How to Make Money in Red Dead Online Alone

Red Dead Online is an online multiplayer game that has been officially released by Rockstar Games on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is inspired by the iconic Red Dead Redemption series and allows players to roam the open world of the American Old West and interact with other players through a variety of different types of gameplay including hunting, fishing, exploring, and more.

Best Ways to Make Money

While in most cases, you’ll be doing your best to avoid incurring debts, in Red Dead Online, you’ll be tempted to spend money on a variety of items, from food to weapons and clothing to vehicles. There are five areas of the game where you can make quick cash: Stocks, Skills, Exploration, Raids, and Trafficking. Stocks allow you to purchase items at cheaper prices or even for free; Skills give you special abilities that can help you make extra cash; Exploration lets you discover hidden treasures on the map that can be sold for profit; Raids allow you to steal cars from other players and bring them to your shop for safe keeping and then sell them for profit; and Trafficking lets you become a drug lord and sell weapons, ammo, and other contraband to other players for cash.


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Another way to make money in Red Dead Online is to develop your skills. One of the first quests that you’ll encounter as you explore the Western United States is the Learn To Shoot Skill. For the entirety of the quest, you’ll receive rewards that increase in value as you complete tasks. As you improve your shooting skills, you’ll discover that you can make money almost instantly by taking down enemies and other players in need of rescue. As soon as you complete the required task, you’ll receive a message from the sheriff that you can cash in. While this particular quest doesn’t give you an explicit way to make money, it’s an opportunity to develop your shooting skills and become more efficient in a dangerous new environment.


Red Dead Online gives players the opportunity to explore an open world with a huge range of possibilities. While on the surface, the game doesn’t appear to offer much in terms of exploration, Rockstar Games has said that they’ve put a lot of thought into how to make money off the map. One of the simplest ways to do this is through treasure hunting. Hidden treasures can be found throughout the game that can be sold for quick cash. You’ll have to be careful when searching for these treasures though, as other players will be trying to do the same. If you find a buried treasure and want to cash it in, you’ll have to share the location with the rest of the players.


Another way to make money in Red Dead Online is to engage in organized group raids. Once you’ve spent some time playing the game and earning money, you’ll discover that there are multiple options for groups of players to work together to take down opponents and make a profit. One of the first tasks you’ll undertake as a group is escorting a stage coach. The best part of this quest is that it doesn’t require a lot of specific knowledge to successfully pull off. As long as you’re a decent group of players, you can complete this task without any trouble at all. Some of the money you make from this quest will go towards paying back the group’s debts. When you take down an opposing player in their car, you’ll also make some money. Some of the best gaming laptops for 2020 come with a built-in camera so you can film the action and send it to your friends for entertainment.


One of the most dangerous ways to make money in Red Dead Online is to become a drug lord. As mentioned, you’ll begin the game as a regular citizen who has only just made the decision to turn bad. Naturally, you’ll feel a strong attraction to this new lifestyle and, for the duration of the game,, it’s your only option for making quick cash. To get started, you’ll have to perform tasks for several different drug lords who will supply you with weapons, vehicles, and other assorted items. Once you’ve reached a certain point in the game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose whether or not you want to fully commit to the lifestyle. Letting a player complete this quest and then choosing a different one at the end will result in the player losing all of their previously acquired items, weapons, and vehicles. However, completing this quest and then deciding to work for a regular business will earn you respect from other players and give you the opportunity to buy back all of the items that you lost. As you can see, there are many ways to earn quick cash in Red Dead Online, even if you don’t want to become a ruthless drug lord.

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