How to Make Money With a Camera – Online or Otherwise

The demand for high-quality content creators is on the rise, and whether you’re an Instagram star or a YouTube creator, there’s a way you can make money from your videos.

Here’s how.


With over a billion users, it’s no wonder why Instagram is such a lucrative platform. Not only can you showcase your talents to the world, but you can also connect with potential clients and grow your audience.

If you’re a creative person who happens to be skilled at taking photos, you can make money off your creative passions by becoming a professional photographer and earning commissions for portraits and event photos.

The best part? There’s no formal education or training required. As long as you have a camera and a steady hand, you can start making money today. If that sounds good, check out IGJobs & Craigslist for opportunities.

Polaroid Pocket Photo Printer

You’re never going to stop loving your photos, are you? That’s why I’m always telling you to keep taking them. No matter where you travel or who you meet, someone will have something interesting to say and pictures to show you. Keep taking pictures, and don’t forget about those little black boxes either.

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned Polaroid photo. The brand still produces instant print films, but also now offers a small photo printer that plugs into your smartphone. If you’ve got an Instagram account, you can already access your pictures and tap into the nostalgia factor by re-uploading your old Polaroids.

This is one way you can make extra cash. Not only do you get paid to take photos, but you can also make money off other people’s pictures. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just download the app, follow the instructions and start making money.


YouTube creators can make a lot of money. Just look at James Charles and his eco-friendly skincare tutorials. Or, how about those beauty vloggers who film themselves taking a poop? Some of them are even profitable, thanks to their unique audience and high production values.

If none of that seems like a fit, how about a fashion vlogger who documents her travels around the world and the fashion trends she sees? Or, maybe a fashion stylist who shows you how she works her magic on people’s outfits? There are tons of YouTube gigs you can do, and many of them are lucrative. Just make sure you keep creating value.

The platform is constantly expanding, so you can still find unlisted opportunities if you keep an eye out.

Creating & Publishing Books

If none of the above seems like a fit, perhaps you can write a book about your travels or fashion adventures. Not only can you share your knowledge with the world, but you can also make money off the book sales. Just remember that books require a lot of work, so be prepared to put in the time.


Blogs are quite popular these days, and with good reason. If you’re someone who regularly creates content for your own blog, why not try and make some money off the endeavor? You can take your pick from the many lucrative blogging opportunities that exist. From affiliate marketing and content creation for brands to product reviews and influencer marketing, there’s a lot you can do. Just make sure that you put in the time to learn the ropes before you launch your blog. Launching a blog can be a profitable venture, but it takes time to see how much money you’ll make off of it. Patience is key.

Create Beautiful Scenery For Brands & Celebrities

Brands and celebrities often look to creative individuals to help them tell their stories, and quite often those individuals are paid to do so. If you’re a talented artist who can paint landscapes that will make your customers feel like they’re traveling abroad, why not use your talent to help a brand sell their products?

There’s an art director at a branding agency named Grey who makes a living off commissioned artworks. If you’re interested, you can contact him via his website or Instagram. He might be able to offer you a job.

Whether you want to ink a celebrity or a famous person’s portrait, take a scenic photo shoot for a brand, or just want to make some extra cash, these platforms can help you make money online.