How to Make Money Surveys Online – The Ultimate Guide

In the last few years, online survey taking has become a popular way to earn extra cash. All you need is a smartphone and a few minutes to complete a survey. Although the process can be rather easy, making money from online surveys can be a little tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this detailed guide about how to make money online surveys. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Get Inspired

Surveys can be rather random in nature, so you’ll need to find the right niche markets to make sure you’re earning money. One great way to find paying survey opportunities is to look at the big brands’ websites for inspiration. You can learn a lot from their offers and decide which ones sound the most interesting to you. Remember, you’re not supposed to sell or take any surveys that don’t pay or give you valuable information. However, sometimes people find themselves in a bind and have to take a survey just to make sure they’re not missing out on any potential earnings. At the end of the day, you need to find a way to make money surveys work for you.

Choose The Best Platform

The first step is to decide which one of the many survey platforms you’ll be using to take the surveys. To save you time and ensure you’re not wasting your precious survey taking time, we’ll teach you the ropes of using SurveyMonkey, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Ipsos iSay, Survey Junkie, and Survey Junkie Pro. If you’re looking to make money by taking surveys, then all of these platforms are good to go. What’s more, you can take advantage of all their features without any extra costs. You’ll see every platform has its perks and quirks, which you’ll need to take into consideration. Otherwise, you might end up taking a survey on one platform and having to fill it out on another. When choosing a survey platform, make sure to get the cheapest option that allows you to take high-quality and relevant surveys. You don’t want to ruin your earning potential by taking surveys on a substandard platform.

Make Sure You Practice

Just because you know how to take a survey doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be good at it. Just like anything else, mastery takes practice. To get started, simply search for “Survey Junkie tricks” or “How to make SurveyMonkey easier” and you’ll see a list of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your experience. If you want to make money taking surveys, then make sure to put in the time to practice on a daily basis. You can take a mock survey with the help of a friend or family member to get a sense of what it’s like and how you’ll need to go about taking one. If that’s not possible, then use a service like Survey Junkie to take a survey and then analyze the results. Knowing how to take a good survey and being able to analyze the results are two very different things, but they go hand-in-hand.

Look Into As Much As Possible

When taking surveys, you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire and then wait for the results to come in. You can’t control how long this process will take, so it’s best to look into as much as possible. In some instances, you might have to wait a few days or even weeks for the results of a survey to come in. During this time, you won’t be able to take any new surveys, so it’s crucial you make the most of the ones you’ve already taken. One strategy is to look into the results of those surveys you’ve already taken. Some of them might not have posted the results yet, so you’ll have to contact the company directly to find out the results. If you’re not sure how to get in touch with a company, then use Survey Junkie to get in touch with the ones you’ve taken and left a message with, and then check back a week later. In some instances, you might have to wait until the end of the month to find out the results of a survey you’ve taken.

Avoid The Most Popular Destinations

Just because a survey is available online doesn’t mean it’s the most profitable one for you to take. You’ll have to find profitable niche markets that don’t get flooded with survey requests. One way to do this is to look at the categories and demographics that the surveys cover. If you’re not sure where to start, then check out the most popular ones first. Just remember, you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire, so it might not be the best idea to start with the most popular ones. It’s always a good idea to find out the most popular ones first, so you can see how others are doing and potentially build on their results.

Follow The Rules

Survey protocols change from company to company, but generally speaking, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements to be able to take a survey:

  • You must be eighteen years old or older
  • You must have a functional smartphone (this means any device that connects to the internet; examples include smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers)
  • You must have a reliable and constant internet connection (this means you’ll need to check in with your internet service provider to ensure you’re connected all the time)
  • You must be able to read English
  • You must be willing to complete a brief questionnaire (these can usually be found on the website)
  • You must fulfill the requirements set by the company (make sure you check out the rules before you get started)
  • You must be willing to get paid (most survey sites won’t let you take the surveys if you’re not willing to get paid for them)
  • You must be based in the United States (for now)
  • You must have a PayPal account (this is used to process your payments, so don’t forget about it)
  • You must avoid completing multiple surveys from one site (this is usually done with a cookie or similar technology, which we’ll discuss in more detail below)
  • You must answer every question truthfully (this is typically done with a cookie or similar technology, which we’ll discuss below)

We’ve gone over the basics of how to make money on online surveys. Now it’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty details. So, what is a cookie and why does it matter?

The Cookie

This is what we call an opt-in or a “cookies-enabled” survey. When you take a survey that uses cookies, they will store information about your preferences and actions in a small text file called a cookie. A cookie is a piece of information that a website stores on your computer or mobile device. Cookies can be used for various purposes, but primarily they’re used to store information about your visits to that site. So, if you’ve ever stayed at a hotel and they’ve given you a cookie when you checked in, then that hotel knows you were there. If you’ve ever bought something online and then visited the retailer’s website in the future to make a purchase, then that retailer knows you were there and what you bought. Cookies do not provide your personal information to third parties, so they’re often seen as a safer option than collecting information from users directly.

Why Do Surveys Use Cookies?

Cookies are used by websites and online businesses for various reasons. However, the two most common reasons are:

  • To track visitor behavior
  • To personalize user experience

Websites use cookies to track user behavior. This could include things like keeping track of which topics you’re interested in and which ones you’re not. It could also include storing your email address so that they can send you notifications when there’s new content available. Or, it could be used to store which videos you’ve watched, which articles you’ve read, or which games you’ve played. When you log in to a website or app with a username and password, the website can keep track of which areas you visit and which ones you leave out. Cookies enable websites and online businesses to keep track of everything you do on their site. With this information, they can determine how effective certain strategies and content are at getting you to visit a site or perform an action. This kind of data is extremely valuable to companies who want to optimize their online marketing strategies and offer their customers the best possible experience. It also allows websites and online businesses to personalize your experience as a user.