How to Make Money Online in 2018 (Reddit)

If you’re looking for ways to make money online in 2018, you’ve probably come across a variety of advice online ranging from doing online surveys to becoming a freelancer. While there are certainly legitimate ways to make money online, the truth is that it can be difficult to know where to start if you don’t come from a traditional background.

What is more, even if you do end up making money from online activities, it can be hard to know how much you’re actually going to earn. To get around this, we’ve collected 16 ways to make money online in 2018 that you can try out without any risk of losing your own money.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is a great way to make money online in 2018. The basic idea behind this strategy is to write and publish content regularly that is both useful and interesting to your target audience. While it can be somewhat difficult to figure out what your target audience wants, a blog is a fantastic place to experiment and build your skill as a writer. Additionally, if you choose to write about your hobbies and interests, you may well end up meeting other people who share the same interests as yourself. This can then lead to some fantastic networking opportunities as well as potentially helping you to build a larger audience.

To start earning money from a blog, all you need is a reliable source of income. You can use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, meaning that you’ll be making money online when people click a monetized link or buy a product that’s promoted on your blog. If someone clicks a link and makes a purchase after reading your blog post, you’ll earn a small commission. However, if someone clicks a link and makes a purchase without reading your blog post, you won’t earn anything.

Test Websites and Apps

One of the simplest ways to make money online in 2018 is to test websites and apps and see which ones are most successful. To do this, you’ll simply need to visit different platforms like Google Play and the Apple App Store and look for games, apps, or websites that you can try out. What’s great about this strategy is that you’re not only looking for a way to make money, but you’re also getting the opportunity to try new things. Some of the apps and websites that you’ll come across may be useful, but most will just want you to try out their service for free in order to build a user base. If you do decide to try an app or website, make sure to read the reviews before doing so. This way, you’ll know what other people say about the product and whether or not it’s worth trying out.

Sell Your Photos On The Websites You Visit

Another way to make money online in 2018 is to sell your photos on the websites that you visit. There is a growing number of sites like Fotolia, Canva, and others that allow users to sell and commission photos. When you enter your email address on one of these sites, you’ll receive emails periodically from the company with offers from different photographic studios and illustrators. Just remember: these companies are essentially just looking for new customers, so make sure to follow all of their rules and policies. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal trouble. What’s great about this strategy is that it provides an opportunity to engage with potential customers while also making a little bit of money. Plus, you may well stumble upon a photographic studio that ends up paying you more than what you would make selling your photos for free on similar sites mentioned above.

Sign Up For Paid Surveys

There are many legitimate ways to make a little bit of money online in 2018, but none of them are easy. One of the more difficult ways to make money is to sign up for paid surveys. When you sign up for these surveys you’ll begin receiving emails from different companies with survey opportunities. Many of these companies offer a monetary gift for completing a survey, but you’ll have to do some research before you commit to participating in any paid surveys. Make sure to read reviews online from people who have participated in paid surveys before doing so.

Start An Online Store

If you’re looking to make money online in 2018, the best way to do so is to start an online store. The great thing about this option is that you’re not restricted to just selling one product. You can sell an array of products from jewelry to tees and even offer a money-back guarantee if you start seeing positive results. When looking for ways to make money online, one of the most important things to consider is your target audience. If you’re looking to make money selling jewelry, you may want to consider starting an online store that targets women. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make money off a clothing line, you may want to consider starting a men’s clothing store.

Sell Your Lifestyle On Post-Pandemic Markets

One of the best things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the opportunity to focus on our passions and interests. If you’re a writer, you may choose to do so for either a company or an individual. Many publications and bloggers alike found themselves in a position where their work was in demand, and they could choose which publications to write for. If you have an interest in a certain topic, you may choose to start a blog or a website that covers this topic.

You may also choose to become a freelancer and earn money online from writing marketing copy or doing SEO work for different companies. Or, if you’re a graphic designer, you may decide to create branding packages or logos for companies.

If you’ve got an interest or talent in something people are searching for, you can make money online in 2018 from doing what you love.

To get started, create a free account on fiverr,, or Upwork and then select your platform of choice. From there, you can begin seeking out clients and developing your portfolio. Remember: you’re not looking for clients just yet. You’re simply looking for opportunities to show off your work and build your reputation.

Try Digital Marketing

If you’re interested in making money online in 2018, you may want to consider doing so via digital marketing. Just remember that this is a fairly competitive field and it’s therefore important to learn as much as you can. One of the most significant barriers to entry is the cost of the digital marketing tools and platforms you’ll need to operate. Another significant barrier is the steep learning curve associated with this type of marketing. However, if you invest the time to learn digital marketing, you’ll end up benefiting from the knowledge for years to come. Additionally, many large eCommerce stores, such as Amazon and eBay, offer digital marketing services that you can utilize to gain access to millions of customers. The great thing about these platforms is their ability to track and analyze customer behaviour. By understanding your users’ needs, desires, and challenges, you can tailor your product offerings and communications to meet their needs and engage with them more effectively.

Start An Online Store For Handmade Goods

If you’ve got a great talent for creating handmade goods, you can do so for either a company or individual customers. To make money online in 2018 from your products, consider starting an Etsy shop selling your artwork. You can provide your customers with a beautiful and unique product that they’ve handcrafted with love. Plus, you can rest assured that you’re not competing with big-name brands or retailers, as your customers will most likely include people who’s products are one-of-a-kind. Etsy has actually created a marketplace for small businesses like yours to sell their products. So, if you’ve got a creative outlet and you want to be able to use it to make money, consider creating a handmade goods business on Etsy.

Start An Affiliate Marketing Program

There are a variety of ways to make money online in 2018, but none of them are easy. One of the simplest and most effective ways to make money is to establish an affiliate marketing program. When a customer purchases a product after being reminded of your affiliate marketing program through a special link or ads, you’ll earn a commission for the sale. What’s great about this strategy is that you’re not restricted to one product or service. You can choose to establish an affiliate marketing program with just about any company or individual and then use various platforms like Amazon, Google Play, and others to find products that you’ll promote.