buys a product that’s promoted on your blog. Building a following and then encouraging them to make purchases through affiliate links is a popular way to generate passive income from a blog. For example, if you’ve been blogging for years and amassed a sizable audience, you might decide to start an affiliate marketing business around recipes and meal plans. You’ll need to find products that you think your audience will be interested in and then find a simple, yet effective way to promote them. If you can nail that, you can begin to add a bit of extra money to your monthly income.

Product Review Blogs

Whether you’re writing about beauty, lifestyle, or health, you can review products and share your honest opinions online. If you’ve been blogging for a while and amassed a loyal following, you might decide to start a product review blog where you promote and review products. You’ll need to find products that fall within your niche, have an audience that’s interested in what you have to say, and then find a way to generate revenue through affiliate sales or sponsorships. Most product review blogs are built on a digital platform such as Shopify, which makes it easy to set up a shopping cart and start selling. If you can get a sense of what products are selling well and what aren’t, you can refine your product choices and create a more profitable venture.


If you’re the tech-savvy type, you can build a profitable e-commerce store where you list products and sell them directly to your audience. You’ll need to list products that are complimentary to your blogging niche (if you’re a health blogger, for example, you might want to build an online store selling vitamins and supplements) and then find a way to generate sales from visitors to your site. Once you’ve established a good base of e-commerce sales, you can explore the option of scaling up your operation and creating a more formal retail storefront or marketplace. You’ll need to determine whether you want to run your e-commerce store in a brick-and-mortar or online capacity; the benefits and drawbacks of each are completely different. When it comes to e-commerce and running a retail store, you might also consider selecting a franchise opportunity if you’re looking for the stability and the additional operational support that a business establishment provides.

Video Content

Video content is booming, and more people are watching video content on their phones than ever before. Whether you’ve got a YouTube channel or you’ve amassed a sizable following on Instagram, you can generate revenue through meme-worthy clips or live videos through paid sponsorships or membership sites. The sky is the limit with video content when it comes to monetization — if you can think of a way to put a video of yourself in a funny or interesting position, you can probably find a way to make some money from it. The key is to create awesome content that people will want to see over and over again.

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to the way a blog owner can monetize their content, an affiliate marketer promotes and earns commissions when someone clicks a monetized link or buys a product that’s promoted on their behalf. The key to affiliate marketing is to find an affiliate program that’s within your niche and has numerous products that you can promote. If you can get a feel for the affiliate products that are doing best, you can create a better-tailored blog to promote those products. Plus, you can rest assured that if someone is clicking a monetized link or buying a product that you’re promoting, then you’re making money online.


If you’ve got a niche market and you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge with the world, you might want to consider pursuing podcasting as a means of monetizing your content. Podcasts are entirely digital and can be downloaded and played on different devices — including smartphones. They typically range between 15 and 30 minutes in length and are usually interview-based, educational, or both. Podcasts can be divided into different categories — such as Technology, Marketing, and Finance — and often feature well-known names in their respective industries. If you can become a reputable voice in your field, you can begin to build a following, land paid speaking gigs, and eventually, make money online.


If you’re an expert in your field and you’ve got an interesting perspective on the world, you might want to consider doing some consulting for businesses that have more money than sense. You’ll need to become a reputable expert in your industry, build a strong network, and then find clients that are interested in what you have to offer. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert, you can put your knowledge to work and make money online through business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) consulting. For B2B consulting, you’ll need to find businesses that are already established and have a need for your services. For B2C consulting, you’ll need to find businesses that are interested in your opinion on products or services and then find a way to earn compensation for your time. Once you’ve got your foot in the door, it’s fairly easy to establish a consulting practice and start making money online. Just make sure that you bill your clients appropriately and do some up-front work to establish trust. You’ll need to get creative with your billing and find ways to accommodate your earning potential as a new consultant. Don’t expect to pull in huge earnings right away — it might take some time to build your business and establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Get Paid in Cash

If you’ve been eyeing a new car, but haven’t been able to save up the necessary funds, then you might want to consider getting paid in cash instead. There are several ways to make money online that don’t require any special training, skills, or experience. If you’ve got a blog or website that you’d like to grow, then exploring the option of getting paid in cash would be a great way to make some extra money.

Getting paid in cash is entirely digital and can be done through a variety of means. For example, you could use Venmo or CashApp to send and receive money — no need to go through a bank or credit card company to do so. You could even use a digital gift card to make purchases at your favorite online stores — eliminating the need to go to a physical store and physically pull out cash to make a purchase. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of not needing to worry about fees or commissions when using these alternative payment methods.


In case you were wondering, choosing to do any of the above-listed means of making money online doesn’t exclude you from being able to make money in other ways. For example, a fashion blogger might choose to build a profitable e-commerce store — while still putting out content and building a following on her blog. A health blogger might choose to become an entrepreneur, opening up her own fitness studio or food truck. And a family tech blogger might choose to build a small business providing tech support for families — while continuing to write about technology and create videos for YouTube.

Remember: you can’t expect to reap the benefits of the internet without putting in the work. It’s not enough to just write about a topic you’re passionate about – you’ll need to build a following and then choose to monetize your content. While there are several ways to make money online that don’t require any special training, many of the above methods require some form of education or expertise to make it worthwhile. If you’re looking for a passive income stream, then choose a method that suits you — whether it’s digital marketing, blogging, or something completely different. Just keep in mind: you’ll need to put in the work to make it happen.