How to Make More Money From Your Video Games – Online

The gaming industry has grown tremendously in the past few years and it’s now a multi-billion dollar industry. Most gamers make their money through microtransactions in online games, either through paying a monthly fee or buying gems with real money to use in-game. There are also numerous other ways to generate money from playing video games including taking on freelance tasks, playing for gambling sites, or selling your gameplay on YouTube. Let’s explore how you can make the most of your video games to bring in more cash!

Keep Your Gaming Consistent

One way to earn more money is to play fewer games and do so consistently. If you play a particular game for a while then stop, you will lose out on a lot of potential earnings. People who play certain games frequently and/or very deeply know how much money they have accrued over the years from just playing the game once or twice a month. Some examples of these games include:

  • Grand Theft Auto V – one of the most popular and highly profitable games of all time. It is estimated that over 100 million copies have been sold which makes it the 4th best-selling game of all time. It is also the best-selling game on the PlayStation 4 with over 40 million copies sold. The average player spends over 300 hours per month in this open-world game which generates an estimated $26,000 per year in revenue.
  • World of Warcraft – this massive multiplayer online role-playing game has been around since 2004 and is one of the most popular games of all time. The game is frequently updated and added to which means that it’s always fresh and bursting with content. Many people play this game for 6-7 hours per day, 7 days a week which generates an estimated $52,000 per year in revenue.
  • Pokémon Go – this game was an overnight sensation and one of the first major new games to be released in years. It was initially made available for iOS and then ported to Android devices where it achieved international fame. The success of the game is thanks to its unique combination of location-based gameplay and the creatures that you can find as you explore the real world. The game is free but offers microtransactions for extra services and items. It is estimated to make around $2 per day via microtransactions, giving it an annual revenue of around $30,000.
  • Kingdom Hearts III – this game has been around for a while but has only recently become incredibly popular. It’s the 11th installment in the Kingdom Hearts series and the 3rd in this trilogy. Much like its predecessors, Kingdom Hearts III also offers microtransactions where you can purchase items with Hearts, the game’s virtual currency. The game is constantly updated with new content and new features including new worlds to explore and new items to buy. It is estimated to make around $600 per month via microtransactions, giving it an annual revenue of around $36,000.

These games are popular because they provide a consistent source of revenue. If you want to make money from your games then play a game that you know will bring in money consistently. If you’re lucky enough to discover a gold mine of a game and it starts making money for you immediately, great! But if you want to make the most out of your gaming then avoid games that are prone to revenue drops due to inconsistent gameplay or expensive microtransactions.

Make Money With More Than One Source

One of the best things about these popular games is that they provide a steady source of revenue. But that doesn’t mean that all games will make you money. In fact, a lot of games will lose you money due to frustrating gameplay or expensive microtransactions. It’s a good idea to look for games that provide multiple revenue streams. Some examples of this include:

  • Rocket League – this game is all about vehicle-based gameplay. You can play with friends either offline or online. When playing online, you can also take part in competitive multiplayer matches. This car sport game was one of the first to implement multiplayer races and spectating games. Thanks to its flexible economy model, you can choose to pay a monthly fee or buy ammunition with real money. Playing online costs you nothing but gains you access to a vibrant community of players. It is estimated to make around $16,000 per year via microtransactions or $200 per month via the fee, depending on which option you choose.
  • Genshin Impact – this game is a mix of fighting and role-playing. You take on the role of an exorcist who has been tasked with driving out a demon invasion. To complete this goal, you will need to explore various demons, fight the creatures, and perform magic. While there is no fee to play the game, you will need to purchase ammunition and food for your demon hunter character to stay alive. This game is similar to Doom in that you will need to find and use your weapon constantly to kill your enemies.
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer – this game was recently released but has already become incredibly popular. It’s a rhythm action game where you will need to click on screen to the rhythm of the music in order to defeat your enemies. The game offers a variety of monetization options. You can opt to pay a one-time fee of $9.99 or play for free with the game’s adverts appearing throughout the screen. You can also make money through microtransactions where you can purchase power-ups and items with real money. Like many other games on this list, this one is also all about guns, guts, and gore so you’re bound to have a good time playing it.
  • Warframe – this game’s primary form of monetization is through gameplay, just like many other games on this list. You get rewarded for taking down enemies and capturing them with your teammates. You can also purchase weapon upgrades with in-game currency known as “Energy”. But the game also offers a variety of other monetization options including:
    • Skin Packs – these are optional cosmetic items that you can purchase with in-game currency. They range from simple skin stickers to fully customized battle armor. You can use these items in game to enhance your visual experience.
    • Tournaments – these are also optional but for a small fee, you can enter a tournament where you can win powerful rewards. There are also weekly tournaments where you can earn free rewards just for playing the game!
    • Challenge Matches – for a small fee, you can enter a challenge match. These are against other players in a head-to-head matchup. The winner is the player who accumulates the most victory points before the time runs out. The player who wins the most money in the allotted time wins!
    • Daily Quests – for a small fee, you can enter a daily quest. These are small tasks that you must complete for the day. Some examples include retrieving items, killing mobs, or defeating bosses. The daily quests don’t carry over to the next day so you must return and complete them each day.
    • Weekly Challenges – similar to the daily quests, the weekly challenges don’t carry over to the next week and you must complete them each week. The difference is that the weekly challenges are only available for a limited time each week and carry over to the following week so you don’t want to miss out on these!
    • Pro Tips – you can purchase a premium subscription for $3.99 per month where you can access helpful tips and shortcuts for defeating specific mobs or finding treasure chests. You can use these whenever you want as long as you complete the order within a week. These don’t carry over to the next month so you must purchase them each month.
    • Infectors – these are purchasable loot crates that contain weapons, armor, and other useful items. Like many other games on this list, you can use these items in game to enhance your visual experience. Some of these items are rare and difficult to find otherwise so you’re pretty much guaranteed to walk away with something valuable if you manage to get one.

    Most of these games offer several ways for you to make money. Some of them even allow you to make money without playing a single game. That’s the power of flexible monetization. When choosing how you want to monetize your games, consider how often you plan on playing them. If you plan on playing just once or twice then playing for free is your best option since you’ll still be able to benefit from the game’s content.