How Kaelyn, Scammers Use a Baby’s Story to Make Money Online

Many parents put their all into giving their child a beautiful story, but sometimes that doesn’t pay off. Sometimes the most precious thing you have is the thing you can’t give away, and that’s what makes it so special. When your baby’s first steps are a daydream, and their first word is a scam, you know you’re facing a parenting struggle that perhaps no one can help you with. We’re going to tell you the story of Kaelyn, a mother who tried to do everything on her own and found redemption through fierce determination and a little bit of serendipity.

The Beginning

Kaelyn’s battle with parenting was different to most. At 21 years old, she already had three children under the age of four whom she’d raised on her own. After a serious bout of postpartum depression, she decided to try and improve her lot in life. She put her all into planning a wedding with her partner, Oliver, and began saving for a house to rent in advance. Oliver was also supportive of her decision to stand on her own two feet and became her man of honor.}

Everything was going wonderfully well for Kaelyn until just a few months before her wedding day. During that time, the couple’s savings began to dwindle and they were forced to dip into their wedding fund. This was a crushing blow to Kaelyn, who’d worked hard to save up for their big day. She felt that she was being tested by her husband, who she felt was putting her financial security before their marriage. Oliver denied this and told her that she was being over-protective, but things didn’t improve.

The Scammers

At this point, Kaelyn had been trying to fight her way to the top for almost a year and was determined to prove that she could be a capable mother and wife. She’d built up a business selling makeup and toiletry coupons, which she took advantage of by calling businesses and offering to send makeup samples to their customers. This took advantage of the vanity of people who’d never given much thought to how they looked, and it made her some extra cash. Unfortunately, this type of business tends to be highly competitive, and she began getting calls from scammers who promised to help her grow her business if she paid up before the end of the month. Deep down, she knew this was a scam, but she didn’t have the heart to tell the companies she called that she wasn’t going to pay them. She was a single mother trying to provide for her children and didn’t have the extra cash to waste on scams.

The Breakdown

It wasn’t long before she found herself in a huge financial hole. As her business began to take off, she became increasingly lured by the promise of quick money. She began taking on a lot of work without thinking through the consequences, and before she knew it, her business had spiraled out of control. She began receiving hundreds of calls per day, and had to scale back her workload to cope with her growing responsibilities. This inevitably lead to a breakdown in the form of postpartum depression, which she struggled to recover from. She couldn’t concentrate on anything, and her anxiety began to cause her physical discomfort. The stress of running a business while trying to manage three young children became too much to handle, and she was forced to seek help. She had to stop calling businesses and was forced to file bankruptcy. This had a domino effect on her entire family, destroying what little she had left. After two years, she began rebuilding her life.

The Redemption

Kaelyn’s story has a happy ending if you can call it that. She began working part-time to put herself through college, and after receiving her degree, she went on to establish a career in social media. Through this work, she discovered a side of herself that she never knew she had. When she began blogging, she found that she had a passion for writing and a way to connect with people that resonated with her readers. She decided to put her entrepreneurial spirit to good use, and after a little bit of trial and error, she launched a blog dedicated to helping new and expecting mothers find the best baby products and services for their needs. She started a YouTube channel with her daughter, Ella, where they review products and highlight coupons, and she began making money online. It wasn’t a huge amount of money, but it was enough to give her the confidence to fight her way back. A year later, she and her family were able to move out of their rental property and into a more permanent home.

Through all of this, she never gave up her entrepreneurial spirit. She still calls businesses and offers to sell them vouchers and samples, but she does so under the pretense that she’s researching a blog post or planning a YouTube video. In reality, she’s looking for the best prices and trying to save for her family’s future. While it’s great to see a mother’s effort pay off, it’s important to note that it wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t put in the legwork up front. Be smart, be skeptical, but don’t be afraid to believe in yourself. You’re a beautiful, competent woman who deserves to be here. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.