How to Make Money Playing Online Games – No Money Needed!

So you want to play games for a living? Awesome! But how can you possibly make money playing games when the industry is full of cheap imitations that can be had on Steam for dirt-cheap prices? Well, there is a way!

Yes, you can become a pro gamer and finally give the big-name, AAA developers the run for their money! You don’t need to rely on cheats or hacks to level up your character or game. You can do it the “right” way by playing strategically and intelligently!

Since the dawn of digital gaming, fans of the genre have dreamed of being able to make a living playing games. While the industry grew to accommodate these gamers, the prices for consoles and PCs increased exponentially, making it virtually impossible to enjoy high-quality gameplay for much longer. Fortunately, the 2020 market changes all that. There are now viable options for pro gamers who want to make money playing games online!

Here we’ll tell you precisely how to make money playing online games without risking your own personal finances. Instead, you’ll be leveraging the global market to create and sell online casinos and games that other people are actually interested in playing!

The Basics Of Choosing A Niche

First things first, before you even begin to think about making money from gaming, you need to figure out what niche you’ll primarily focus on. The choice is totally up to you, but there are a few guidelines you should follow.

Usually, gamers will start by looking at the most popular games in their genre. These are the games that have the most downloads or are currently trending on social media platforms like Twitter or reddit. As you might imagine, the requirements to become a pro gamer are typically quite high. You’ll need to be able to play strategically and consistently well, but beyond that you’re pretty much free to specialize in anything.

For instance, if scents and sounds are your thing and you enjoy creating atmospheric gameplay, you could potentially become best known for your atmospheric PC games like Tricky Herrmann or CastleStorm. Alternatively, you could focus on mobile games and make them your specialty. The choice is completely up to you!

Next, You Need To Decide Whether To Create Software Or Tournaments

Once you’ve decided on a niche, you need to decide whether to create software or tournaments for your games. Software can be effectively marketed and sold to others, while tournaments are generally won by those who have the most skill at playing. It’s all about which one fits your skills and resources better!

Tournaments are often more rewarding than marketing games because they give you the opportunity to test your skill against others, whereas marketing games merely allow you to test your skill against a computer. The better your skill, the better your odds of winning! Of course, this is dependent on the game itself, but as a general rule of thumb, tournaments tend to be more popular and thus more profitable than software.

Next, Find The Games That Can Be Played For Profit

As we already know, the cost of a gaming PC, console, or mobile device is quite high. Not only do you need the hardware itself, but you’ll also need to invest in the software and accessories to make the most of it. It would be great to be able to play all the newest and hottest games on the market, but that’s usually not the case. To make money, you’ll need to specialize in older games that can still be played for profit or look for a way to modify them to make them more viable for tournament play.

There are also a few well-known techniques that allow you to level up much faster than normal. These are often referred to as “hacks” or “cheats”, but they’re actually intended for use by the developers themselves. For example, many older games will allow you to purchase perks that give you an advantage over other players. Or, they’ll give you items that level up your character or vehicle faster than normal!

Create A Profitable Directory Or Website

The only real way to make money from gaming is to either create a profitable directory or website for the games you’ve created. You’ll be able to sell your services to other game creators who are looking to market their games or to others who want to play on your server. You can also use your site to host tournaments or sell discounted games to gamers who want to try before they buy!

You’ll need to choose your niche carefully when creating a profitable gaming site. The key is to pick a market that’s already saturated with similar websites. This will make it much easier to get traffic and thus leads to more opportunities for sales. It’s also a good idea to run a competition or giveaway on your site to promote upcoming games. The more people who visit your site, the greater your chances of converting them into paying customers!

Choose Games That Can Be Played For Extended Periods Of Time

If you’ve ever played World Of Warcraft or any other massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG), you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here. These types of games can be extremely addicting, as we’ve talked about previously, and despite the fact that they’re incredibly fun and engaging, they’re also incredibly time-consuming. This is why MMORPGs (and particularly World Of Warcraft) are usually referred to as “living” or “casual” games. They can be easily played on a mobile device or PC and due to their nature, they require very little interaction from the player, allowing for longer periods of “gameplay”. This makes them ideal for creating a profitable gaming platform. Just make sure that you have the resources to support a persistent world!

Find A Way To Promote Your Games

The sad fact is that the easier a game is to find and play, the more likely it is to be plagued with hackers and scammers who will try to trick or cheat you into spending real-world money on in-game items. Just because a game is “profitable” or “casual” doesn’t mean that it’s trustworthy or even safe for use. For this reason, you’ll need to resort to some other means of promotion.

You could try using traditional marketing strategies like spending money on ads or paying for social media posts to generate interest in your games. However, with the pandemic hitting worldwide media harder than ever before, getting people to pay attention is becoming more challenging. Fortunately, there are now more viable options available for online marketers who want to target an audience within the world of gaming!

One of the best ways to generate interest in your games is to create a “showcase” of sorts that will attract potential customers. This could be in the form of a playable demo, informational trailer, or even a polished, cinematic-style trailer that will captivate audiences and make them eager to play your game! The choice is yours.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

As the name suggests, affiliate marketing arranges for merchants to earn a commission from products they promote and describe. For gamers, this can be a lucrative option since you’re essentially just promoting other people’s products, but it comes with its own set of challenges. To begin with, there are a lot of competition. You’ll need to research popular affiliate marketers in your niche and discern their techniques before you can effectively replicate their methods. Once you’re able to build up a following on social media, you can then engage with your audience and encourage them to visit your site or download your game! For more information on how to get started with affiliate marketing, check out this educational blog by Rainmaker Marketing.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (continued)

After you’ve mastered the basics of creating a profitable gaming site, you can then move on to the next step which is to find a way to make money with affiliate marketing. Once again, this is where the competition gets fierce, but since there are more gamers than ever before, the opportunities are truly there for the taking. Just remember to build your site around a strong foundation of quality content, engaging features, and compelling stories! With your audience already built, all you need is the ability to promote other people’s products and make a profit from those sales. If this sounds like a fit, then great! You now have a viable option for making money from gaming. Just realize that the competition is fierce and that you’ll need to put in the work to stand out!