How to Make Money Teaching Arabic Online

There is no question that the digital nomad lifestyle is appealing. It offers the freedom to be based in a place you choose, to work when you want, and to be able to take trips when you please. But it takes planning and discipline to succeed as a digital nomad, especially if you’re looking to make money online. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make money teaching Arabic online.

The Biggest Opportunity

Let’s be honest, not everyone is cut out to be a digital nomad. Some people have very strict work schedules while others want to work remotely without a set schedule. For those who fit the mold, teaching English online is the perfect side gig. You get to travel the world and make money doing something you love – teaching!

This is especially attractive because there is a lot of demand for Arabic tutors in online environments. According to Statista, there are currently around 1.6 billion English speakers around the world. In contrast, there are only about 500 million Arabic speakers globally. This makes English the most spoken language worldwide, followed by Spanish and Chinese.

With so many non-Arabic speaking individuals looking to learn Arabic, you can see how this could be a lucrative opportunity.

Where Do I Begin?

If you’re looking to make money online, your first port of call should be to consider online tutoring as a potential source of income. There are plenty of providers who specialize in online Arabic tutoring, making it a quick and easy step to get started. If you decide that this is the direction you want to go in, the next step is to determine how you will teach the language – in person, over Skype, or both?

You may find that one of the best ways to make money online is to find a solid mentor or partner who can help you reach the next level. For those who are looking for the flexibility of being able to work remotely, teaching English online is a perfect option. You get to travel the world and make money doing something you love – teaching!

The Rise Of Online Teaching

Though traditional teaching forms such as schools and coffee shops have seen a shift towards online environments in the last few years, the practice of teaching online was actually pioneered in the 1960s. In 1968, a computer scientist by the name of John Allen introduced the world to the idea of online classrooms with a language teaching software program that he developed called Teledu. Allen’s company, Computer Technology Corporation (CTC), went on to create products that would change the way we all interact with learning, including Moodle and Studypool. These products are still in use today and continue to prove that online teaching is a viable and profitable option.

That same year, another pioneer in online education, a man named Ivan Sutherland, wrote the first website for teaching a language online – Duolingo. Though these products were designed for teaching a second language, their ease of use and interactivity made them popular choices among those who already knew what they were doing. So not only is it possible to make money online as a tutor, but it’s a viable option that is quite popular today.

How Much Can I Make?

There are several different ways that you can make money online as a tutor. One of the most popular methods is to take on students and build a course catalogue. The more students you have, the more you’ll be able to charge. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically make a lot of money. There are certainly some money making opportunities out there, but you need to put in the time and effort to make sure that you’re making money efficiently.

How Do I Get Students?

One of the greatest things about online teaching is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. This means you don’t have to go out and find students – you can literally create a student base from the comfort of your couch!

Though there are plenty of Arabic tutors out there, you have to remember that you’re competing with others to attract students. To stand out from the crowd, you can try offering something unique – be it a niche area of expertise, an immersive environment designed for studying, or a fun learning fact or example.

You may also want to consider marketing yourself as a native speaker – after all, being able to tutor in your mother tongue will make you seem like an expert in the subject matter!

Online teaching is a fantastic way to make money, and with so many different ways to do it, there’s sure to be a fit for everybody. So remember to look for the opportunities that suit you and your circumstances.