How to Make Money From Your Inspiring Internet Memes

For years, we’ve been hearing about the meme economy; how social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok have created an entirely new form of digital currency. While the concept may seem a bit abstract, memes actually have a very concrete application in the form of online coupons and discounts. Thanks to companies like Red Ventures and SimpliSafe, you can now start earning money with your smartphone. All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt and submit it to be verified. Once verified, you can start using the app to its fullest and create a passive income stream. The following is a detailed guide to help you get started.

Invest In Cutting Edge Technology

The first step to creating a passive income stream with your smartphone is to invest in the right equipment. One of the best memes out there right now is the Rooster Teeth discount, so let’s use them as an example. If you click here, you’ll be taken to their website, where you can find the complete instructions on how to get a Rooster Teeth discount. From there, you’ll need to enter in your ZIP code and delivery address to see if the offer is still available. If so, you’ll need to make sure you order by Friday, October 18th at 11:59 pm PT to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Depending on your smartphone’s camera and processor, you may need to look into buying a standalone photo printer. If you don’t own a printer, you can always use an online service like Canva or Printful to create and send out your coupons. Another option is to use a service like SnapScan that provides a digital receipt that you can upload to your account. These standalone devices and online services are essential to the meme economy and can help you automate the verification process while providing a more streamlined experience for your customers. As technology continues to advance, we’ll see more and more companies trying to incorporate similar offerings, so keep your eyes open for any upcoming coupons or discounts that might be of interest to you.

Create And Brand Your Own Meme

The next step is to create and brand your own meme. Depending on how much time you have available, you may want to start with a simple image macro of your favorite TV show or movie and build from there. If you have a specific topic that you want to discuss in your meme, you can consult with the Meme Team for ideas. Once you’ve established a following on one of the platforms that you use, you can take advantage of the many marketing tools that the platform provides and push out your meme to the masses. You can also integrate your channel with services like Twitter’s Moment to make sure your meme gets spread as far and wide as possible. If you run a YouTube channel, you can take advantage of YouTube’s built-in audience to grow your channel and bring in revenue while providing value to your community.

Once you’ve created your meme, you’ll need to find the right social media platforms to spread it on. Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social media platforms, and with good reason: they provide a great combination of marketing oomph and interactive potential. If you want to find the most suitable platforms for your meme, you can use tools like ViralHeat to filter the applications that your target audience uses. For example, if you want to create a meme around the Rooster Teeth deal mentioned earlier, you can use the keyword ROOSTER TEETH to see a sampling of tweets that mention them. Alternatively, you can use Twitter’s search bar to look for specific keywords or hashtags and find the ideal platforms for your content. You can also use social media’s top social media influencers to help you find the right niche and gain credibility within that niche. For example, if you want to write about fashion, you can look up fashion influencers to see if they have any advice on how to become a fashion journalist or how to cover fashion events.

Reduce Costs As Much As Possible

One of the major costs that will come with running a successful meme business is the cost of goods. If you want to create a passive income stream, you’ll need to minimize your expenses as much as possible. One way to do this is to buy in bulk and, since you’ll most likely be using a shopping application on your smartphone, take advantage of its geolocation capabilities to your advantage. For example, if you’re in Canada and want to order some electronics from an American company, you’ll need to fly to the United States to do so. While you’re there, you can use Amazon’s Global Shipping program to have the items delivered to you in the country of your choice. If you choose to have items delivered to your home, you’ll need to remember to pick them up at the designated time and place. You can take advantage of services like ShippingPass to have your packages delivered monthly and forget about the hassles of shipping and receiving items individually. Another way to minimize your costs is to find a wholesale marketplace for the items that you need. If you’re looking for an iPhone screen, you can use companies like CutCo to find the best price and quality. Most online marketplaces have hidden costs that you’ll need to be aware of and consider before purchasing anything. At the end of the day, you’ll also need to calculate how much money you’re likely to make and how much you’ll need to spend to achieve that. Just remember to keep your costs low enough to break even while being profitable.

Find A Niche

Once you’ve established your brand and begun making money from your memes, you can begin to branch out into other areas of interest. If you want to write about fashion, you can become a stylist for high-end brands or shop for them and write up detailed reviews of the latest trends. If you’re looking to grow your channel, you can begin creating videos on a range of topics that you feel passionate about, from fashion to food to travel. Just remember to create content that will be of interest to your target audience and build a community around that content. If you can do this while providing value and engaging your audience, you’ll be able to establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche and attract more subscribers and potential sponsors.

Build A Reputation

While it’s great to have a lot of subscribers, it’s even better to have a good reputation among your subscribers. As we’ve established, running a successful meme business is relatively easy: you’ll just need to follow the steps laid out above and avoid any pitfalls. To begin with, make sure that your online persona is consistent with your brand: if you want to create a good impression, make sure that all your social media channels reflect the same high quality and professionalism of your website.

As you gain more subscribers and gain their trust, you’ll be able to promote your channel and grow your following. If you want to become a successful meme entrepreneur, simply follow the guidelines above and you’ll be on your way to creating viral content and turning a profit.