How to Make Money Reading Nigerian News Online?

Nigerian news is one of the most popular topics on social media platforms, and for good reason – it’s pretty cool to watch a country that’s been dubbed ‘the Saudi Arabia of Africa’ churn out world-class journalists who churn out incredible content day in and day out. But if you want to be able to make money from reading Nigerian news online, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to teach you how to do just that.

Turn Income Into Assets

The first and perhaps most important rule to making money from reading Nigerian news is to find a way to spin the content you read into an income-generating asset. Now, this could simply mean taking screenshots of notable articles and re-posting them on social media. But, if you want to be able to do more than just republish the content, then you need to find a way to monetize it. This could mean getting a few clicks on sponsored posts, doing some social media shoutouts to earn a few pennies, or even setting up a simple affiliate marketing scheme to earn a commission from any sales on clicks.

Find Your Niche

Once you’ve got your income-generating asset, the next step is to find your niche. When it comes to making money from reading Nigerian news online, the general consensus is that finding a niche is more profitable than broad-spectrum blogging. This is because there are so many competitors out there trying to emulate the success of Nigerian media empires – the key is to find a way to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to become the go-to source for your niche. For example, if you are a finance news junkie who is also fluent in Spanish, you could start your own Spanish-language blog – although, you should probably speak to an expert to see if this is even a viable strategy. Or if you want to get into podcasting, you could try and become the best source of information on Apple Podcasts or Spotify – assuming you can keep up with the production values of a top-notch podcast.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If none of the above seem like a profitable venture, then you could look to affiliate marketing as a way to make money from reading Nigerian news online. Simply put, affiliate marketing is when a business rewards you for someone using a product or service – and there’s a vast array of affiliate products and services out there, all of which you could potentially promote to make money.

The most popular and simple way to do affiliate marketing is to use a tool like ShareASale to gather affiliate products that you can promote on your blog. Simply sign up, create a free account, and get to work. Most important, make sure that you only promote quality products that you know are worth promoting – the more you promote, the more you lose out on potential earnings.

Monetize Your Blog

If none of the above seem like viable revenue streams, then you could set up a completely new blog and start afresh. But if you’ve already got a blog, then you can look to monetizing it. The simplest and most popular way to do this is to set up a Patreon account and start charging people to read your content. If you’ve got a sizable audience, then you can look to sponsorships and affiliate marketing to make serious cash. And if none of these seem like viable solutions, then you can always go the cheap route and just put ads on your site.

In short, there are many ways to make money from reading Nigerian news online. It’s simply a case of finding the one that suits your skills and interests best. And remember, the more you put in, the more you’ll get back. Good luck out there.