Sample Solo Ad: Make Money Online

You’re a single person trying to make a living. Maybe you’re a digital nomad traveling the world or maybe you just want to create a steady stream of income. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to make money online, you have to start somewhere. While there are plenty of opportunities to make money online without any experience, getting started can be a little tricky. That’s where the sample solo ad comes in.

Why Do You Need A Sample Solo Ad?

Even if you have a proven track record and you’re just looking to broaden your reach, publishing a sample solo ad is a great way to get started. Why? It takes minimal effort to do, and it’s a great way to see how others are doing it. You don’t need to run off and copy someone else’s sample solo ad. You can do your own thing and learn from the best.

What Is A Sample Solo Ad?

A sample solo ad is a solo ad that’s been published before. It’s great to prove that you can succeed in the affiliate world, but a lot of affiliates will only work with established brands. To get started, you can use a tool like Propeller to publish a sample solo ad for free. (You can also use this tool to create a sample sponsored ad to integrate with a blog or website.)

Since most online advertisers will only work with brands they know and trust, when a consumer clicks a sample solo ad and makes a purchase off that site, that advertiser will know exactly who the person is. That means you as the brand owner get to build credibility quickly and effectively. Plus, since the sample solo ad is free, you have no risk of losing any potential customers to untrustworthy affiliates.

How Do You Get Paid When You Publish A Sample Solo Ad?

You get paid when an ad network such as Propeller picks up your sample solo ad and places it in front of a potential audience of millions. When that happens, you’ll see a quick burst of revenue followed by a steady flow of earnings. It’s basically like having thousands of people click on your link every day with a steady stream of passive income.

If you do end up choosing to work with Propeller, you’ll need to set up an account with them to begin with. After that, you can use their platform to get your sample ad live on thousands of different websites across the globe. (You can learn more about their affiliate program here.)

What Should You Include In Your Sample Solo Ad?

Along with the standard information such as the headline and body copy, you need to include a couple of things to make it stand out. First, you should include your brand voice or the voice of your brand. What does that mean? Good branding incorporates personality and emotion into the design of your product or service. If you can put yourself in your work, then your work will resonate with your audience more effectively. Second, you should include some type of offer. Something that’s valuable to your audience and will encourage them to act on it.

For example, if you’re providing advice on fashion, include a link to an online store that offers the perfect dress for the woman in your audience. Or if you’re reviewing a product, include a link to the product in question.

Keep your offers relevant and interesting, and you’ll be able to engage your readers and encourage them to take action.

How Is Your Sample Solo Ad Handled By Ad Networks?

Once you’ve published your sample solo ad on a site such as Propeller, it’s time for the ad networks to step in. They’ll have specialized software that analyzes the content of your ad and determines whether or not they want to run it. If they decide to run it, they’ll assign you a daily budget based on the ad’s performance. To ensure that you stay within your budget, the ad network will then measure the effectiveness of your sample solo ad. To begin with, you’ll simply need to keep an eye on your stats and on whether or not you’re spending less than you’re earning.

If you meet the requirements, the ad networks will then work with you to get your ad live on even more websites around the world. The more sites your ad runs on, the greater the potential for earnings. Keep in mind that this is a manual process, and it can take some time. But, as you get the hang of it, you can expect to start making money online quick.

How Does Your Sample Solo Ad Impact Your Bottom Line?

When you’re just getting started, it can be difficult to determine how your sample solo ad will affect your bottom line. That’s why you need to constantly be monitoring its performance in terms of earnings and traffic. It’s also beneficial to see how other advertisers are performing and what tactics they’re using to make money online. All of this information will help you determine how effective your sample solo ad is and if it’s worth continuing with.