Online Courses That Make Money in 30 Days or Less

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash, why not consider taking up a side gig as an online tutor? There are plenty of opportunities out there and with just a little bit of research, you can easily find one that suits your schedule and needs.

What is an online tutor?

An online tutor is someone who provides instruction or guidance to students who are unable to physically reach their teaching assistant in person. These students usually take online classes and are located anywhere in the world. They can be accessed by using a variety of platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Though there are no official figures available, anecdotal evidence suggests that thousands of students rely on online tutors to help them succeed in school. Additionally, the need for online tutors seems to be increasing as more colleges and universities shift towards online learning. This makes sense, as there are more people available with the tech skills needed for online teaching than ever before. For example, more than half of all US high schools now offer some form of online learning, and many universities have made a similar move.

Realistic Expectations

Just because a course is online doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time or effort. Quite the opposite, actually. The key to successfully teaching online is by setting realistic expectations. You can’t simply show up once a week and grade some assignments. Those types of courses don’t exist. You will need to establish a structure for the course and make sure that the students know what’s expected of them.

Additionally, you will need to be sure to plan out some form of communication with the students. This could include simply checking in with them once a week or sending out occasional assignments that they must complete. Though there are many benefits to online tutoring, it’s not always the most convenient or the most financially rewarding option available. But the freedom and exposure to new ideas that an online course provides are more than worth it.

Teaching English as a Second Language

ESL teachers frequently look for side gigs and can sometimes get hired to teach online courses like English as a Second Language (ESL). Though there are some benefits to teaching online, the main drawback is the inability to directly observe the students as they work through the material. This can make grading more difficult and potentially lead to less consistency in the overall quality of the classes. Additionally, because you’re teaching an online class, you won’t have the same level of interaction with the students that you would if you were in a face-to-face environment.

On the brighter side, ESL teachers are frequently in high demand and can sometimes score quite the bonus if they’re hired to teach online courses. Additionally, some companies that offer ESL online learning will compensate you for each successful lesson you lead, and some companies offer lifetime earnings beyond what you’d earn as a regular teacher. This makes ESL a potentially lucrative side gig. Just make sure you’re organized and ready to go when opportunities present themselves.

The Boom In Corporate Jobs

With the rise of the sharing economy, online tutoring is becoming a popular option for busy individuals who want to make quick cash. Companies like and GoTeaching offer platforms where anyone can sign up to teach a class online for a few hours a week. even has a feature where you can create your own personalized schedule of classes and jobs whenever you want. Though it may not seem like a traditionally “hands-on” job, a lot of interaction with the students is required as you guide them through the material.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make extra cash, you can’t miss out on the growing demand for online tutors. Just make sure that you research the requirements and qualifications for the position before you shoot off applications. You can also find some truly unique opportunities online that don’t necessarily require you to be a certified teacher. For example, if you’re tech-savvy and have an understanding of how computers work, you can start up your own tutorial business and offer freelance consulting services to schools and businesses around the world.

More Than Meets The Eye

Apart from the extra cash you can make tutoring, there are many other reasons why you might want to consider this option. If you’ve got the tech chops and are feeling adventurous, you can even set up your own online university and teach online courses for credit. Additionally, many universities now allow you to take their courses online and be able to build up your own credit towards a bachelor’s degree. There are also plenty of opportunities to do side gigs as an entrepreneur or freelancer, which can eventually lead to full-time employment. Just have patience and look for the best opportunities.

An Amazing Teaching Assistant

Though it’s not necessary, it’s always nice to have additional income sources. If you’ve got a decent teaching assistant gig going, you can teach online for a couple of hours a week, earn a little bit of extra cash, and still be able to help your students. Additionally, you can use your teaching assistant income to pay for your online courses and eventually build up enough credits to earn your degree. Just make sure that you’re aware of all the requirements and expectations for this position before you start looking for opportunities.

To be quite honest, I don’t recommend just jumping into this gig without doing some research. There are a number of jobs out there that you can do to better your odds of earning money online. You can check out some of these opportunities and get a better idea of what’s out there.

How Does This All Fit Together?

In the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not teaching online for cash is right for you. But as a college student, it’s quite likely that you’ll be looking for ways to make extra cash. And though none of these jobs are for sissy men, most of them require little to no experience. So if you’re looking for ways to make some fast cash, why not consider one of these options? Just make sure that you do your research and find the most suitable position for your needs. You can also use your local university’s career services to find opportunities that match your skills.