How to Make Lots of Money in Black Desert Online

With the recent update to Black Desert Online, players can now make money easily just by playing the game. Before the update, getting money in the game was quite difficult as most of the time you would have to spend working for free. This is no longer the case and now even casual play can result in some income.

While some players may see this as a negative change as it removes the need to “work” for money, we believe it’s a great opportunity for players who want to earn some extra cash without too much effort. In today’s article, we’ll tell you exactly how you can start making money in Black Desert Online easily and quickly!

The Basics Of Mining

Mining is the process of discovering blocks of materials within a game world and transforming them into usable products that can be sold for real money. Within Black Desert, you will discover a number of minerals and metals such as coal, iron, and gold that can be used to create various items and components that can be sold for money. These items can be used to improve your gameplay or to buy new equipment/upgrades. The more you mine, the more you will become capable of discovering.

When you first start mining in Black Desert, you will need to decide which type of equipment to use. For beginners, it is recommended to start off with a pickaxe as this will make it much easier to mine, and you can always switch to an automated digger later on if you start to experience problems. When choosing your equipment, make sure that you consider the size of your operation as there are certain limits to how much you can carry on your person at one time. A small pickaxe will be good for solo miners while a large one will be ideal for teams. This is just an example as each piece of equipment has it’s own strengths and weaknesses which you need to take into consideration.

Where To Mine

When you start mining, you will immediately land on a map showing the locations that have been discovered before. This map is often referred to as the Exploration Map as it shows the locations that have been previously investigated by players. When you arrive at a new area, you will see a small yellow pin on the map indicating the location and what material is present. If you click on this pin, you can then see a list of all the minerals and metals that can be found in that specific location.

When you click on a specific mineral or metal, you will be taken to a detailed listing of all the locations that contain it. Here you can see the actual percentage of that material in the area (in yellow) as well as the quality (in red). The closer this number is to 100%, the better as this indicates that there is a very high chance of finding that material in that area. If you want to find the best locations to mine, you should focus on areas that have a high chance of having that material as this will increase your odds of making lots of money easily.

For instance, if you click on coal within Black Desert, you will be taken to a list of all the locations that contain this resource. Here you can see that the yellow pins represent the percentage of coal within that area while the red circles indicate how abundant this resource is in that location. If you click on one of these circles, you will see further information about the coal including how much effort you need to make and how much money you can make per hour. You should look at the effort needed factor first as this will determine whether it’s worth your while to mine or not as if the amount of money you can make per hour is too low, then it probably isn’t worth it as you will only end up wasting time.

Mining Areas Are Limited

As you probably guessed, the more you explore, the more you will find that there are only a limited number of locations where you can mine. The game designers put these limits in place to ensure that players don’t become overloaded with information as there are already a lot of resources available for them to discover. This makes it easier for newer players to get started as they don’t have access to all the information that experienced players have gained over time.

If you try to mine in an area that you haven’t explored yet, you will see a message that says “Sorry, that area hasn’t been discovered yet.” If you click on the message, you will be returned to the main map where you can select a different area to mine in.

How To Make Money

As we’ve mentioned above, mining will allow you to discover and extract resources from the earth which can then be sold for money. The amount of money you can make from mining will depend on how much effort you put in. This includes how much you spend on buying new equipment as well as the effort you put in (mining) to find the resource. The more you mine, the more you will be capable of discovering and the more you will be able to make.

To start making money easily, you should look at areas that have already been mined by other players as this will make it much easier for you to simply follow the same steps and be able to mine there as well. If you see that a lot of players have gone there already and you want to follow in their footsteps, then this is the area for you. Make sure to check out the rules and regulations for mining in this game before you start so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you violate someone’s private property or get in trouble with the law. The owners of these locations usually set the maximum amount of material that can be mined per day and how much money you can make from it as this is the main purpose of these limits, to prevent abuse and allow the owner of the property to get the full benefit of their investment as quickly as possible.

Rule Number One:

When you start mining, you will see a note on the screen that says “Welcome to Camp Moneypenny” which is the nickname given to this location by the community. This is a good place to start as you will see a lot of activity here and be able to quickly make some money. One of the first things you will need to do is set up a bank account as this is where all your earnings will be deposited. While it is acceptable to use a PayPal account to make deposits into as this is a completely free service, it is highly recommended to use a bank account as this is the simplest and most convenient way to manage your funds. When you set up your bank account, make sure to choose the option to receive payments directly from your digital wallets such as CryptoKitties, Monero, or Verge (XVG) as this will make depositing cryptocurrencies much easier. If you don’t have a bank account, you can use the ones provided by the game to make deposits as this will still give you the ability to purchase items from the camp store using cryptocurrencies.

Rule Number Two:

Once you have a bank account set up and have been mining for a while, you will then be able to purchase equipment that will increase your mining efficiency. The best way to do this is by utilizing the money you are making to purchase new and improved equipment as well as giving you a competitive edge over other miners. The first piece of equipment you will need to purchase is a pickaxe which will help you to quickly and easily mine coal (as we mentioned above). You will then need to look at other equipment such as conveyor belts, shovels, drills, etc which can help you to move large amounts of dirt faster than you could with just your hands (i.e. a pickaxe).

When you have enough money, you can then make larger purchases such as the automated digger which can do all the work for you (solar power option to avoid any energy costs). When selecting this option, make sure to consider what size your operation is as there are different sized automated diggers suited for different circumstances. For example, a large automated digger is great for teams of up to 3 people while a small one is suitable for solo mining. Another crucial piece of equipment you will need is a fuel pump as this will help you to keep your engine running even when there is no electricity available. When selecting this option, also think about the size of your operation as there are also different sized fuel pumps suitable for different circumstances.