4 Ways to Sell T-Shirts Online to Make Money

Selling t-shirts online isn’t a new idea, but the methods have changed a lot over the years. Today, there are a number of ways to make money from t-shirts, including affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and most importantly, merchandising.

Find out how you can make money from selling t-shirts now!

1. Affiliate Marketing

Most people think of affiliate marketing when they think of making money online, but this is definitely not the case. When you sign up to become an affiliate marketer with a company like ClickBank, you’ll learn how to promote products and services that you love while making a commission on sales.

The beauty of this strategy is that you don’t need to have any expertise in product marketing or planning to succeed. You just need to know how to put together a compelling offer and build trust with potential customers.

If you want to learn more, check out this free course from Create a Profitable Online Store by ClickBank. In it, you’ll discover how to effectively use affiliate marketing to grow your business.

2. Dropshipping

If you’ve ever bought something from an online store and had it delivered to your home, you’ll know how convenient this can be. But did you know that you could create your own online store and get your orders delivered directly to your customers?

The ecommerce giant Shopify has helped countless entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality and gets credit for creating the platform on which most ecommerce businesses are built. Their affiliate program pays you based on the sales you generate for them, not the products you promote.

Shopify Connect is their affiliate program that pays you money to promote their products. If you sign up for the program, you’ll earn 5% on all sales you generate through promoted products. You can even create a free Shopify store with just a few clicks.

3. Merchandising

You might be familiar with the terms “e-commerce” and “online merchandising” if you’ve been following the retail industry, but what does that mean exactly?

Simply put, e-commerce refers to selling goods or services online, and online merchandising is the strategy behind how you sell those goods or services.

The best way to understand e-commerce and online merchandising is to think of a mall. When you go into a mall, you’ll notice that there are separate areas where you can find restaurants, coffee shops, and other stores. Similarly, when you arrive at an online mall, you’ll see that there are separate areas where you can find clothes, accessories, souvenirs, electronics, and other items.

The important thing to understand is that all of these areas are connected. If you visit the coffee shop within the mall, you’ll find that the restaurant next to it is offering a special meal, and if you look at the tables next to each shop, you’ll notice that they’re all laid out for lunch. The same is true for online malls and their affiliated stores. The coffee shop next to the electronics store is also selling smartphones, and if you look at the tables near the coffee shop, you’ll notice that many people are busy working on their laptops.

What this means for you is that all of these areas within an ecommerce or online mall store are interconnected, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that every part of your store is serving a purpose.

When you have a clear understanding of what each area or section of your store is for, it’s much easier to craft an effective strategy for online merchandising, whether you run a big or small ecommerce store.

4. Video Content

The trend of 2021 is going to be video content. YouTube, Instagram, and other similar platforms have made it much easier for users to find and consume short-form video content, which means there’s a larger audience for your videos. To tap into, create and upload video content to the platforms listed above, all you need is a smartphone, quality lighting, and a good microphone.

Since video content is such a popular trend in 2021, it’s an opportunity to make money online through video marketing and selling your own branded products or services in your videos.

To succeed as an entrepreneur in 2021, you must have a good grasp on marketing and sales. From affiliate marketing and e-commerce to dropshipping and merchandising, you must have a grasp on all aspects of the retail industry to succeed in business in 2021.