Online Blogs That Could Make Money

Before the pandemic, people would’ve never dreamed of spending more than a couple of hours a day on social media. Now that everything’s changed, the way we communicate and interact digitally has shifted. During these extraordinary times, the way we consume content has changed as well. With more time available to us, we’ve shifted to value quality over quantity. In the past, we would’ve downloaded and watched videos to get content. Now, we want to engage with content creators to get insights and advice on how we can evolve and improve our businesses.

In this article, we’ll identify six online businesses that are completely focused on content creation and distribution, and how you can use their tools to make money online.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular and lucrative forms of online content publishing. Many successful bloggers make more than $500,000 per year from their blogs (which they usually monetize).

You can start a blog for free and promote it on social media to get the traffic you need to grow your business. Once you have a decent amount of traffic, you can integrate pay-per-click advertising with affiliate marketing to make money online. With affiliate marketing, you essentially just promote someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission. When a person clicks a monetized link or buys a product that’s promoted in your blog post, that’s money in the pocket.

2. Online Lending

Lending is the act of providing someone with money or a service in return for some kind of collateral. To get started, you can create a digital wallet where people can store money and you’ll get a cut when they pay you back. For example, you create a digital wallet for $25,000 and someone writes you a check for that amount, how much do you get? You’re going to get $5,000 (25% of $25,000).

You can also invest in small business loans that can provide capital as well as lending management service, which turns a small loan into a viable business venture. If you’re looking to get into the online lending business, choose a platform that’s highly reputable and has a lot of credibility.

3. Podcasting

A podcast is a type of digital audio content that’s usually between four and 30 minutes in length. Some popular podcasts, like the Nightly Podcast, can make up to $100,000 per month through affiliate sales and sponsorships. If you want to get in the game, start a podcast around a topic you’re passionate about and use a tool like Listenbee to distribute your content. You’ll need at least 500 unique downloads per month to make $1,000 per month.

4. Online Estimating & Planning

If you’re really good at math, you can take your skill and use it to make money online as an expert estimator or planner. There are many different types of online estimating and planning apps and websites where you can take on projects and get paid to predict how long they’ll take, what materials are needed and how much they’ll cost. For example, you can become a project manager for companies that need help with estimating and planning. You’ll need to have reliable transportation as you’ll be doing some traveling. These types of projects can bring in $50,000 to $150,000 per year. You can even use your skill to put together detailed project proposal letters (such as the one below), which can land you more lucrative freelance writing work.

  • Pro-blogger to entrepreneur: If you’re passionate about blogging, start your own blog to teach others how to do the same. You can use your blog to teach others how to create and grow their own blog (which can be a profitable venture) and monetize it. Teaching others how to be entrepreneurial is a profitable venture in its own right.
  • Freelance writer to digital nomad: If you’re a talented freelance writer, why not combine your skills with travel and explore the world while making money online? You can use your talents to find clients and projects that are willing to pay for your travel writing or take you on assignment for magazines and newspapers. You can find clients in over 100 countries worldwide and make a good living online as a digital nomad. Digital nomads mostly work remotely for clients and get paid per piece, so the opportunities are endless. This is one of the most popular ways to make money online.
  • Accuracy obsessed CPA to affiliate marketer: If you’re a highly accurate and responsible CPA, why not combine your skills with affiliate marketing to make money online? You’ll need to learn how to code to get started but the results can be lucrative. You can sign up with CommissionCat to start your adventure. This is one of the more technical ways to make money online. Most people only use affiliate marketing for fun but if you want to seriously make money online, you have to be willing to study and learn new things.

5. Online Teaching

If you’re a highly qualified professional in your area of expertise and can teach others, why not combine your skills with online tutoring? You’ll need to learn how to code to get started with this business but the results can be lucrative. You can sign up with Tutor to begin your journey. This is one of the more technical ways to make money online.

6. E-Commerce

If you’re tech-savvy and can build an online store (either professionally or through a tool like Shopify), you can use your store to sell your own products or those of other companies. Amazon and eBay are the two biggest and most popular e-commerce websites. If you don’t want to build your own online store, you can use a tool like Shopify to create an online store within a week. You can also use Shopify to sell other people’s products. Many online stores, like Amazon and eBay, offer a commission for each sale you make. If you want to get into the game, Shopify has a $5,000 per year introductory offer that can get you started. You’ll also need a reliable vehicle to make deliveries. This is one of the more traditional ways to make money online.

Where Do I Start?

Now that you have an idea of the types of businesses that can make money online, let’s take a look at some of the more popular platforms where you can start a business of your own. We’ll discuss each one’s advantages and disadvantages.

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms where you can start an e-commerce store. It was founded in 2006 and is now valued at nearly $16 billion. Launching an e-commerce store through Shopify is quick and easy. You can choose from a variety of pre-built themes for your store and choose your own colors. If you want to add more functionality, you can use their API to connect with 3rd party tools to enhance your store. Shopify also offers a variety of marketing services to get you started including SEO, social media and email marketing.

Shopify is a great choice for those just getting started or looking to reinvent themselves. It has an extremely easy to use interface that gives you a head start on building your store. The only downside is that Shopify is language-based so if you don’t know code you’ll find it difficult to make even the most basic changes to your site. In addition, Shopify’s pricing is pretty much on the higher end of the spectrum. It offers a discounted subscription plan for individuals and small businesses, but it’s still pretty costly if you’re just getting started. The good news is that it gets a lot easier once you start making sales. In the beginning, you’ll need to learn a bit of code to be able to make any changes to your site, but once you’re up and running, all you need to do is switch your site over to the Shopify platform and start selling.

2. Medium

Medium is another popular blogging platform where you can publish content in different categories. You’ll need to set up a separate blog or website for your content. Medium was created in 2012 and is now valued at over $16 billion. Just like Shopify, Medium makes it easy to get started and offers a variety of pre-built blog templates. If you’re looking to get into the blogging game, Medium is a great place to start since it’s one of the most popular platforms with writers and entrepreneurs who are looking to make money online. You’ll find a large audience that’s eager to hear what you have to say.