How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online Solo Quickly

This weekend, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto 5 online, and being a full-time student, it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally indulge in all of the gameplay I had been craving. However, not being the type to waste time, I decided to make quick cash by offering my services to the public as a driver. Luckily, I had just the right tool to help me make $100,000 in less than a week: GTA 5 Online!

The Basics Of Making Money In GTA 5

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make some fast cash, then congratulations! You’ve found it with Grand Theft Auto 5. As the name suggests, you’ll be stealing cars and driving them to make money. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, it is, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to make serious cash in the game:

Make sure to use a bike

You’ll start the game on a bike, and you can either keep it or switch to driving a car. I’d recommend keeping the bike since it gets you around town quickly and is less likely to break down. Once you start driving cars, you’ll notice that they break down more often than bikes do. The only exception is the Police Cruiser, which is the most powerful car in the game and almost indestructible. Keep in mind that you can’t use weapons or any types of vehicles featuring air-cooling if you want to make money (e.g. jetskis, helicopters, etc.). If you want to venture into the drug business or do any type of crime inside a casino, you’ll have to find another way to make money.

Find a way to make quick cash

You can’t make $100,000 in one shot, but you can make a decent amount of money if you work at it. The key is to find a way to make quick cash quickly. You can drive to a beach with surfers on it and offer to give them a ride to wherever they’re going. Or, you can walk up to a cash register and rob it. There are many opportunities for you to make quick cash in GTA 5 Online:

  • Delivery Jobs: You can start by simply delivering items for people. While you’re en route, you can pick up additional jobs that pay well. You can also earn money by delivering packages for rich people. Simply find a rich person’s house, ring the bell, and watch them run to the door. You can even offer to drop their packages at the airport for them (if they’re overseas business trips).
  • Pleasure Boat Jobs: On the ocean, you’ll find many boats, each one belonging to a rich person. You can help these people by taking them on a voyage around town. On the way back, you’ll have the chance to steal their yacht. Yacht burglaries usually result in big money.
  • Nightclub Jobs: There are many nightclubs and bars scattered around the city. You’ll have the chance to walk in and ask the bartender for a drink. While you’re there, you can also pick up some side work such as dancing or shining shoes (if you’re good at it). During the day, the clubs are usually closed so you’ll need to find a different way to make some quick cash.
  • Bike Stolen Jobs: There are many places around the city where you can find bikes parked for a couple of days. You can either walk up to them and steal them or ask the owner if you can park there for a while. While you’re at it, you can even ask if you can take a quick ride to get some exercise. You’ll find many bikes available, so it’s almost like getting them for free!
  • Casino Jobs: If you’re looking to make some quick cash in a safe environment, you can always work at a casino. There are many ways to skin a cat at a casino, from being a blackjack dealer to counting cards. You’ll have to learn a bit before you can start making money, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.
  • Gang Jobs: If you want to get even more creative, you can find jobs with gangs. You can start by simply selling drugs for them and eventually move up the chain to become a drug lord yourself. These jobs usually result in quick cash and a chance to become wealthy. However, you’ll have to be careful not to get involved with the wrong crowd or do anything that will get you arrested. You’ll also have to learn to fight and defend yourself if you get into fights with other people (or animals!).
  • Doing Laundry: Even though it might not sound like much, you can make a lot of money by doing some laundry for a couple of families. This is one of the reasons why most millionaires keep at least two residences: One for themselves and one for their families. It’s not only about the money but also about the security. You’ll have to start out washing cars but eventually move up to washing dishes and clothes. It’s not easy but it’s a quick way to make some cash.
  • Delivery Restaurant Jobs: If you can drive, then why not make some extra cash by delivering food items to nearby restaurants? You’ll have to start out by offering your services as a waiter or hostess. From there, you can move on to delivering food for rich people or celebrities. Sometimes these deliveries can be dangerous, so make sure you’re prepared for anything. You might even have to do some of the deliveries yourself to save money (ie. get a food truck).
  • Get A Job As An Airline Attendant: With all the security checks that go along with flying, it’s no surprise that security is one of the biggest industries in the world. You can get a job as an airline attendant and make a decent amount of money without having to do too much. Simply check in passengers’ bags, smile, and make sure that everyone is comfortably seated. You’ll have to work hard to get on the right track to becoming a pilot, but if you keep your head up high and don’t give up, you’ll be able to make your parents proud.
  • Start A Blog: If none of the above seem like a viable option, you can always start a blog. While it might not result in immediate money, you can often earn a commission when brands or individuals click on affiliate links or buy products that are promoted on your blog. You’ll have to learn to be creative with your writing but it’s an easy way to make money online.
  • Do What You Love: If none of the above seem like a good fit, you can always become a freelancer. There are many opportunities out there for freelance writers who can put their talent to use for businesses worldwide. All you need to do is learn how to negotiate, be persistent, and make a good impression. You might even end up owning your own business one day.
  • Join A Gym Or Dance Studio: If none of the above seem like a good fit, you can join a gym or dance studio and make some fast cash by working out members. It’s a great way to stay fit and meet new people. Many gyms and studios also offer part-time jobs to students, so make sure you speak to someone before you join.
  • Ultimately, you can’t make $100,000 in a week without making some sacrifices. You’ll have to give up some of your luxuries in exchange for extra cash. It’s not easy but it’s a way to get rich quickly. Just remember to be smart and stay focused!