How to Make Money Online as a Sex Worker

In 2018, there were 222.9 million American adults aged 18 years and above online.

Among them, 11.2 million were sex workers. It’s estimated that as many as 420,000 people practice sex work in the US alone. Globally, the number of adults who engage in sexual work is 35.7 million. And in 2018, there were 22.3 million online sex workers globally. (

This is a substantial audience for any advertiser. However, having a massive audience can be very challenging to monetize effectively. That’s because most online advertising businesses function under the assumption that people are going to click on ads to make money. However, this isn’t necessarily true. People use the internet for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, they click on ads to take a quick break from working or studying. Or, they may be searching for information about a particular product and end up on an ad-heavy blog post.

Regardless of the case, the average person isn’t going to click on an ad to make money. Especially if they’re not particularly interested in what the advertiser is offering. Meaning, if your ad focuses on weight loss, but you’re a sex worker, you’re not going to get very many clicks.

Create A Blog

Blogs are a great way to make money online. They’re relatively easy to set up, and once you have one, you can start making money from a variety of sources. Like online affiliates, you can set up monetized blogs for all sorts of products. From fashion to food, travel, and health-related topics.

If you’re looking to make money from a blog, start by creating a list of the topics you’re most passionate about. Topics that you’ve blogged about in the past and feel confident enough to write about again. Once you have a short list, it’s time to start gathering content. (Whether you write the blogs yourself, or hire freelance writers.)

To build a following, you’ll need to write high-quality and engaging content. But you’ll also need to generate enough interest in your blog to attract potential advertisers. Luckily, there are a variety of tactics you can use to build up to 50,000 monthly readers on a personal blog.

Monetize With Affiliate Marketing

One of the oldest and most proven ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. Basically, you’ll join an affiliate program for a specific product, and when someone buys a product via your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission. (Usually, you’ll get a small commission, or anywhere from 10% to 20% of the sale.)

You’ll want to pick a niche affiliate market where there’s a lot of demand for your products. Once you have your product, you’ll want to look for affiliate programs in your chosen niche. (Sometimes, there are standalone affiliate programs that you can join. Or, you can create a niche website and use that as your vehicle for earning online.)

When choosing affiliate programs, make sure to analyze the structure of the program to see if it’s right for your needs. (Usually, you’ll need to have a certain number of sales to qualify for a commission.)

Monetize With Paid Surveys

One of the newer methods to make money online is through paid surveys. You’ll get paid for taking online surveys that sometimes require just a few minutes to complete. (You’ll need to register with a survey website to take surveys, and you’ll need to make sure you qualify for the survey.)

From time to time, you’ll also get invited to complete webinars where you’ll get paid to listen to webinars. Or, you can earn money through a YouTube channel where you talk about products related to your niche.

This type of income usually comes with the requirement that you have at least 500 views per week. If you can meet this threshold, you’ll be able to make a decent amount of money with your YouTube channel.

If none of these options seem like a fit, then maybe try exploring the option of being a direct marketer. Or, if you’re looking for an entrepreneurial spirit, you can start your own business and sell your own products online. (Of course, you’ll need to learn how to market and sales. But it’s a legitimate way to make money.)

Try Startups

If none of these options seem like a fit, then maybe try exploring the option of being a partner or investor in a startup. There are hundreds of thousands of startups looking for funding. So, it’s a fairly easy option to get involved in. (You’ll need to do your research and make sure the business is legitimate, before committing to anything.)

If you’re a tech-savvy individual, you can even start your own startup. (Think of all the different ways you can use technology to your advantage.) Whether you’re looking to start a blog, or even a magazine, there’s always room for innovation when it comes to content.

Choose Your Own Route

At the end of the day, none of these options are wrong. You can still make money online if none of these methods seem like a fit. (You can even combine different methods to suit your needs. Like getting paid to take surveys and have a blog all wrapped up into one.)

However, if you find that none of these options seem like a fit, then it may be a sign that you’re in the right place at the right time. Maybe try exploring the option of becoming an influencer or being a brand ambassador. Or, if you’re not interested in talking about a specific product, then try exploring the option of becoming a content creator for hire. (There are plenty of opportunities to make money online without ever leaving your desk. So, if you’re serious about making money online, you should have no problem finding a way to do so. Of course, you may need to try a few different methods before hitting upon the right one. But that’s always the case when you’re looking for ways to make money online. Good luck!