How to Make Money Selling Art Online

If you’re looking to make some money from home, consider becoming a virtual sales assistant, or VA for short.

VAs work remotely, answering phone calls and scheduling tasks for customers. They usually take on a few projects at a time and work remotely frequently, which makes them flexible with their hours. Since most customers are located across the country or around the world, VAs make for ideal employees to have on hand to help with client services and deliveries.

Selling art online is a popular way to make extra cash. While Etsy is the most popular online marketplace for art buyers, Amazon has a marketplace for artists as well. An artist can set up an account on these services and start promoting their work. Typically, you’ll need to build up a small portfolio of pieces before you can start selling, but once you do, you can use the online marketplaces to sell your artwork to customers around the world.

The Appeal Of Online Markets

One of the biggest draws of online markets is the variety of products on offer. If you’ve been seeking a way to diversify your income sources, consider going digital and taking your pick from a huge range of products, many of which can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

VAs can easily do this and more by taking on multiple projects at a time while also using their flexibility and global reach to take on new customers and build a following.

The Downside

There’s also the downside to consider. While VAs have the flexibility to work remotely and are ideal for people seeking part-time work, they also need a computer, a phone, and high-speed internet to do their jobs. Since not everyone has these readily available, it’s a luxury to be able to choose work-at-home rather than having to settle for a 9-5 job.

Still, A Valuable Service, Especially For Artists

Even for artists who don’t necessarily need the extra cash, VAs provide an invaluable service. By taking on multiple projects, they are able to continuously grow their portfolio and offer their customers a varied selection of artwork, all of which is personally curated by the artist. In addition to making money, they are also providing a service to artists who might not otherwise have the opportunity to showcase their work in this manner.

Selling Art Online For Fun And Profit

These online markets have become so popular that there are even art markets specifically designed for online selling. These platforms streamline the sales process and make it simple for artists to connect with customers who want their work.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, there are many ways to find a job online without a qualification. While some might prefer to stay in the traditional job market and look for a 9-5 position, others might find it more appealing to go part-time or even full-time as a VA. Since not everyone needs or wants to be a full-time artist, this makes VAs a valuable option for many.