How to Make Money Online Without Paying Out

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online, you’ve probably considered trying your hand at YouTube videos. After all, the platform pays its content creators fairly high fees per month, and with that comes the potential to earn a decent chunk of change if you can grow your audience. But while YouTube is a great place to build a following and make some extra cash, it’s not exactly a place you want to put all of your eggs in one basket. The platform is still relatively new, and thus, still figuring out its quirks. Meaning, if you do decide to take the plunge and launch a channel, you’ll probably be learning curve along with YouTube as it grows and changes to keep up with its ever-increasing number of users.

Fortunately, there are other money-making platforms cropping up every day that just might be more suitable for your digital entrepreneurial endeavors. For example, Shopify has recently released a tool that lets users build a store within a matter of minutes. Not only that, but the platform collects and pays out to Shopify merchants daily. So if you’ve got a creative eye and a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, you might want to consider giving it a try. Keep reading if this sounds good but don’t forget about YouTube because it still remains the biggest platform to build an audience on.

Why YouTube Is Still The King Of Online Video

First off, let’s not forget about the fact that YouTube was the first video-sharing platform to really take off and establish itself as the clear premiere destination for all things digital video. Back in 2006, a couple of computer science students from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University launched a website called to show off all of the cool stuff they could find on their school’s campus. And from there, the platform truly exploded in popularity, with billions of video views per day.

As a result, YouTube now has more than a billion active monthly users, generating billions of views per day. So for any business or individual looking to take a stab at online video, YouTube is the absolute place to be.

Additionally, YouTube creators can also make money from ads on their videos. So if you’ve got a sizable audience, you can potentially earn some cash from ads on your videos’ pages. Whether you choose to monetize your content or not is totally up to you, but it’s an easy way to make some extra cash.

YouTube’s Biggest Challenge

Despite all of YouTube’s success, the platform faces some major challenges that could seriously damage its growth in the coming years if not addressed and resolved. First off, children using the service are now teenagers, and this means that an increasing amount of content on the platform is geared toward a younger audience. This presents a number of issues, the biggest one being child safety.

With the introduction of advanced security features such as age verification and content moderation, YouTube has tried to provide a safe environment for its users. But sometimes, you just can’t protect children from themselves. This is why YouTube creators and producers need to be mindful of what content their audience is consuming and expose their children to only those videos they deem safe and suitable. Because if you allow your kids to see inappropriate content, then that’s exactly what they’ll grow up thinking is acceptable.

Another major issue that YouTube has to deal with is copyright infringement. Just like when you visit a website that breaks the rules and payshiots that follow suit risk being banned across the entire platform, so too do users who deliberately copy and paste a snippet of text or music from another source and try to pass it off as their own.

These are just a few of the major challenges that YouTube currently faces, but with millions of active users and no signs of YouTube slowing down, it’s obvious that creators and executives at the platform are working hard to ensure its future growth and development. After all, nobody wants to see a service they love disappear.

Shopify: Online Stores Built On The Blockchain

Now, if you’re looking for an easy way to make money online and don’t want to deal with all the hassles of launching your own YouTube channel, then consider trying out Shopify. Not only does this platform offer an excellent alternative to YouTube, but it also gives you the freedom to establish your own rules and monetize your content however you see fit.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t exactly expecting much when I first heard about Shopify. After all, I’ve been following the company for a while now and considered it nothing more than a well-known e-commerce site whose market cap topped out a couple of years ago. So when I learned that Shopify was launching its own online store-building tool, I wasn’t exactly sure how useful it would be.

Boy, was I wrong. Not only does Shopify’s new tool offer some fantastic new ways to establish an online business, but it also provides users with a quick and easy way to build a store they can use to sell their goods and services. As the name would suggest, Shopify’s Online Store Designer lets users build a store entirely from scratch using the blockchain, the digital currency that powers Bitcoin.

By using the blockchain for storing product information and transactions, Shopify protects users from tampering and ensures the security of their personal information. Additionally, since the platform is backed by multiple banks, customers can feel secure in providing their credit card details.

And just like that, you have a functioning e-commerce store you can use to sell your own goods or those of a small business owner you’ve recruited to sell on your behalf.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to make money online without all of the hassles of establishing your own YouTube channel, then Shopify is definitely worth a look. Not only does the platform offer several ways to make money, but it also provides you with the tools to build a successful and thriving business you can use to its fullest.

Blogging for Businesses

So you want to start a business in the content creation industry and figured writing and publishing articles for blogs would be the way to go. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Blogging for Businesses is one of the largest and most popular hubs for business blogs, offering a variety of themes and plugins that make establishing your very own blog a breeze.

Creating and managing a business blog takes a bit more work, but there are plenty of rewards if you do it well. Chief among them is the fact that you can put yourself in front of a potential audience of millions of people, many of whom may be interested in your product or service.

You can use your blog to establish your expertise in your industry and add value to your company by providing information and tips on how to run a successful business. And if you can prove to people that you’re an expert, they may come back to your site time and time again to read your fresh content.

It’s not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you want to make money online, starting a business that provides value is the way to go. It may not be as easy as becoming a YouTube creator, but it’s sure a whole lot more fun.