Make Money Online: Facebook Cover Photo Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to make money online, then you’ve probably wondered if there was a way you could do this on FACEBOOK. Well, there is. And it’s super easy. In this post, you’ll discover all the steps you need to take to create a Facebook cover photo that will make money for you.

The Basics

To get started, you’ll need a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can easily get started by clicking here. Once you’re on Facebook, simply navigate to the ‘Cover Photo’ section of your profile. This is where you’ll find a slider bar that allows you to choose a cover photo for your profile.

At the top of the page, you’ll see four options. The first two are black and white images, and the latter two are color images. If you want to create a cover photo that is mostly white, go with the second option. Otherwise, if you want to use a black picture, go with the first option.

When you choose an image, it will immediately upload to your Facebook profile. If you decide to go with the second option, your cover photo will be completely white, and this can make people think you’re a little bit on the cold side.

The Difference In Image Quality

The first and most obvious difference between the uploaded black and white images and the color images is the quality. The color images are of higher resolution and they look great. However, if you want to save money, go with the black and white versions.

The second difference between them is how they look when displayed on different devices. If you look at the example image above, you’ll notice that the image looks slightly different when displayed on a computer monitor than it does when displayed on a smartphone or tablet.

This is because of the difference in the resolution of the two devices. The example image is a 1440px × 900px image, which is considered high resolution for an iPhone or tablet. However, if you visit the site Pixbuf, you’ll see that this is actually a low resolution image compared to the usual size of a Facebook cover photo (which is around 2000px × 1500px). Therefore, when you post this image on Facebook, the quality will look a little bit poor compared to the native resolution of your device.

Make Money

Once you have a high-quality image uploaded to your Facebook profile, you can start making money by taking advantage of the fact that Facebook users have to visit your page to see your content. In other words, whenever someone clicks on your post, they’ll be sent to your page where they’ll see your cover photo.

By putting a small bit of text in your post, you’ll be able to get the most out of this strategy by having a small call-to-action button or text link that will urge visitors to click on it and visit your site or page.

So, let’s say you’ve written a blog post about the best high-quality winter footwear available. You’ve built up a small audience of followers on your blog, and you’ve decided that you want to try out this Facebook cover photo thing. When someone clicks on a link to your page or visits your page directly, they’ll see your high-quality winter footwear image on your Facebook cover photo. And because it’s the best winter footwear available, they’ll want to learn more about it (and maybe even buy it!).

You could put a little call-to-action button at the end of your blog post that will take them to your Facebook page. Then, on your Facebook page, you’ll have a link that will take them to your site or blog where they can read more about your favorite winter footwear.

Linking To A Product

Another way you can make money is by taking advantage of the fact that people visit Facebook to look at pictures of animals and nature-related content. If you have a site or blog about fashion, you can use this to your advantage by putting a product you’re promoting on your Facebook page. For example, if you sell high-quality dresses, you can put a picture of a beautiful dress on your Facebook page and then link to a site where customers can purchase this dress.

By doing this, you’ll be able to get a potential customer to visit your site or page where they can learn more about the product you’re promoting. And because they’ve already been to your page, they’ll have an idea of what the product is about. This will make them more likely to make a purchase once they learn more about the product.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Finally, if you’ve got a site or blog that focuses on money-making ideas, you can use affiliate marketing to your advantage. Simply put, affiliate marketing is a way of selling a product or service to someone while earning a commission. So, if you sell t-shirts that say ‘I Love New York’ on your site and someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission.

To start making money with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to pick a product you’re passionate about (and probably know a little bit about). Then, you can research keywords and phrases that relate to that product. Once you have these phrases (called ‘keywords’), you can put them in your content (whether that’s a blog post or an article). When someone clicks on a link with a keyword, they’ll be sent to a site that’s either based on or related to what they’re interested in. In other words, if someone clicks on a link with the keyword ‘winter boots’, they’ll be taken to a site that sells winter boots (and maybe even to your site!).

This is a very basic overview of how you can make money online with a Facebook cover photo. There are many other ways you can make money such as taking advantage of affiliate marketing or selling and displaying ads on your site.