How to Make Money by Tutoring Chess Online

One of the most classic ways of earning money is by teaching. While there is plenty of opportunity to make money through tutoring in person, there is also the option to do so remotely. Thanks to the worldwide spread of technology, it is now possible to provide a service that allows people to teach and be paid for their knowledge. Online chess tutor Jobs are just one example of this emerging industry.

If you have expertise in chess, you could earn a good living through online tutoring. But first, you need to establish yourself as a professional. This blog post will advise you of the steps to take to become a successful chess tutor online.

Get Certified

In order to teach chess professionally, you will need to get certified. There are 2 professional bodies that offer certification: the International Chess Association (ICA) and the Certified Professional Chess Instructor (CPCI). While both have stringent requirements, they are both relatively easy to attain. You simply need to pass a knowledge test, followed by a practical exam which involves teaching someone chess. Both roles are unpaid, but can potentially lead to more extensive paid work. The ICA also offer a Masters Degree in Chess Education which can lead to a further advancement in career.

Develop A Portfolio

In addition to establishing your qualifications, you also need to build a portfolio. This is a collection of your previous experiences which you can use to demonstrate your expertise. The more relevant and unique your experience, the more valuable you can be as an instructor. An easy way to gain experience is by taking on student cases as a hobby. For a small fee, you can engage with students via video chat or in person and provide personalized one-to-one coaching. This allows you to build your expertise and develop your portfolio while also earning some extra cash. If this sounds like a good fit for you, start by taking on a few students who need help navigating the English system and expanding their horizons. You can also use your blog to document your journey and advise others who are considering taking up this calling.

Find Your Students

The last step in order to become a successful online chess tutor is to find your students. This is more or less an extension of the previous step, as you will need students in order to have something to teach. It can be difficult to gain approval to teach in a formal setting, as often prospective students require proof of your qualifications. For this reason, it is preferable to approach individual families with young children and offer your services remotely. Young children enjoy the flexibility of online learning, and often this is all that they need. Additionally, there are a variety of apps and websites that allow for individual study and learning. This can also be a useful tool in terms of marketing yourself as a tutor, as you can easily reach a much bigger audience this way. In order to attract students and make money, it is advisable to offer flexible terms and a no-nonsense approach that focuses on results. A good chess tutorial program will not only impart knowledge, but will also help the student improve their game. If you can assist with this, you have the potential to teach a very lucrative market.

If you follow these steps, you have a good chance of becoming a successful chess tutor online. While the opportunities are plentiful, it is important to remember that quality over quantity is the key to thriving in this market. It is always better to be the best than the most popular, as being the best is what will get you paid well and lead you to greater success.