How to Make Money Now on GTA 5 Online

Welcome to the next part in the “How to Make Money on GTA 5 Online” series. In the previous part, we discussed the basics of making money on GTA 5 Online. This time around, we’ll delve into more detail on how to make money in different ways.


One of the most popular methods of making money on GTA 5 Online is through paydays. A payday is the designated block of time when you can make money from gameplay. You can make money through several different methods in a single day, including carrying out robberies, killing people, and completing side quests. The best part about paydays is that they give you a finite amount of time to perform the actions described in the in-game prompt. For example, if a robbery mission called for you to kill some people and steal their cars, you have a certain amount of time to do this. Once the timer runs out, you lose the opportunity to make money from this particular task. This prevents you from being forced to hurry through the game to beat the timer and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Job Point System

The second method of making money on GTA 5 Online is the Job Point System. This method is similar to paydays in that you have a certain amount of time to accomplish tasks in order to make money. The difference is that instead of taking the form of a designated block of time, the Job Point System rewards you for performing certain actions in a particular manner. For example, the in-game prompt for the robbery mission we discussed above might read “Robbery: In the event that you complete the mission successfully, you will earn 20 Job Points.” Once you’ve earned the required number of points, you can use them to purchase various items from a job offer list. The list of items you can purchase using Job Points is constantly changing, so make sure you check back regularly to see what items are available for purchase.

GTA Missions

The third and final method of making money on GTA 5 Online is through gathering resources and selling them for profit. In order to make money from this method, you will first need to complete the corresponding GTA mission. These are usually found in a specific place, such as a train station or airport. Once you’ve gathered the required amount of resources, you can take them to a seller in order to purchase weapons, armor, and vehicles. The problem is that the amount of money you make from this method is limited by the amount of resources you have at the start of the game. This is why it’s best to do these types of missions as early as possible in the game, when you have a large pool of resources at your disposal. Make sure you keep your eyes open for these types of missions, as they can provide you with an extra source of income when performed successfully.

Luxury Industry

GTA 5 Online also offers a fourth method of making money, which is through the purchase of luxury items. These are items that are only available through real-world currency, such as money or gift cards. To put it briefly, you can make money through the purchase and resale of luxury items. There are several different ways to make money through this method, including selling high-end vehicles, boats, and luxury apartments. If you decide to go down this route, make sure you keep your eyes open for high-end objects, as this will greatly increase your bottom line. You will need to perform various side quests to gather the required materials to build up your luxury empire.


In the previous part of this series, we discussed the basics of making money on GTA 5 Online. We defined and discussed different methods of making money on the game, including paydays, the Job Point System, and GTA missions. Now, let’s take a look at how to make the most out of the different methods discussed above. In order to do this, we will need to perform a few simple tasks. First, make sure you keep your eyes open for opportunities to make money. Second, try and complete as many tasks as possible within the time limit specified for each task. Finally, make sure you utilize the different methods of making money in combination, as this will provide you with a greater opportunity to make money than any one method can alone. With this in mind, let’s get back into the driver’s seat and get crafting.