What to Do with Your Under 18 Year Old Child if You Want to Make Money Online

You may be wondering what to do with your under 18 year old child if you want to make money online. You can use your mobile phone to start earning money now. There are several companies that will pay you to take surveys, make retail offers, or watch advertisements. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to make extra cash from home.

Start A Side Business

If you want to make extra cash, you can start a side business. Find a niche, learn the ins and outs, and then create a product or service to help others. You can also use your skills to create a digital product such as an e-book or a course. The key is to find something that you are passionate about so that you will enjoy working on it. You can use online tools like Google Trends to find a niche that is currently in demand. You can use your niche to find products to help sell. For example, if you love to bake cakes, you may want to try selling your baked goods online. You will need to learn how to properly pack and ship them before doing so, but once you get the hang of it, earning money from home can be a lucrative venture. You can use this source to get started:

How to Start a Business

If you’re looking to make a quick cash grab, you can take surveys online. You’ll register with different companies, and their reps will come to your house to take your opinion on products you’re either shown or asked about. That’s pretty easy money if you can keep up with it. You can’t make enough money from this source to live on, however, so you will need to find another way to make money.

Find A Way To Earn More Money

If none of the above seem like a good fit for you, you can always try selling your blood. You’ll need an experienced phlebotomist (a person who draws blood) to come to your home to take a blood sample. Now you’re talking about serious cash. The catch is that the company may not always need your blood, so you may need to call them back day after day. That’s an expensive way to make money, but occasionally it works out. You can use this resource to get started:

Where Can I Sell My Blood?

There are several places you can sell your blood including but not limited to:

  • Nurses – Needed in the Over 80 Population
  • Veterinarians – Needed for Animals
  • Healthy individuals seeking transfusion – Needed to sustain their health
  • Various hospitals and blood establishments across the country
  • And more!
  • Keep in mind, the prices vary from $25-$100 per month depending on where you live and what company you work for.

    Make Money With Surveys

    If you’re a fan of getting paid to take surveys, you can use SurveyJobs to find paid surveys. You’ll have to qualify to take the surveys, but it’s a great way to make money online. These surveys typically pay around $3 to $15 per day. You won’t make a lot of money, but it’s a steady stream of income. Just make sure you get paid by check or direct deposit every two weeks. You can’t cash out any of the funds until you reach $2,000 per year. You can use this resource to get started:

    How to Make Extra Cash

    If none of the above seem like a good fit for you, you can always ask around your family and friends for suggestions. They may know of an opportunity that can provide you with quick cash. Or, you can try searching the internet for jobs that pay online. Just remember: don’t expect to get rich from any of this, but you may find it worthwhile. You can use this resource to get started:

    Where Can I Find Jobs That Pay Online?

    There are several places to find online jobs that pay. You just have to be willing to search for them. Before you start earning a steady income, make sure you’re legally able to work. If you’re under 18, you’ll need your parents’ permission to do so. You can use this resource to get started:

    Start A Blog

    Blogs can be quite the moneymaker. You’ll need to start with a free blog if you want to make money from blogging. You can do this through either of two sources:

    Affiliate Marketing

    If you want to try affiliate marketing, you’ll first need to create affiliate accounts with several companies. You’ll then need to build a blog around persuasive content that encourages people to make a purchase. The content needs to be easily digestible and engaging enough to keep their attention throughout the entire blog post. When someone clicks an affiliate link and makes a purchase after reading your blog post, you’ll earn a commission. This can be an effective way to make money online, but make sure you follow the guidelines above. You’ll need to learn how to properly set up affiliate marketing before you get started.

    Sign Up For A Brokerage Account

    Most people don’t realize that they can make money from their mobile phone. Several companies will pay you to watch advertisements or take surveys from time to time. One easy way to make money is through a brokerage account. All you have to do is sign up with any of the major brokerage firms like:

    • E-Trade
    • Fidelity
    • Scottrade
    • T. Rowe Price
    • Charles Schwab
    • etc.
    • Don’t worry, they don’t charge you any fees to sign up. All they want is your money to invest. What this means for you is that you’ll be able to make quick cash without any extra work. Just make sure you keep your money in good financial standing. Never, ever let your account fall below $5,000, especially if you’re a woman.

      Make Monetarily Inconsequential Choices

      In the grand scheme of things, your choices don’t matter. Money is not a determining factor in your life. You will never be able to tell how a simple decision you made will affect your life. For example, if you made a decision today to invest in a business, you can’t tell how much that decision will change your life. Most importantly, you need to stop looking at the surface and delve into the decisions you make. If you want to make money online, don’t limit yourself to one source. Instead, look for ways to make extra cash that don’t involve putting in a lot of effort. A common misconception is that working hard automatically leads to financial success. That’s simply not true. If you’re looking for ways to make quick cash, leverage technology to your advantage. That’s what Google and the other search engines are for. Use them to your advantage.