How to Make Money Online and Travel the World

So you want to be a digital nomad and work remotely? You have a dream holiday in mind and a wanderlust to travel the world? You can make money online and travel the world in a way that suits you.

You can become a digital nomad and travel the world with less than $1000 USD in your pocket if you follow these simple steps. You can put this amount to work for you right away without any constraints. Imagine being able to work remotely for high-profile brands and be paid to travel the world. You can take this one step further and use your earnings to fund your travel lifestyle. The world is your oyster.

Before you start making money online, it’s important that you understand what it means. A digital nomad is someone who travels to different countries and continents remotely using a computer and an internet connection. They may work for high-profile brands and be paid to travel the world. They generally work remotely and don’t need to be in any one place at any one time. Essentially, remote work is performed from any location you have an internet connection.

Step one: Start a blog

If you’ve ever made money online, you probably know that the secret to success is in creating a blog around a topic you’re passionate about. In this case, that topic is travel. Once you’ve started a travel blog, you can use the platform to showcase your photography skills and gain extra affiliate income from advertisers. There’s no set number of blogs you need to have to be able to make money online. It really varies depending on your current affiliate income and how experienced you are in building and managing blogs.

Step two: Build your portfolio

The next step is to use your blog to build up a portfolio of freelance writing. Instead of applying directly for a role, your aim is to write and publish unique articles for high-profile brands and businesses in your niche. After you’ve built up your portfolio, you can start applying for remote jobs directly through the companies you’ve written for. They may not all be travel-related, so prepare for this scenario.

Step three: Make money

Once you’ve started making money online, the third step is to reinvest your earnings in further income opportunities. In this case, you’ve built up a portfolio of freelance writing for brands, so you can start applying for travel writing gigs. If you’ve managed to save a decent sum of money while traveling, you can use this to fund your next trip. Alternatively, you can use your earnings to fund a business venture or to invest in properties in exotic locations.

The opportunities are endless

As you can see, there are three steps to making money online and traveling the world. You may not need to do all three to get started, but the more you put in, the more you’ll reap. If you want to make money online and travel the world, it’s definitely possible. However, you need to put in the time and effort to learn how to make money online and be patient.