How to Make Quick Money Online No Scams

In today’s world, everyone is a potential entrepreneur. With the rise of the sharing economy, people are looking for ways to supplement their income and move away from relying solely on one corporate job for their living. When you have a niche skill – be it digital marketing, social media, or content creation – you can use that skill to your advantage to make quick money online. You’ll just have to be sure to avoid the scams. Here are some of the most promising and profitable opportunities in the modern world of work.

The Gig Economy

The global gig economy is a $157 billion industry. People are choosing to work on a one-off project, or as part of a team for a specific purpose, rather than committing to a regular job. There are several gig economy opportunities that you can explore, such as:

  • Web design/SEMrush – If you can design websites, you can get paid to create templates for others to use. You’ll need a good eye for design and an understanding of SEO (search engine optimisation) to be able to create templates that stand out from the crowd.
  • Social Media Management – If you can manage the content for various social media platforms, you can get paid to do so for clients. You’ll have to look at developing a strategy, building a base of engaged followers, and generating quality content to be able to succeed in this field.
  • Content Creation – If you can write compelling content that will keep readers engaged, you can make money online. You’ll need to look at developing a content strategy, pitching and writing compelling content, and building a following to be able to succeed in this field.
  • Copywriting – If you can write effective sales materials such as advertising copy, website content, and social media posts, you can get paid to do so. This is a traditional way of making money online that has proven itself over time.
  • Spelling and Grammar Check – If you’re good at finding spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, you can get paid to proofread work and ensure it is error-free. You’ll need to have a good command of English and be able to find errors in other people’s work. This is a great fit for someone who wants to make quick cash.
  • Online Shopping – If you’re good at finding discount codes and finding sales, you can get paid to research online shops and find the best bargains. You’ll need to have a good understanding of online shops, their pricing structures, and find out where and when the best sales are. This is a bit of an old-school way of making money online, but it’s still a way that people choose to make extra cash.
  • Online Polls – If you can get people to participate in online polls and answer questions, you can get paid to do so. Although this may seem like a random way to make money online, you can actually use marketing and polling techniques to gather valuable data that you can use to better serve your clients in the future.
  • Data Entry – Some companies contract out their data entry jobs to online survey companies and get paid to take online surveys. You’ll need to be fast and accurate to be able to make a decent amount of money from this method. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re not placing yourself in a compromising situation by participating in online surveys with your phone number or email address visible. You shouldn’t do this if you want to keep your personal information personal.
  • Virtual Assistant – If you can take care of administrative tasks for other businesses, you can get paid to do so. You’ll need to have a good attitude, be a bit of a nerd, and be willing to learn new things. You can also get paid to take orders for businesses that are still deciding what they want their website to look like. You can offer your services as a virtual assistant for as long as the work is there, and you can put in the hours as you please. This is a great option for those who want to make money online but don’t want to commit to a full-time position.
  • Research – If you’re interested in making money online, you should consider looking into doing some research. There are several ways that you can make cash from this research, including:
    • Finding discounted products – If you’re doing your own research, you can find discounted products that you can sell in your online store. Simply type in the words “discounted products” when you’re searching for your ideal digital nomad job along with the name of the product to find out where you can get the best deals.
    • Finding profitable niches – Once you have your own store, you can use that store to gain experience and build a brand for yourself. In the process you’ll be able to find profitable niches that you can monetise. For example, if you have a niche blog in the field of nutrition, you can use your blog to gain experience and learn about the nutrition industry. As you build your brand, you’ll be able to find lucrative side gigs such as online courses or webinars where you can teach others about nutrition. Just remember to avoid overselling. If you’re doing product research, try to find sources that are accredited or trustworthy.
    • Monetising Blogs & Websites – If you have a blog or website, you can use that to gain experience and build a brand for yourself. One of the simplest ways of making money online is simply by putting a monetised icon on your blog or website. When visitors arrive at your site, they’ll see a small “n” in the corner of the screen. When they click on this “n”, they’ll be taken to a page where they can choose to either leave a donation or sign up for a free trial.
    • Affiliate Marketing – If you can get someone to click a buy button that takes them to an affiliate sales page, where they’ll make a purchase after learning more about the product, you can get paid commission. You’ll need to build a following on social media to be able to promote products that others have bought. If someone clicks a buy button on your behalf but doesn’t make a purchase, you’ll still earn a commission. This is one of the simplest ways of making quick money online
    • Selling and Shipping Items – If you have a product that you want to sell, you can use platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay to list it for sale. When someone clicks the “buy” button, you’ll earn a small commission. If you decide to take the extra step and ship the product yourself, you’ll save the buyer the shipping fees.
    • Signing Up for a Scam – If you decide to join a scam to try and make quick money, you might want to reconsider. While there are certainly legitimate opportunities out there, there are also many criminals out there looking to take advantage of naïve individuals. If you get scammed, you’re probably not going to see your money for a very long time. Even then, it might not be possible to get your money back. Avoid these scams at all costs.
    • Rental Property – If you want to make quick money, you can get into the lucrative world of property rental. Look into Airbnb,, and other websites that connect travellers with accommodation. If you manage to establish yourself as a reputable and honest provider, you can charge higher rates than the competition. While this may seem like an unlikely route to take, a lot of money is changing hands under the table on Airbnb. When you’re advertising your availability to travel abroad, try to find a place that is both luxurious and far enough away that you’ll have a change of pace from your normal everyday routine.

    The Earned Income Tax Deduction

    The Earned Income Tax Deduction (EITD) allows individuals to deduct all or part of their earnings above the $12,200 cap that is subject to income tax. In order to qualify for this deduction, you must meet the following conditions: