How to Make Money Selling DVDs Online – 6 Easy Steps to Success

Ever since the invention of the DVD, people have been envious of those who could make money from home by selling DVDs online. Now that the DVD market is on the decline, with more people watching TV online, the opportunity for online DVD sellers is even more appealing.

There are several ways to make money from home with DVD sales, but one of the simplest is to set up an online store to sell and share preview copies of movies and TV shows. The video is attached below.

Create A Profitable DVD Company

To start a DVD company, you will need a few thousand dollars in the bank to purchase DVDs to sell, along with the equipment to burn them (a burner is approximately $200). You will also need a website hosting account to create an online store. The cost of this is approximately $5 per month. You will want to get a simple shared hosting account, which is what this article will discuss.

Once you have your equipment and website, it’s time to move on to Step 2.

Find The Movies And TV Shows To Sell

In order to make a profit from DVD sales, you will need to find movies and TV shows that are already available to buy. The best way to do this is to check online marketplaces, auction websites, and social media for clues about what is going to be released soon.

If you can find a movie or TV show that has already been released, you can use online marketplaces such as Google Play or Vudu to sell it for cheap. The difference is that with these online marketplaces, you don’t need to find your own customers. All you need to do is find the product that has been uploaded by someone else and advertise it for sale.

Build An Email List

The next step in starting a DVD company is to create an email list. You can do this in a few ways, but the simplest is to use a free tool like Mailchimp to collect email addresses. Once you have your email list, it’s time to move on to Step 3.

Find A Way To Ship Your Goods.

One of the biggest expenses associated with starting a DVD company is shipping DVDs to customers. To reduce the cost of shipping, you can either drop-ship (a store will drop-ship your goods to your customers) or you can have the DVDs delivered (typically more expensive but more convenient for your customers).

Sell Your Goods At Trade Shows And Conventions.

Once you have your equipment and website, it’s time to begin looking for venues where you can sell your goods. One of the best places to sell DVDs is at film festivals and conventions. At these places, you can set up tables with chairs and give people a place to sit while they peruse your product. You can also display merchandise on the table for those who want to buy it. In addition, you can give out free T-shirts and stickers to encourage people to come back and visit your website.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to make money from home, you can start a DVD company by following the steps discussed above. In addition to selling DVDs, you can use your website to host trailers for upcoming movies and TV shows. You can even sell your own homemade movies and TV shows on Vimeo or Facebook if you have a membership there.