How to Make Money Online for Free in Malaysia

It is well-established that a successful affiliate marketing strategy always includes a combination of quality content and product diversification to ensure that you are capturing the attention of as many possible customers as possible. However, ensuring that you are creating content that is compelling and interesting to read is an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why so many content creators choose to forego profits in order to maintain quality.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which you can make money online without having to sacrifice quality. As an entrepreneur who is passionate about offering support to content creators, I felt that it was my duty to detail the top ways in which you can make money online in Malaysia in 2018.

The Best Free Blogging Platform

Before we begin, I would like to stress that none of these suggestions are meant to completely replace your income from your paid jobs or sidehustles. These are simply ways in which you can make extra cash flow without having to compromise on the content that you are producing. So, before you begin to get discouraged, keep in mind that there are still opportunities to make money online even if you aren’t making any money from active blogging yet.

Inevitably, when you are looking for ways to make money online, you will be bombarded with advertisements and offers from digital marketers who want to get you to subscribe to their mailing lists for the latest strategies and tactics. While there is no doubt that digital marketers are some of the most competent and successful people in the world, this is not always the case. A significant number of these mailing lists are filled with pitches for penny-pinching, badly designed blogs that offer little to no value.

To avoid wasting your time with poorly designed blogs that aren’t providing any value, it’s imperative that you are paying attention to details such as the following:

Free Blogging Platform: The Basics

First off, let’s establish the basics: what is a free blogging platform, and what does it mean in practice? Let’s take the platform WordPress for example. You may be familiar withWordpress, as it is one of the most popular content management systems in use today. It is a free blogging platform that is open source, which means that its source code is available for anyone to review and improve. It also uses a combination of a LAMP stack (Linux, AngularJS, MySQL, and PHP) and the Composer autoloading system to provide a fast and stable platform for online publishing. Finally, as it is a popular platform, it has a vibrant developer community that contributes significantly to its functionality.

The Downsides Of Free Blogging Platforms

Despite all of the benefits that a free blogging platform can offer, it also has some significant drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

Limited Design Choices

The great thing about a free blogging platform is that it gives you complete control over the design of your website (or blog). This means that you can use any HTML5 theme or bootstrap template that you desire, as well as incorporate any plugins or code that you need without having to worry about limitations imposed by a content delivery network (CDN) or web host.

On the downside, this also means that the templates and designs that are available for free are somewhat limited. For example, if you are looking for a bespoke design that is not included in the set of default designs, you will either need to find the resources to purchase a license or pay-per-use for a design that you then have to implement yourself. This can be a significant undertaking, which is why so many bloggers choose to forego profits in order to maintain quality.

Hosting Dependency

Another downside to a free blogging platform is that if you are not independently funded and/or self-sufficient, you will need to depend on your host to provide the hardware that you need in order to run your website or blog. More importantly, if your host goes down for whatever reason, you will either need to find another host that is capable of handling the load that you are generating, or you will be forced to discontinue your operations. Because of this, quality hosts that offer the features that you need and are stable are extremely important, as you are relying on them for your success online. So, make sure that you are choosing a host that is capable of providing the kind of service that you need and will be stable enough that you can depend on it.

Brutal Copy On The Blogs

One of the more prominent issues that you are going to encounter if you are relying on a free blogging platform is that a significant majority of the content that is available for free to use doesn’t have any value at all. This is because the people who are providing the content for free don’t want to invest in creating high-quality content that is likely to be valuable. Instead, they want to provide content that is quick, easy to understand, and engaging enough to keep the readers interested.

So, if you are looking for value and want to make sure that you are investing in high-quality content that has value, these free blogging platforms are not for you. On the contrary, if you are looking for easy money and want to pump out content that serves only to make money, these platforms are going to eat into your profits significantly. You deserve better than that, so make sure that you are choosing a platform with integrity and professionalism.


Hopefully, the above information was helpful. If you’re interested in online marketing, make sure to keep this in mind when choosing a blogging platform. Also, make sure to avoid the free platforms at all costs, as they lack value and are likely to eat into your profits. Instead, choose a cheap but stable hosting service that is fully supported by the developers who maintain and upgrade it. Last but not least, make sure to invest in quality content that will be valuable to your audience. For more information on how to make money online in Malaysia, read on.