Top 5 Apps That Can Make You Money Online in India

It is quite evident that life in India is very different from the rest of the world. As one would expect, the country’s economy runs on a different set of rules, and it utilizes different methods of operations. One of the ways in which Indian businesses and individuals have been thriving for such a long time is by utilizing the power of technology. This is something that has only recently begun to change, but it is still far from complete. This is why it is only fair to say that Technology in India is still in its infancy. However, with the right guidance and support, it is definitely something that can be used for better purposes than just for entertainment.

If you are looking for ways to make money online in India, then there are quite a few options available. However, not all of them are legitimate, so you have to be careful. Luckily, the following will tell you of the top 5 apps that can make you money online in India, and in all likelihood, they will not get you in trouble. So let’s get to it.


LuckyPatcher is an Android app that can be used to create and discover virtual patches to be applied to your existing artwork. For those who have used Adobe Photoshop, this will seem quite familiar. The best part is that this programmable mobile app is completely free, so you have absolutely no reason not to try it. The creator of the app, Sudeep Gurnani, states that he wanted to create a tool that allowed anyone to create virtual patches, and after testing the waters, he decided to make the app completely free. So if you’re looking for a way to make money online in India, then you can’t go wrong with LuckyPatcher.

Cannabis Social Club

If you are or have been a part of the cannabis community, then you will know that this plant has been associated with creativity and prosperity. Although it is still illegal to sell, grow, or possess cannabis in India, many business owners have seen great success by tapping into this market. One of the best ways to make money online in India is through the Cannabis Social Club (CSC) App. Developed by Ela Networks, the CSC app will help you to connect with other users in your area who are also looking to buy or sell cannabis-related products. By creating a group with your local buddies, you can easily access the gear you need, meet up with other growers, and even make a little money on the side. The app is completely free, so there is no reason not to give it a try.


TastyMeal is an online food ordering app that allows users to browse and order food right from the comfort of their home. There are a variety of cuisines that can be selected from, including European, Mediterranean, and Indian. For those who love to cook, or are simply looking for new ways to entertain their families, then this app could be a great option. As with any other online food ordering platform, the nice thing about this app is that it ensures timely delivery of your meal. So if you are looking for ways to make money online in India, then you can’t go wrong with TastyMeal.

Music Business

If you are a fan of music, then you can take advantage of the fact that India now has a large and growing online audience. Thanks to high disposable incomes and the prevalence of smartphones, many musicians, singers, and songwriters are able to make a living online. One way to do this is through the music business app, Music Business. This app is a bit like Songwriting, and provides the means to find and work with music producers, managers, and other professionals in the field. The best part of this app is that the platform is open to everyone, so even if you are a complete amateur, you can still get involved and try your hand at being a music entrepreneur.

These are just a handful of the apps you can use to make money online in India. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand what kinds of opportunities the country can offer, and guide you to the best resources available for those who are looking to make a living in tech.