How to Make Money Online with Torrents

It’s very easy to make money online these days. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the willingness to learn a few online tricks. The following will teach you the basics of making money online from home, without any experience needed.

Create a Blog

If you’re really wanting to make money online, the best way to do so is by creating a blog. A blog will allow you to post articles pertaining to various topics, and allow you to earn money through affiliate marketing and sharing links. There are tons of blogging platforms out there, like,, and When choosing a blogging platform, make sure to look for one that is as easy to use as possible and allows for lots of customization. For example, if you’re a designer who wants to blog about fashion and style, you don’t want to use a that doesn’t allow for much design freedom.

Choose an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Now that you have a blog, you’ll want to choose an affiliate marketing strategy. There are several options to choose from. For example, you could try making money online through affiliate marketing for products such as laptops, shoes, and travel bags by Jet Ski. You would choose these products because they’re highly sought after and have high conversion rates. If you decide to go this route, try to avoid choosing web hosting service providers that require you to purchase a package in order to get started. Instead, look for a free blogging platform like or, which you can access through your Google account.

Set Up Your Blog For Free

If you’ve chosen to go the blogging route, the next step is to set up your blog for free. To do this, visit or and create a free account. You’ll then be able to set up your blog without paying a penny.

Decide What You’ll Write About

Decide what you’ll write about on your blog. You may want to start a fashion blog, for example, that focuses on the latest trends in men’s shoes, or a travel blog that focuses on exploring the best destinations for tourists. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it is something that you’re passionate about.

Find a Popular Niche

Once you’ve got your blog up and running, you’ll want to find a popular niche. If you decide to go the blogging route, you could try creating a men’s fashion blog, or a travel blog. Popular niches usually get a lot of traffic, and because they’re so popular, they’re usually fairly easy to monetize. Just remember that finding a popular niche doesn’t mean that you’ll become rich and famous. It just means that you’ll have an easier time monetizing your blog. Once you’ve found a niche, apply for Google Blogger’s affiliate program.

Get Posts Ready For The Web

Now that you have a blog with at least a few articles on it, you’ll want to get these articles ready for the web. To do this, visit or and create a new post. In the space below the post, you’ll see a button that says “Get HTML”. Click on this button, and you’ll see a code that you can copy and paste into your blog’s HTML.

This code will allow you to easily add affiliate links and advertisements to your posts. You can use a tool like Google Adsense to get started with affiliate marketing. Just remember that you’re responsible for finding your own adsense clients. Once you’ve got ads running on your blog, you’ll want to visit and enter your blog’s URL into the top text box. Then, click on the Advertiser dashboard to get started.

Build A Following

Once you’ve got Google Ads running on your blog, you’ll want to start building a following. To do this, simply visit or, and click on Followers. Next, you’ll see a blue button that says “Follow”. Click on this button, and you’ll start receiving traffic to your blog. Just remember that building a following takes time, so don’t expect to see massive results right away.

Start Making Money

Once you’ve got a decent number of followers, you’ll want to start making money off your blog. There are several ways to do this. For example, you could try selling and displaying ads, affiliate products, or sponsor content for prominent companies. You can use a tool like Google Adsense to get started with affiliate marketing. Just remember that you’re responsible for finding your own affiliates and customers. It’s also a good idea to look for affiliate programs that can help you make money even when you have zero experience.

Track Your Progress

Whether you’re blogging for fun or for profit, it’s a good idea to track your progress. This can be done by keeping a log of your income and expenses, following a few money-making tips, and eventually, using a tool like Google Analytics to see how your blog’s traffic evolved and how you performed over time.

Keep On Going

Once you’ve started making good money off your blog, you’ll want to keep going. Just remember that this is a very competitive industry, and you’ll want to continue honing your skills and building upon your reputation. Building a successful blog takes time, and it’s not easy money. However, if you continue to work at it and follow the tips and advice laid down in this article, you’ll soon find yourself able to quit your day job and become a full-time blogger.