How to Make Money Online – Fast & No Scams

In a world full of online scams, it can be difficult to find the real deal. In order to make things simpler for you, we’re going to tell you about seven ways to make money online that don’t involve you being scammed. Best of all, six of these methods can be used in combination for an ultimate money-making experience. Before we get into the details, though, it’s important to note that not every online money-maker belongs in this group. For example, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, where you’ll get leads, make a sale, and then get paid for recruiting new members. While this sounds like a good idea, a lot of the time, you’ll simply be paid for making a sale, regardless of how many people you recruit. Network marketing is pretty popular among online freelancers and consultants, especially as an alternative to a 9-to-5. But if you’re looking to create a passive income stream, then you may want to consider another source.

1. Start A Blog

With the world shifting to an online community, more and more people are turning to blogging as a way to generate passive income. Launching a blog is incredibly easy to do, and with the right niche and tools, it’s more than possible to make a few hundred dollars per month. Many bloggers use a tool like WordPress to effortlessly launch and maintain their blogs. If you’ve got a talent for writing, why not try your hand at blogging? Thousands of people make a living from blogging, and if you want to be one of them, all you need is a laptop and a desire to write.

2. Start An Online Store

Online stores, particularly those related to fashion, have exploded in popularity, and with good reason. As an online store owner, you’ll need to select a niche, build your inventory, and then figure out how to make the retail process easy and enjoyable for your customers. When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, customers have extremely limited options, and finding something unique, stylish, and affordable is difficult. If you’ve got the talent and experience, why not consider creating your own online store? It could be that your store could become your greatest source of passive income and allow you to work remotely, travel, or live a life of luxury.

3. Start An Online Survey Company

Online surveys aren’t exactly a new concept. In fact, they’ve been around since the early 2000s, when businesses started realizing the power of the internet to reach a global audience. While traditional survey methods, like paper surveys or phone calls, usually ask for your time and sometimes for money, an online survey will often ask you for nothing more than your opinion. Some of the more popular survey sites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Ipsos iSay, and Ipsos iSay Pro. Keep in mind that with online surveys, there’s no middleman so a lot of the time, you’ll be asked to take part in a lot of different surveys from different brands, all of which will pay you a little bit of cash. If you decide that this is a legitimate way to make money, then why not try it out? You could set your own schedule and work remotely if you want, or you can even start your own survey company and become the go-to source for online surveys.

4. Start An Affiliate Marketing Company

If you’ve got a talent for marketing, why not consider creating your own affiliate marketing company? With affiliate marketing, you’ll be promoting products and services that are owned by other companies. Some of the more popular affiliate marketing websites include Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and ClickBank. When someone clicks a link or buys a product that’s been promoted through affiliate marketing, you’ll earn a commission.

5. Start An E-Commerce Store

If you’ve got a talent for marketing and sales, why not consider creating your own e-commerce store? With an e-commerce store, you’ll be selling physical products that can be shipped directly to your customers. Most people opt for this route because it’s much easier to manage and there’s a much wider variety of products to choose from. When choosing a product to sell, make sure that it’s something that people are looking for and will enjoy. If you can, conduct a little research to see what others are selling and what you can improve on. With e-commerce stores, you’ll need a merchant account, tools to track orders, and then you’ll need to figure out how to get the word out about your store. Start with a simple e-commerce store in WordPress and then, as you begin to grow, take the time to look into Shopify, Magento, and other platforms that can help you build a more professional online store. 

6. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube channels are a great way to make money online, and it doesn’t require much effort. Uploading videos is fairly easy to do and there are lots of platforms, like Bluehost, that make it much easier to get started. Once you’ve got your channel and have begun to build a following, you can take advantage of YouTube’s lucrative affiliate marketing program, which allows you to monetize your content. Most YouTube channels that are successfully making money off affiliate marketing alone, generate between $500 and $5,000 per month. If you’ve got a talent for explaining things in videos, why not consider creating your own YouTube channel? You can get started for free with the help of a tool like YouTube’s Freelancer platform, where you can connect with potential affiliates and get paid to review products and offer tips and tricks for other content creators.

7. Start A Podcast

Podcasts have been around for a while, but only in recent years have they become a legitimate way for people to make money online. As with a lot of the other money-making ideas on this list, starting a podcast isn’t difficult, but the advantage comes in the ease of finding an audience and subsequently earning a living via podcasting. You’ll need a microphone, a pc or a mobile device with audio recording software, and then you’ll need to figure out a way to monetize your content. Some of the more popular and profitable podcasts include The Curvy Coterie with Lisa Foyler, The Organic Gardener, and The Dollar Shocker. If you’ve got a talent for interviewing subject matter experts or simply giving advice, why not consider creating your own podcast? You can use a tool like Hootsuite to automatically aggregate and distribute your podcast content to engage with your audience and make money online.


There are multiple ways to make money online, and while it may not be immediately clear how much money you’ll make with each method, all you need to do is put in the time and energy to learn how to do it successfully. With the right tools, knowledge, and determination, it’s possible to make a few hundred dollars per month, even if it’s only in small amounts at first. Start small and test the waters, and before you know it, you’ll be able to live your life remotely, travel, and work in a way that suits you best.