How to Make Money Online Side Hustle?

You are reading this article because you are looking for ways to make extra money online. Maybe you are looking for ways to make some quick cash or are in need of some side income streams to finance your retirement. Whatever your reasons are, this article is for you. We are going to teach you the best ways to make money online side hustle. You will discover multiple ways to make money online side hustle including some that you may never have considered.

The Best Ways to Make Money Online Side Hustle

In case you are wondering, side hustle is a “low-risk, low-cost way of making extra cash. It requires very little investment and can be done from home. Essentially, a side hustler is someone who is trying to make money online while also maintaining their full-time job. The term originated from the American entrepreneurial class of the 1960s and it is still used today to refer to people who are finding ways to supplement their income streams while maintaining their traditional employment. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, as of April 2020, 8.3 million Americans were working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is nearly double what it was a year earlier. If you can fill in online surveys, take online tests, or do some research for companies, you can make some extra cash.

1. Sign up for a gig-working platform.

There are several platforms that you can sign up for to make money online side hustle. However, not all of them will give you the opportunities that you are looking for. To ensure that you are choosing the right platform for your needs, review the following checklist:

  • Features
  • User Interface
  • Security
  • Reporting
  • Payout
  • Flexibility
  • Join a Community
  • How to Make Money

After you have completed the checklist, make sure to follow up with the platform to learn more about the opportunities that they provide. You should also take the time to review the terms of service to ensure that you are aware of what you are agreeing to. Most importantly, make sure that you are aware of all the fees that you are going to have to pay to use the platform. The key documents that you will need to review include the terms of service, privacy policy, and terms of work. Every online gig-working platform is different, so make sure to review each one carefully before you make a commitment. Some platforms may require registration, while others may require you to be a member of an Amazon pool to participate. In case you are wanting to make a steady income stream, consider joining a gig-working platform that has an affiliate program. An affiliate program is an agreement between an online marketplace and a company that sells a product or service. When an individual clicks a product or service link and makes a purchase, the platform will share a small portion of the sale with the person who referred the transaction. The more you contribute, the more you will make.

2. Start an online store.

If you are wanting to make money online side hustle, you can start an online store. An online store is a platform where you can sell your products to individuals. You can start up an online store with a simple drag and drop interface in less than five minutes. Once you have started an online store, you can add products that you think will sell well and make extra cash. You are not required to use your own products to make money online side hustle, but rather you can use affiliate links to promote any product or service.

3. Start an online survey site.

Online survey sites such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Ipsos iSay, and Vindale Research are just a few of the many survey sites out there. You can make money online side hustle by taking online surveys or participating in phone surveys. Many of these survey sites will even pay you to take surveys, so it is a good opportunity to make a few extra bucks while you are busy relaxing at home. What is more, you do not necessarily have to have a computer to take surveys. You can download a survey app to your smartphone and take surveys wherever you go. Many survey sites allow you to get paid to read magazines, search the internet, watch videos, or take calls from customers.

Doing online surveys for money is a good way to make side money. However, keep in mind that this is a very passive way to make money online. You are simply filling in online surveys and waiting for money to come in. It can be a little slow, but it is better than nothing. Plus, you get to use the information that you collect for future reference. Your demographic information and market insights are valuable information that you can use to learn more about your customers.

4. Start an online testing platform.

Online testing platforms such as Survey Junkie, OneOpinion, Ipsos iSay, and vTEST let individuals take online surveys and earn some extra cash while they are doing it. You can take online tests for products and services that you are interested in and get paid to do so. All you need to do is register and then take the test. From time to time, you will be rewarded for taking part in these online surveys with gift cards or cash. You are not necessarily required to take online tests to make money online side hustle, but it is a good way to make a little extra cash while also completing some of your daily tasks. If you know how to take proper care of your tests (i.e. answer the questions correctly and submit them on time), you will have extra opportunities to make money online side hustle.

5. Start an online tutoring platform.

If you are an experienced tutor and can help individuals learn how to read, you can start an online tutoring platform. With this type of business, you will need to establish yourself as an expert in the field and then teach others via online lessons. You can use platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Teams to establish yourself as an online tutor and then give online lessons to individuals located all over the world. Many tutoring platforms will even connect you with potential students who are located nearby so that you can teach them online via a webcam.

Tutoring is a niche that still has a lot of demand and many people are willing to pay for the help. However, keep in mind that establishing a tutoring business typically takes a lot of time and you will need to dedicate a lot of your personal resources to the venture. Therefore, if you are looking for a side hustle that can be done in the evenings or on weekends, consider tutoring.

6. Start a blog.

Blogs are a great way to make money online side hustle. You can take your pick from several different niches, such as lifestyle, health, food, and fitness, and then apply your expertise and passion for writing to create a blog. When somebody clicks on a blog post and makes a purchase, you will earn a small commission. The more you write, the more you will earn. It is a win-win for both you and the potential customer. To start a blog, you will need to have a reliable source of income, a reliable computer or mobile device and a place to write. You can also use a free platform, like WordPress or Blogger, to get started.

7. Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube creators can make a lot of money online. Whether you are creating videos to answer questions, provide tips, or teach people something new, you can create compelling content that will engage viewers and then monetize the channel. Most YouTube channels will have a specific niche, like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, comedy, or gaming. If you can become the go-to source for information within your niche, you can build a following and then integrate Google Ads, affiliate marketing, or even merchandise sales in the future.

8. Start an online course marketplace.

An online course marketplace is where you can buy and sell courses that you have created. You can use your online course to teach people everything from how to play guitar to how to bake a cake. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your field, you can create courses on a variety of subjects and then make money from the fees that you charge for the courses.

Doing any of the above can help you make money online side hustle. Not only can you make some extra cash, but you can also use the income to fund your retirement. So, if you are looking for ways to make money online, consider exploring the above opportunities. Good luck out there.