What Are Some of the Best Jobs in GTA 5 Online?

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Grand Theft Auto 5 is its online mode. In case you were wondering, the game is not entirely based on the fictional city of Los Angeles; they took inspiration from a variety of places, including the real city of San Francisco. Regardless, exploring the city and its various neighborhoods is a ton of fun and provides you with some great opportunities. Your first port of call should be the jobs tab in the game. Here you can see a complete list of all the jobs available and how to get them. If you complete the tasks given to you, you will earn experience points which you can use to level up. The more experience you have, the better your skills and the more effective your work will be. When you finish a mission, you get a small cash reward which can be used at certain stores or at certain hotels in the city. It is highly recommended you withdraw money from a bank before entering the game, otherwise, you will have a smaller chance of completing the job. Once you have done so, you can use the credit card to make purchases or cash withdrawals as needed.

Become a Pilot

As the name would suggest, becoming a pilot is one of the better-paying jobs in GTA 5 online. All you need is a drone, some decent flight skills, and the ability to navigate through crowds. The good news is that the drone simulator in the game is quite good, and it helps you practice your reactions, balance, and maneuvering skills just like a real drone would. One of the best parts about this job is that you get to see the skies of San Francisco from above. You will also be helping people by providing them with aerial footage of their properties, assessing damage after natural disasters, or monitoring construction sites. While you are not technically a lifeguard, you can apply your swimming skills to save people’s lives. The money and the prestige are certainly there for the taking if you are looking to enter the game as a pilot. You can find work in the game through an in-game advertiser called Franklin Works. You can start by reviewing their daily tasks which are fairly easy to complete and offer you a decent hourly rate. Alternatively, you can create your own advertiser in the game named after yourself which will allow you to take on clients and bid on jobs yourself. With a little bit of dedication, you can make a good living from this job as long as you stay in the game. However, it is also one of the more dangerous jobs, as you can fall from the sky at any time, causing you to die. Still, the thrill of being a pilot is what keeps draws people to this job in the game.


Undertaken by a detective agency, investigating is one of the first jobs you will be presented with in-game once you log on. Your task is to look into a number of crimes committed throughout the city. You will be analyzing evidence, searching for clues, and interrogating suspects. You will also be helping the police in various ways by providing them with information or acting as a witness. While it is a fairly low-paying job, the adrenaline rush of cracking a case and bringing down the bad guys is what makes it so attractive. In some cases, you will be presented with a choice of weapons to use in your investigation. These range from traditional detective work through to forensic analysis or the use of exotic martial arts.

If you like a challenge, you can try your hand at detecting and solving crimes for the Los Santos Police Department. The tasks are easy to complete and offer you decent cash rewards. However, you will be working closely with the Police Department and assisting them in their inquiries. This can lead to more dangerous situations. When you are on an investigation, you are not safe to attack, use spells, or flee the scene of the crime. The adrenaline of a challenging case is what makes this job so appealing. You will need to be smart about your choices and use your skill set to navigate the various situations you might find yourselves in. There is also the possibility you will be assaulted during an investigation, so you should know how to defend yourself.


In some ways, being a firefighter is similar to being a pilot in that you are helping others by serving as a rescuer. However, while a pilot helps people by delivering them safely to their destinations, a firefighter helps people by fighting the fires that occur in the city. The main difference is that while you are delivering people to safety as a pilot, you are putting out dangerous blazes as a firefighter. Still, as long as you avoid the wetness and stay above ground, you will be able to save lives. You will need to have a reliable source of water supply as well as reliable access to electrical power in case your vehicle gets flooded or there is a power outage. Just like with other jobs, you can choose the weapons you will need for the type of fire you are dealing with. For example, you might want to bring a breathing apparatus along with you if you are fighting a fire that is out of control and requires you to use your lungs as a filter. If you are dealing with a normal house fire, you would want to bring along your standard fire gear, including helmet, protective clothing, gloves, and boots. If you have the skills and the right equipment, you can make a decent living as a firefighter. However, the risks are extremely high and it is not recommended for the faint-hearted. If you enjoy putting your life on the line for others, this could be a good choice for you.


Keeping an eye on things is one of the primary responsibilities of a private detective. In order to do this, you will need to develop keen observation skills and an ability to remain calm under pressure. You will also be using cameras, recording devices, and various other pieces of surveillance equipment. The better your equipment, the more you can accomplish. Some of the more sophisticated pieces of equipment for sale in the game include microphones, binoculars, infrared cameras, motion sensors, laser pointers, and tasers. While some of these may seem like toys in the game, they are quite effective in certain situations. When using one of these toys, make sure your hands are where your mouse appears to be. Otherwise, you might find yourself plugged into your computer, viewing a recording of your every move online. This could lead to legal problems or even embarrassment. Still, the money is there if you know where to look for it. You can also create your own version of this job and use it to track down murderers and thieves. All you need is a webcam and a computer. Once you log on to the site, you will be presented with a number of cases. Some of these are quite easy to solve while others can be quite challenging. Most of these tasks can be handled remotely, leaving you free to do other work. The money is there for the taking, and the only risk you take is from being online through your computer, camera, or phone, which could lead to legal troubles or even identity theft.


Whether you want to protect a rich man, a famous person, or an important piece of property, hiring a bodyguard is a viable option. Your role will be to shield your charge from harm’s way, using your firearm to prevent any attacks or apprehend those who would do you harm. Some of the more modern facilities which hire bodyguards regularly include shopping malls, casinos, and even entire cities. The money in this case is certainly not a reference to the movie and TV series of the same name, and most clients are more than willing to pay handsomely for your protection. While it is quite an easy job to start with, the money does not come easily, and you will need to prove yourself through your ability to follow orders and undertake difficult tasks. The money is certainly good, but the risks are also very high, especially if you have to deal with armed opponents who want to do you harm. Still, the adrenaline of taking down a number of opponents, saving a rich man’s life, and getting paid handsomely for it is what makes this job so appealing.