How Teens Make Money Online

You’ve probably heard of the many ways kids can earn money these days. There are gigs like dog walking and baby-sitting, plus countless apps that pay you to take a picture of something or to play a quick game. While these are definitely legitimate ways for teens to make money, there is a better way for teens to earn cash that actually takes skill and isn’t dependent on any gadget.

The internet has created a way for teens to make money online. All you need is a computer, a reliable network connection, and a little bit of know-how. Let’s take a look at how teens make money online and how you can get involved.

Find Your Niche

When you’re starting out as a teen entrepreneur, the one thing you need to do is figure out your niche. What is your speciality? What do you have to offer that is special?

Before you dive in, take some time to think about what you want to achieve as a business. Do you want to have your own online store selling jewelry or clothing? Do you want to become an influencer and start a YouTube channel?

Whatever it is, find your speciality, hone your skills, and then find ways to monetise your speciality.

Monetising Blogging

If you’ve been following the recent tech trends, you’ll know that blogging is one of the more popular ways to make money online. The idea behind blogging is fairly simple: you put out informative, engaging content regularly and then use affiliate marketing to make money from advertisers on your blog. If you’re new to the idea of blogging, go over to and create a free blog. You can use their easily digestible platform to write your first blog post and get some experience.

Once you’ve got a few posts up, you can move over to Google Adsense and get started on the monetisation process. It’s important to note here that you won’t get rich from blogging – it’s a good idea, but you won’t make a fortune. However, you can make decent money from blogging and be able to fund your entrepreneurial journey.

Creating A YouTube Channel

Blogging and social media in general have made it much easier for teens to find an audience and grow their following. If you’ve got a niche that you feel passionate about, you can use your blog to build a following and then turn that following into a YouTube channel. You can use a tool like to build and run a YouTube channel from the ground up. You’ll need to put in the hours (and assume some of the financial burden as well). But the payoff can be worth it.

Create A Podcast

Blogging isn’t the only thing powering the internet economy right now. The world of podcasts is also growing incredibly fast – if you’ve got a smartphone, you’ll have access to a whole world of podcasts. While most older generations listen to classical music and news podcasts, the younger generations are flocking to podcasts about hip-hop music, comedy, and fiction.

The important thing about podcasts is that they’re relatively easy to create and can sit on the go anywhere. With a few key ingredients (like a microphone, a sound editing program, and a little bit of creative skill), you can be making money online within no time at all.

Sell Your Photos Online

If you’re good with taking pictures and have a decent camera, you can put it to use for cash. YouTubers, bloggers, and podcasters often use stock photography to decorate their platforms. If you can find a niche for yourself in this area, you can create a stock photo library and start charging for stock images. Don’t expect to make a fortune, but you can make a few hundred dollars here and there.

Create And Sell Online Courses

Tons of people are making money online by creating and selling online courses. If you’ve got a specific skill that you can package into a course (like copywriting, editing, or graphic design), you can create a digital product and sell it online. Platforms like give you the ability to easily build and sell your own online courses. You’ll need a few thousand dollars to get started but, once you do, you can keep building your course lists and making decent money from online teaching.

Get Paid To Post On Social Media

More and more brands are hopping on the social media bandwagon, paying users to post on their behalf. If you’ve got a large following on any of the major social media platforms (like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook), you can use your influence to get paid to post. The idea behind this type of work is to get people talking about your product or service and generate interest. If you want to try this route, identify key words or phrases that your target audience is using (on social media or in general conversation) and then create content around those words or phrases. When someone posts that key phrase or word on social media, you’ll receive a small payment. Don’t expect to get rich from this, but it’s a quick and easy way to earn a few extra dollars.

Get Paid To Review Products

If you’ve got a blog or a social media account, you can get paid to review products. There are a number of platforms, like Swagbucks, that will pay you to review products. Just remember: the more you review, the more you’ll earn. The key is to keep building your reputation as a trusted review source and then leveraging that trust to land paid reviews. It’s a bit of a win-win situation.

Get Paid To Answer Questions

As we’ve established, blogging is one of the popular ways to make money online. However, there is another form of content that is just as, if not more, valuable: Q&As or question-and-answer platforms. If you’ve got a large following on TikTok (or another platform like it), you can use your platform to help people solve their problems and get some value out of their questions. When someone asks you a question, you’ll often get paid a small sum of money to answer. It’s usually not more than a few dollars but, every now and then, you can earn a decent amount of money from answering questions.

Start An Online Store

If you’re tech-savvy and already running a blog, you can take the added step of creating an online store. With an eCommerce store, you can sell any products you want (from fashion to tech), right from your blog. You don’t need your own merchant account or anything like that – Shopify has you covered with their basic packages. You’ll just need a few products and some creative ideas for names for your items. Once you’ve got a few sales in-house, you can expand your inventory and start selling on your own terms.

At this point, you might be thinking that making money online would be a dream come true. While the above examples can be used to supplement your regular income, none of them are a replacement for a full-time income. If you’re looking for a way to make money online that doesn’t require too much work, consider the above options. But if you want to create a profitable business, you should look towards other, more conventional ways to make money.