8 Ways to Make Money Online With the Nintendo Gameboys

One of the most iconic and revolutionary consoles of all time is Nintendo’s Gameboy. While we may not see a new Nintendo console for some time, the original Gameboy design has been replicated over and over again in phones, tablets, and even some laptops. Now that the mainstream popularity of mobile gaming has taken off, so has the number of ways to make money online.

Let’s explore eight ways to make money online with the help of Gameboy devices.

1. Gambling

There are many places you can gamble online, but let’s keep things simple and practical. When it comes to online gambling, you want to look for sites that support your home country of origin and have the highest possible payouts. For example, if you reside in the United States, you may want to try sites that accept US players. Online gambling can be quite the profitable venture, especially if you are aware of the right places to play.

2. Scavenging

Scavenging is the act of gathering money or items by performing small tasks or offers for customers. You can make money online by performing small tasks for pay, or you can sell your scavenged items to make money. You can get paid to take surveys, review websites, watch videos, and much more. The opportunities to make money online through scavenging are endless.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another way to make money online. You simply need to create blogs where you offer your opinion on various topics. You can choose which topics you want to write about, and once you have a decent following, you can monetize your blog. You can use a tool like affiliate marketing to make extra money from a blog post, for example. If you enjoy writing, you can explore ways to make money online through blogging. Many big-name tech blogs make a good amount of money each month simply through affiliate marketing and displaying relevant ads.

4. Market Research

If you are passionate about a certain product or service, you can use your expertise to perform market research and analyze the sales trends for various products. You can use this data to inform your decisions about which products to promote or whether to create new advertisements for.

Market research can also be used to gauge consumer opinion about your products and services. If you want to engage with your customers more, you can use online survey tools to ask questions about their opinions and concerns. You can use the information you collect to improve your services and make your customers feel more comfortable.

5. Selling Your Photos

Selling your photos online is another great way to earn money. You simply need to set up a stock photography website where you display the photos you take. You can then sell your photos to businesses who want to use your images for promotional purposes. Be careful not to abuse this aspect of online entrepreneurship, as you may find it harder to make money in the long term. Uploading your photos to social media sites like Shutterstock, Pinterest, and Instagram to promote your blog or website is also a viable option.

6. Start an Online Store

If you are the creative type, you can start up an online store of your own where you sell your artwork, products, or handmade items. Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces where people can buy and sell all kinds of items. If you want to explore this route, you can use online marketplaces like Etsy to find the products you want to sell and then create an online store that sells only those items.

7. Start an Online Tutoring Business

If you are a skilled tutor, you can set up an online tutoring business where you teach others via online chat or through written documents. You can use Skype or Google Hangouts as your chat medium, and you should look into the various Google Docs to see what kind of content you can create and share.

With the right software, you can track how many hours you spend teaching and how much money you make per hour. If you have a specific subject matter area that you are good at teaching, this can be a source of income that you can rely on. Just be sure to have a legal and physical address where you can receive payments, as well as a phone number where clients can reach you.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube creators can make a lot of money through ads and sponsored content. However, you can also use your YouTube channel to become a brand ambassador, teaching others about your products and promoting them to your audience.

The great thing about YouTube is that you can put yourself in the video and explain how to use the product you are demonstrating. You can also put yourself in a different setting and show different sides of your personality. The video editor can even add background music to make the subject matter more interesting.

YouTube creators can make a lot of money, but it also enables them to build an audience. If you can build a following on YouTube, you can then use that audience to promote your other ventures.

More Ways To Make Money

There are several more ways to make money online, but these eight ways outlined here are some of the most popular methods. If you want to explore further, you can use a tool like Survey Junkie to make money online by taking surveys. Or if you are a creative type, you can start a YouTube channel and explore the many ways you can make money through online video.