How to Make Money Quickly in GTA Online Solo

Solo gameplay in GTA Online is a different beast altogether. For starters, unlike traditional GTA gameplay where you’d join a gang to commit crimes and rack up rep, in the online world you’re on your own. You have no gang to lead. You have no cops to protect you. You have no one to rely on but yourself.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck in GTA Online or just want to try out the game for fun, this probably isn’t the best route to take. However, if you want to make some extra cash without committing any crimes, here are some quick ways to make money in GTA Online.

Offer Your Technical Consulting Services To Other Players

One of the best things you can possibly do for yourself on the online chessboard is to offer your technical consulting services to other players. In other words, instead of just messing with the game on your own, you can utilize your technical know-how to help guide other players so they make better moves. Believe it or not, this can actually be quite the lucrative venture. For starters, you can charge anywhere from $500 to $600 per hour. Plus, you can use this money to purchase equipment that will increase your chances of winning. Finally, you can charge other players to employ your technical services. In other words, you can become a boss rather than just a guy who provides a service.

Set Up Camp And Offer To Store Goods For Players

Another great way to make a quick buck in GTA Online is to establish a camp and offer to store goods (cars, bikes, statues, planes, etc.) for players. Essentially, you’ll be working for a player’s camp and storing their goods while they’re distracted by other things. However, this is a really lucrative venture, too. You can store just about anything for players and make a good chunk of change every month. Plus, you can purchase storage containers from the get-go to save on space. Finally, you can camp near a highway or railroad and use your stored goods to transport raw materials to the players themselves.

Sell Drugs And Guns In The Underworld

Speaking of raw materials, another fantastic way to make quick money in GTA Online is to sell drugs and guns to other players. And I’m not talking about running a drug cartel or becoming a professional drug dealer. I’m talking about selling small quantities of drugs and guns to other players in exchange for money. For example, if you see a player is low on cash, you can sell them some pot in exchange for money or items. And if they’re short on items, you can sell them some guns in exchange for money or items.

This is one of the simplest ways to make money in GTA Online and also one of the most straightforward. However, given your own personal safety, it’s probably best to avoid this option. Finally, remember that as with any quick money-making venture in GTA Online, this is mainly a temporary solution. You’re better off building up your savings and investing in a business or just stealing money.

Monetise Your Social Media Accounts

If you’re on social media, you’re probably aware that you can make money from your account. All you need to do is promote brands, products, and services that you believe in using real social media accounts. However, this is actually a fairly easy way to earn quick cash. You’ll just need to spend a few hours a day promoting different accounts. Once you’ve got a few hundred dollars a month, you can purchase equipment to increase your chances of winning and also to protect you from roving gangs.

Sell Your Body For Cocktails

Although prostitution is technically legal in Canada, it isn’t something that’s openly talked about in polite company. However, that should change. In GTA Online, you can actually buy drinks and snacks from female players and make a decent chunk of change. You don’t need to be a john. You just need to be friendly and engaging. Basically, create a persona that will make the females want to indulge you. Maybe you’re a stranded traveler who needs a place to stay. Or maybe you’re just a regular guy who happens to be good-looking. Either way, create a persona that will make the females want to sell their bodies to you.

Use Your Smart Phone To Track Down Car Keys

If you’ve ever played the iPhone and iPad edition of Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, you’ll know how invaluable a skill it is to be able to track down as many car keys as possible. In the same way, in GTA Online you can purchase a tracking device from the get-go and utilize it to its fullest. Simply enter the vehicle’s license plate number into the search bar on your smartphone and hit enter. Voilà, instant results.

This is one of the best ways to make tons of money in GTA Online without risking your personal safety. Just be sure to tread lightly. These cars and trucks aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill vehicles. They’re more valuable than you’d believe. Especially since there’s no evidence that any of them have been stolen. So, in other words, don’t dick around with these keys. You’ll most likely end up in hot water if you do. Instead, get a locksmith to make duplicates and save the originals for important situations.

Use Your Smart Phone To Check Up On Potential Employees

Another great way to make quick money in GTA Online is to utilize your smartphone’s search bar to check up on potential employees. Simply enter the name of a candidate and hit enter. Your phone will then search for that person within the app’s database. You can actually browse through the results and read all about the candidate. This is especially useful for those in-demand jobs such as truck driving and landscaping. You can also use this to your advantage if you’re looking to fill a position at a business that produces goods for the outdoor sporting market. Simply browse through the candidates and choose the one who seems to possess the best qualifications. Then, you can apply online or over the phone. Good luck!

Freelance Thefts

Nowadays, with the internet making information easily accessible, it’s easier for people to find out what you’ve done. If someone steals your car in the city, there’s a good chance they’ll register it with the police. However, in the country it’s a different story. It’s often times easier for the law to look the other way. This makes freelancing a great way to make quick cash. You don’t have to run around stealing cars in the country. Just go for land searches and fence climbs. Be careful about what you steal and try to find something more worthwhile. However, this is likely to be a short-lived endeavor. The police are generally more active in the country than they are in the city. So, it’s best to avoid this option if you’re looking to avoid the law.

Use An Undercover Identity To Access Bank Accounts

If you’ve ever watched The Godfather, you’ll know how important it is to keep your identity a secret when conducting business. Fortunately, with today’s technology, it’s easier to maintain an undercover identity than ever before. All you need is a Gmail account with a fake name and some fake identification. Once you’ve got that, you can open up a Gmail account in your name and utilize it to its fullest. Then, when you log in to your real Gmail account, you’ll see all your new communications from the fake one. So, essentially, you’ll be running two identities. This is great for keeping your criminal record clean and also for maintaining your privacy. Finally, if you want to keep things quick and easy, you can use an app called ProtonMail to send and receive encrypted emails.

Surfing The Net For Cash

If you’ve ever watched the movie Hackers, you’ll know that one of the main characters made a living by hacking into computer systems for money. In the same way, in GTA Online you can surf the web for cash. However, instead of breaking into computers to steal credit card data, you’ll be mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to participate in this option. Simply go to the web and search for Bitcoin addresses (a unique string of letters and numbers that identify each cryptocurrency). Then, you can enter those addresses into your web browser’s search bar and click enter. Boom, instant results. As with any quick moneymaking scheme, it’s highly recommended that you don’t rely on this option entirely. However, if you’ve got the time, it’s a simple way to earn a few bucks.