How to Make Money from an Online Book Club

Ever wonder how independent bookstores stay in business? Why do they exist in the first place if not to explore and expand the world of books? With the rise of the e-reader, tablets, and smart phones, the world of books has changed. People are experiencing an opportunity to discover new stories and enjoy classics books in the comfort of their homes. In addition, online book clubs allow readers to read and engage with authors and each other while also supporting the independent bookstore.

Set Up An Online Book Club

Many traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores have turned to online book clubs to supplement their incomes. After all, people are more likely to purchase a book if they can read it in the comfort of their homes. In an online book club, users can engage with the author through the text and illustrations while also supporting the small business owners who worked so hard to bring these books to life. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss how you can set up a successful online book club that can generate a profit for your business.

Choose An Engaging Host For Reading Groups

The host of a book club discussion is responsible for guiding and facilitating the conversation during the group read. Since this individual will be engaging with the readers, it is critical that they have a sense of humor, interest in the read, and knowledge of the genre of the book being discussed. To ensure your readers have a good time and leave feeling as though they learned something, make sure to choose an engaging host who has a good reading voice and is able to hold a conversation with the audience. Also, ensure that they are aware of any quirks or habits of the author that may influence the discussion.

Design A Beautiful Community For Readers

When a reader joins your online book club, they will have the option to either create an individual profile or join a community of readers who are discussing a range of books. While there is nothing wrong with having a stagnant community full of people who just talk about the same books all the time, designating certain books as community picks will encourage readers to discover new titles that they may not have explored otherwise. Designing a community that encourages exploration is a great way to improve reader engagement and increase sales.

Offer A Wide Range Of Book Club Picks

Since your book club is designed to be accessed by readers who may be new to the realm of books and the world of reading in general, consider setting up a readers’ advisory board of celebrity authors and literary critics who specialize in relevant genres. Your advisory board will be responsible for suggesting new titles for your club to read and engage with, as well as monitoring what your readers are exploring and recommending. In addition, consider setting up a blog where readers and authors can interact and provide more information about the books discussed in your club.

Organize Regular Readings

To ensure your book club remains active and interesting, consider organizing regular readings of relevant books. This can be a great way to expose your readers to new titles and to increase sales by encouraging individuals to read and share their opinions on the books discussed. If possible, your host should be able to recommend a book that they think the audience will enjoy and relate to. If you do end up choosing a children’s book, then perhaps choose a famous or beloved author who happens to be a parent as well, to make the reading even more personal.

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Consider The Following When Setting Up Your Book Club

Since your book club is designed to be accessed by a wide audience, including new readers, it’s important that the experience is smooth and easy to navigate. To this end, consider the following when setting up your book club: