How to Make Money Online by Surveys

In recent years, the internet has changed the way we discover and consume content. Shops and websites have popped up to support these online survey platforms, which allow users to take a short survey from time to time to make money online. Although the idea of getting paid to take surveys may seem like a dream, the internet has made this dream a reality for many people. Indeed, you may have heard of survey sites such as Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Survey Junkie, Ipsos iSay, or Ipsos iSay Local. These are just a few of the many survey sites out there, providing a steady stream of income for their users.

The Growth Of Online Survey Sites

It’s clear that the growth of online survey platforms is here to stay. According to OneOpinion, in the year 2021 alone, the company gained 130,000 new users and generated $15.9 million in earnings.

Similarly, Swagbucks gained 160,000 new users and achieved $20.7 million in earnings. And, at the time of writing, Ipsos iSay has more than 600,000 registered users and earns $11 million annually.

How These Survey Sites Work

These survey sites work by paying out cash rewards to their users for taking specific surveys. Typically, the more surveys you take, the greater your chances of winning. Some offer gift cards as an incentive, while others pay out in actual money. The key to finding success on any of these survey sites is to build a large account and take regular surveys.

When you make a new account on one of these survey sites, you’ll notice that they all use the same formula for paying out prizes to users. When you reach a certain earnings threshold, you’ll receive your payout. Your account balance is usually shown in the form of a money tree, indicating that you’re accumulating earnings from several surveys.

As an added bonus, these survey sites usually provide free premium membership to new users. In most cases, you’ll have to earn 500 points to become a premium member. Once you do, you’ll have access to additional surveys, as well as the ability to withdraw your earnings in the form of a gift card at any time. Most importantly, you’ll be able to keep all of this income without having to jump through any more hoops than necessary.

Withdrawing funds in the form of a gift card, however, is not the only way that these survey sites make money. Some allow users to take part in paid research projects, completing short surveys that may take up to 10 minutes to complete. While others ask users to create and share images with other users in order to qualify for small payments. In some cases, you may be asked to test new products or take a survey just to make sure that you qualify for a small payment.

The Downsides Of Online Survey Sites

Although there are many benefits to taking surveys online, there are also some significant downsides. Because these surveys are short and there’s usually no follow-up interaction required, it’s easy for people to play the system and make a quick buck. This often results in some pretty low-quality feedback, filled with spelling errors and questions that can’t be answered accurately, causing even more trouble for legitimate survey respondents.

Additionally, because these surveys are usually quick and easy to do, it’s easy for busy people to become disheartened when applying for jobs or promotions at the same time. Indeed, when we asked OneOpinion respondents whether they’d consider taking a survey-based job, 49% said they’d be open to the idea, with only 11% saying they’d definitely not consider it.

Last but not least, even though it’s free to create an account and take the occasional survey, it can still be difficult to qualify for certain prize draws. Many survey sites have what’s known as “qualification thresholds,” creating an earnings floor below which you won’t win any prizes. Although you’ll still be able to earn points and remain a valued member of the community, you won’t be able to cash out anymore. In most cases, you’ll have to reach at least $20 in earnings in order to qualify for a prize draw. ($20 is also the minimum balance that’s required to be able to withdraw funds via gift card on most of these sites).

In short, with the right approach and some time spent learning the ropes, it’s possible to make money online through surveys. Just make sure that you take only relevant and quality surveys, minimize your time spent on these surveys, and keep your earnings for the long term.