How to Make Money Online for Free 2018

In the last couple of years, numerous money-making ideas have arisen outside of the world of traditional selling, most notably online marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, consumers have a larger range of options for engaging with content than ever before, and this means there are more opportunities for revenue generation.

Deciding how to monetize a blog can be challenging. There are so many options available, and new ways to make money keep coming up. You can use Google Analytics to track the earnings from different monetization strategies, and then choose the one that provides the best return.

This is especially important if you want to continue blogging after the initial thrill of creating content wears off. You can’t simply switch to ads for revenue, because you might not be able to build up a sufficient audience to justify the cost of showing ads.

However, Google Adsense, which is one of the most well-known affiliate marketing networks, has made it easy to get started with affiliate marketing. With Google Adsense, you don’t necessarily need to have a huge following to make money. In fact, you can get started making revenue simply by promoting brands and products that you’re passionate about.

5 ways to make money from a blog

The key to monetizing a blog is to figure out how you’re going to generate revenue and which strategies you should pursue.

Here are five ways to make money from a blog without having to sell your flesh or organs. (We hope.)

1. Product review blogs

Product review blogs, such as and, allow you to test out new products and write about your findings. While you don’t need to have a huge following to be able to create a product review blog, you do need to have some level of interest in the product category you choose to cover. This means you’re more likely to be knowledgeable about the subject and passionate about helping others find the best products for their needs. In addition to reviewing products, you can also write about your personal experiences with the products you test.

2. Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you’ll often be asked to promote products that are associated with an affiliate program. The affiliate program will give you a commission when someone clicks a link or buys a product that’s promoted on your site. You don’t need to have a website to be able to get started with affiliate marketing, you can simply use numerous free blogs hosted on platforms like to get started.

3. Listicle blogs

A listicle blog covers a single topic or category in great detail, usually presented in an entertaining and informative manner. For example, the blog Postcardiomyopathy, which is dedicated to the study of heart disease in dogs, details the various causes of cardiomyopathy, as well as the various signs and symptoms. The blog covers all aspects of dog health, from grooming tips to diet advice to management of the disease.

The advantage of listicle blogs is that they usually only cover a single topic or category, which makes them ideal for anyone looking to monetize a blog. In addition, listicle blogs are usually short, which means they’re ideal for people with busy schedules who want to quickly skim the internet for content.

4. Video blogging

YouTube creators are often called content creators, and this is an accurate description. Content creators on YouTube can take any kind of camera-recorded video—whether it’s of themselves playing video, computer generated graphics, or even animated GIFs—and then add an informational overlay to the video with text and sometimes even images to create an online comic book-like experience for their viewers. There are many YouTube creators out there who make a living solely off of producing funny, informative, and occasionally even inspirational videos.

5. Monetizing a travel blog

If you’ve got a travel blog, like, you can use the site to write about your adventures and create a sense of community with your readers. You can also use the site to look for professional opportunities, such as mentoring students or contributing to the Worldwide Patient Movement. If you want to make money from a travel blog, the best strategy is to find a way to generate more traffic and make more money in some way.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about monetizing a blog. It’s not necessary to dedicate your entire existence to making money off a blog—you can enjoy the freedom to do what you love while you help to support yourself and your family. The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what route you choose to take, you’ll need to figure out a way to make money from a blog. It’s unlikely that any one source of income will satisfy you, so you should explore as many opportunities as possible.