New Ways to Make Money Online in 2016

It seems like every year, the world of online entrepreneurship changes in ways that challenge our traditional ways of earning. Last year was no different, as new ways to make money online cropped up in response to the growing demand for digital nomads. This year, the trend continues, and here are some of the latest trends that will help you succeed as an online business owner in 2016.

The Demand For Virtual Assistants

Last year, remote working grew in popularity as more companies gained the courage to let go of their middle managers. As a result, the demand for virtual assistants increased. Now, companies are starting to see the benefits of hiring virtual assistants, who can work remotely and create a closer connection with clients. These workers can take calls, schedule meetings, and even type up documents. Not too shabby for a couple of hours of work a day.

While it’s still uncommon to see virtual assistants on the traditional employee engagement page, many of today’s successful entrepreneurs are well-rounded individuals who are capable of handling many of the tasks that their employees could be doing. For example, if you’re running a company, you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of basic administration tasks, such as email handling and payroll. Having a VA is a great way to free up more time for business growth.

The Rise of Chaturazy

Spend enough time in the yoga world, and you’ll inevitably hear about the booming wellness trend called chaturazy or cottage industry. It’s simple. People are eating healthier, more eco-friendly products, and they’re buying them online, so companies can earn a healthier margin. For example, grass-fed dairy products are much more common, and consumers are seeking out veggie-based and organic food products. As a result, companies like Daiya and Miyoko’s Kitchen have risen to the top of the well-being food market.

While chaturazy is a great example of the growing health consciousness in the United States, it’s just one of the trends that are helping entrepreneurs earn online. If you’re looking to expand your business into the health sector, you’ll want to take advantage of these trends. Create a website and build a community. If you can assemble a serious fan base, you’ll be able to sell any quantity of your products, knowing that you have a steady stream of interested buyers.

Digital Nomads And The Sharing Economy

If you’re considering becoming an online entrepreneur, one of the key considerations is whether to go with a remote working option or a virtual assistant. The truth is, not too many corporations are willing to let employees work remotely, so if you want to be your own boss, you’ll have to look into the sharing economy. That way, you can work remotely and cut out the middleman (i.e., the corporation).

Last year, digital nomads became all the rage, and with good reason. Now that the world is mostly recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have recognized the benefits of running a business remotely, such as being your own boss, setting your own hours, and having unlimited time to focus on growing your business. And with many jobs now available online, it’s become easier than ever for an individual to establish a business in the sharing economy.

If you’re interested in this concept, check out services such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, SwagBucks, and OneOpinion, which are all reputable affiliate platforms that can get you up and running in no time with minimal effort. In fact, you could easily create a digital nomad business that just focuses on reviewing products or services for different companies (e.g., Amazon).

The Growth Of Online Businesses

It’s no secret that running an online business is a lot easier than operating a regular retail store. For starters, you don’t need to worry about physical locations. You can have employees work remotely, and you don’t have to worry about rent either since you’re essentially serving customers online. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

As more and more people look for ways to supplement their income during these uncertain times, more and more are turning to the web for an opportunity to earn. According to the Internet Retailer 2021 survey, as of late 2021, 29 percent of American consumers had shopped online at least once in the previous month, and 19 percent said they would frequently shop online. What’s more is 78 percent of respondents in the United States plan to spend more on digital purchases in the next year, and 71 percent said they would prefer to browse online than in a physical store.

If you want to take advantage of this trend and become a successful entrepreneur, build a website that provides value and builds trust. Conducting business online is a safe and easy way to stay in touch with your customers, even when you’re physically apart. Use online platforms to their advantage by building a community, engaging with customers, and driving sales. You can also use email marketing to keep in touch with past customers and entice them to come back for more.

To succeed as an online entrepreneur, you must have some sort of value proposition. In other words, what makes your product special? Most importantly, you need to stand out amongst the competition, which is easier said than done. To help you achieve this, you need to set up your website with a clear call to action, interesting content, and value propositions. Furthermore, it’s important to test different marketing and monetization strategies, looking at the data, analyzing A/B testing, and tweaking as necessary. Above all, have fun! Without a healthy dose of irreverence, you’ll never be able to improve your business and make it successful.